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Agritourism/Agrotourism isoften defined as the intersection of the travel industry and agriculture.Expressed further technically, agritourism is often characterized as a sort ofbusiness that joins agricultural creation and preparing with the travelindustry to captivate travelers onto a farm, or other agricultural business forthe purposes of entertaining, and additionally educating the travelers andgenerating income for the farm, ranch, or business owner.

India is blessed with magnificent natural landscapes and hasa proud agricultural history that goes back to the period of the Indus ValleyCivilization, so it's nothing unexpected that it's home to some delightful farmstays. With agritourism on the rise, more and more farm stays are arisingacross the country, giving access to genuine rural ways of living. When onewants to unwind and look for a break away from the chaos of city life, agrotourismis the answer.

Experience the real connection with the rural life, be one withnature and relish the simple life, from riding the bumpy streets on a bullockcart, milking buffalos, goats, and cows, immersing in the local customs totuning in to the charming stories of the bygone period. It allows you to unwindand rejuvenate in the uncontaminated natural environment, surrounded bymagnificent scenes. It offers you a chance to roam in the sun-kissed fields,watch nature by the lake or small water streams and jump into splashing waters.



 Known asthe "God's Own Country", Kerala is surely one of the most beautifuldestinations in India. It is surrounded by the Western Ghats that cradleglorious tea, coffee, and spice plantations on one side. The other side ishemmed with a 600km Arabian Sea shoreline. If you want to experience the bestof both worlds, Kerala is the place for you. Head to this south Indian state toclimb the rough mountains and relax on the sunny beaches. Agrotourism here isgaining popularity very fast. Staying here with locals and experiencing theirway of life is just incredible. Farm stays here in the spice belt of Kerala,bounded by a placid river and nature reserve. Fruits, vegetables, spices, andmilk are all produced there. A great range of activities are available forguests, including spice walks, village strolls, bamboo rafting, temple tours,and cow milking, and swimming.


Punjab holds a place of honor among the IndianStates for its exceptional accomplishments in agricultural development. Thestate has seen enormous expansion in agricultural production during the GreenRevolution period, mainly because of a healthy blend of institutional andtechnological factors. Punjab has alluring heritage locations and religiousplaces, which draw in both domestic and international travelers and has hugepotential for turning into a significant worldwide travel location. The Stateof Punjab has enormous tourism potential offering an ideal place for bothvibrancy and serenity in life. The State has exceptionally alluring ruraldestinations, religious places, and other heritage sites. farm stays in Punjaboffers exemplary farm living experience for the visitors. One can embark on anature or farm comfortable walk, trek on the rolling hills, do bird watchingand take an interest in organic farming. Visitors get to try their hand at howfarming is really done in the rural state. They can plant, pluck fruits, plowthe fields, milk cows, drive a tractor, and take a ride to a close-by forestand river in a tractor-trolley.


 Agrotourism isgaining popularity in Haryana with foreigners and urban inhabitants arecrowding to the destination to experience an intimation of the countryside. Thefarm owners are changing ranches to tourist spots offering rural eco-tourismblended with culture, local food, rural adventures, and conventionallifestyles. Visitors frequently go to these destinations to experience therural ambiance and local foods. Among the activities available at these farmsare bullock cart ride, horse ride, camel cart ride, tractor ride, cycling,indoor and outdoor games. Apart from pottery, folk, guests could likewise enjoyhaving experience of genuine culture under village walk and agriculturalactivities events. Return to nature and experience the exceptional whiff of thecountryside, tune in to the melodic sounds of nature, fill your lungs withfresh air, plant baby seeds, Enjoy delights of organic food, find a culturalheritage, dive into people conventions, watch the starlit night skies andexperience numerous genuine delights of nature that you may have never known


The geography of the state is generally hilly and individuals practicejhum cultivation aside from a pocket of terrace cultivation practiced in thelower regions. Varieties of rich flora and fauna are found in the hilly woodsof the state. Being situated on the map as a world biodiversity hotspot, thestate has rich potential for rural tourism. Visitors can pick and eat duringharvesting season (mid-November to December) and experience the local way ofliving. Everything spins around nature, and there is are beautiful waterstreams coursing through the area. Responsible tourism is likewise a strongfocus. Activities include village strolls, cooking lessons, farmingexperiences, trekking.


Sikkim is India's first "100%natural" state. Today, all cultivation in Sikkim is completed without theutilization of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, giving access to saferfood decisions and making agriculture a greater environment-friendly activity.The farm stays being totally natural give astounding experience and furthermoremakes awareness about natural cultivating and healthy way of life. The farmstays are arranged in the midst of acres of abundant green forest, developedfields, and tea gardens. It gives a natural environment to the visitors, whichis ideal for healthy living. One can partake in nature strolls, hill trekking,bird-watching, cultivation, and organic cooking classes.


Karnataka is a state in southwest India. Karnataka has a lot of touristspots. From an astonishing view to a rich cultural heritage, quiet seashores,and delicious food, it is without a doubt a world in itself. Karnataka hasincredible potential for the growth of agro-tourism, due to natural conditionsand various types of agricultural products as well as a variety of ruraltraditions and festivals. Karnataka is the IT Hub of India and it can also bean agro-tourism tourism hub of India. There are tons of farm stays. The spotsare generally in the midst of coffee manor where the emphasis is laid onnatural care and responsible travel. Visitors and their kids are given theexperience of being farmers. Fresh home-prepared food, local naturalvegetables, and warm hospitality accumulate in equivalent measure to make theexperience a reviving one.



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