What is Agrotourism and Its Scope in India

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Agrotourism is where agriculture and tourism blend to give us an incredible educational experience, whether it is an expedition of a plantation or farm, a celebration or a cheese-making class. Agriculturists turn their plantation lands into a destination and unlock their doors to the world in order to enlighten further about what they do. Agritourism is coming to be an increasingly prominent industry worldwide and also in approximately every state in India. Agrotourism proposes an unusual experience from grabbing our own fresh fruit at a garden to making an effort at calf roping, to a hayride at a farm. There are lots of unusual recreations waiting to be explored.


Simply worded, agrotourism could be reckoned of as the crossings of tourism and agriculture. Expressed more technically, agritourism can be interpreted as a manner of a commercial industry that associates agricultural activities and their way of living with tourism in order to captivate travellers onto a plantation, farm, or other agricultural industry for the goals of entertaining and/or educating the travellers and yielding revenue for the plantation, farm, or industry owner. Regardless of the precise description or wording, any description of agrotourism should encompass the following four factors:

  • incorporates the fundamental characteristics of the tourism and agriculture industries;
  • captivates members of the public to explore agricultural undertakings;
  • is formulated to boost farm revenue; and
  • gives recreation, entertainment, and/or educational experiences to travellers.

Why Agro Tourism?


Earth is an open school without brick facades! Whenever noticed cautiously one can learn something or the other, besides India is Agriculturist's Country, it is normal that we should understand agriculture and related activities. Today city youngsters' life has become restricted in the closed boundary school, classes, animation programs on the TV, computer games, fast food, PC, web, etc, they see the merely on a TV screen. Presently it has become exceptionally important that kids know the conventional method of rural cultivating exercises and different organizations dependant on farming. Here youngsters come extremely close to Mother Nature and learn numerous new things in their daily routine for a sustainable lifestyle.

Basic Elements of Agri Tourism:

Agri Tourism should assure that some fundamental elements must be obeyed.

Have something for travellers to see:

Animals, birds, plantations and nature are a few of many things which Agri-tourism could propose to the traveller to behold. Apart from these fairs, celebrations, culture, dress, and rural events could develop ample interest among people in Agri-tourism.

Have some recreations:


Partaking in agricultural undertakings and swimming, bullock cart riding, cycling, trekking, camel riding, buffalo riding, cooking and participating in the rural sports are some of the recreations to name in which travellers can take part and relish.

Have something for travellers to buy:

Rural art and crafts, dress materials, plantation gate fresh agriculture products, processed foods are the few commodities that travellers can purchase as souvenirs for recollection.

Entertainment in Agri Tourism:

 Agrotourism proposes the traveller multiple happy experiences while living in a rural setting. Agrotourist involvement in milking, farming tournaments, tree climbing, edible exploration, bullock cart race, buffalo race in wet meadows, shooting a coconut target, fishing and much more could induce immense exhilaration at slight cost. There is incredible scope to charge an entry fee to agriculturists, giving meals and accommodations on a price basis and charging the participation of Agri-tourist during rural games would furthermore generate revenue to the agriculturist.

Why is it on the rise?


The way people travel is growing as wanderers strive for unforgettable, immersive experiences and there is furthermore a thriving demand to get back to nature and escape the commotion of daily life. It's not enough to run away to a warmer climate and lie poolside, prompted by social media feeds. Travellers are stepping off the beaten route and walking new ways, adopting the local culture, food, flora and fauna.

Agrotourism meets to this emerging demand for practical experiences, by proposing insight into the agriculture industry. In accomplishing so, it can furthermore come to be a crucial contributor to the local tourism economy, captivating a greater percentage of travellers and enhancing the length of their visit. This isn't just incredible for local businesses, but it feels wonderful to be provided to smaller, local economies. Agritourism is the next step in eco-conscious living, it's a chance to enlighten and impact on buying and lifestyle preferences.

Why is agri-tourism important?


What's significant is that these additional income flows can be essential for the constant prosperity of small, sustainable ranchers and agriculturists. They're presently struggling in a global market domain and face competition from industrial procedures, that are constantly able to generate extra at less cost, assisted by ample machinery and modern technology. In contrast, the input expenses of organic and sustainable agriculture techniques can be large, with less uniform, guaranteed harvest and accordingly revenue. This can result in a major financial burden, which agrotourism can support relieve.

The expense and extent of an agrotourism category certainly vary by agricultural industry taking into account varying components to develop an unusual business model. A dairy homestead may choose to make site visits accessible to schools at a little sponsorship, allowing kids the opportunity to see milk coming from cow's udders and apply study hall learning through intuitive encounters. On the other hand, it very well may be a reciprocal venture that sees a piece of your produce designated to wholesalers, while the rest of held for on-location movement - 'pick your own organic product' for instance, or cheddar making studios at a ranch.


Some have viewed the last as so effective that it's turned into their essential venture; various UK ranchers are currently producing critical pay through a quickly developing 'staycation' market. Setting up camp, shepherd's cabins, yurts and conservative cases have a little setup cost and can produce huge benefits per square foot.

Scope of Agri Tourism in India:


Agri Tourism is to encounter the genuine rural life, taste the local organic certified food and get to know the different cultivating errands. Agriculture is the foundation of the Indian Economy. Around 75% of the populace is straightforwardly or in a roundabout way reliant upon Agriculture and just about 26% of India's GDP comes from Agriculture. 90M ranchers are abiding in 6.25 need towns delivering food grains for taking care of the country. In excess of a calling or a business, farming is India's way of life. Henceforth, adding extra pay creating exercises to existing agribusiness would unquestionably expand the commitment of farming in the public GDP. Genuine endeavours should be made toward this path and Agri-Tourism is one such movement.


The travel industry is named as an instrument for work age, neediness easing and supportable human turn of events. During 1999-2000, direct work rendered by the travel industry was 15.5M. Plus, the travel industry additionally advances public joining, global agreement and supports nearby crafted works and social exercises. In 2000, the quantity of unfamiliar sightseers that visited India was 26.41 lacks. India's portion in the world visit market is simply 0.38 per cent. With this tiny proposal, the unfamiliar trade attained is INR 14, 475 crores. Turnover in homegrown the travel is significantly extra than this. To advance homegrown the travel industry, push regions distinguished by Government of India are improvement of foundation, item advancement and expansion, improvement of eco-experience sports, social introductions, giving cheap convenience, smoothing out help methods at air terminals, human asset improvement, making mindfulness and public interest and assistance of private area support.

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