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Music possesses the power to cure the soul and bring distant hearts together. Listening to music on a smartphone or TV is the manner to loosen up for many individuals. Nevertheless, solely a genuine music enthusiast would understand the contentment of listening to music in a live performance. Music festivals are organised in several parts of India where vocalists and musicians from all across the globe, showcase their talent.

For travellers and music enthusiasts, this ascertains as a golden chance as they get to travel new locations along with admiring the diverse blend of music.

Here are upcoming Best Music Festivals in India that you must attend:

Musicathon- Music Festival In Mountains

Musicathon is barely another music extravaganza. Its an excursion of listening to unheard but soulful artist amidst the forests, of creating friends with strangers, of learning to admire the music under the sky full hundreds and of hunderds of people reaching together to dance along with music under enchanted sense Musicathon, it is a platform made for arising independent artists who perform for travellers from across nationalities, in the vastly calming regions.

Commenced amidst the dense green jungle of Bir, Himachal Pradesh with an incredible surrounding of the Dhauladhar range in prior years, this time, they are striving to take Musicathon to distinct incredible locations.

And along with surrounding numerous towns, they maintain the entire event an ecofriendly event. It all comes together with the endeavours of the local population, talented independent artists, and a crowd of individuals motivated by a common enthusiasm for music, poetry, and love for the Earth & travel.

Ziro Festival Of Music

Renowned as India's most entertaining outdoor music festival, the Ziro Festival of Music is held in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Ziro music festival is a musical extravaganza celebrated in the North-Eastern state, Arunachal Pradesh. It is an open arena for all artists across India to showcase their talents in music and bands.

The festival is a mash-up of diverse styles and musical traditions routing from diverse cultures in India. Spanning for a duration of four the days, Ziro festival was an instant hit amongst the youth when it was launched in 2012. Additionally, the event regardless holds an important spot in Gen Y and remains to charm them year on year.


Sunburn, a Percept Intellectual Property, is Asia's Premiere Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Festival and is categorized amongst the world's greatest music festivals. Commenced in 2007 as a 3-day music festival in Goa, Sunburn has thrived to satisfy an aspirational lifestyle brand boasting a diverse combination of music, fun, adventures and festivity that has implanted music tourism in India.

Over the past decade, Sunburn has consolidated popular International and Indian artists to captivate thousands of dance music enthusiasts all acrosss the nation and overseas and established India as an excellent dance festival destination to the world. Sunburn brings together popular Indian and global DJs to captivate the crowds, who reach in the thousands each year. With an assortment of occurrences to select from, Sunburn caters to a vast audience and spotlights India as a music tourism destination.

Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival

Rock music enthusiasts will be delighted to hear the growing bands performing in their full swings. The festival is organized in April, during the Easter weekend. It is a two-day festival where around 9-10 bands display their passion for music. The event provides an opportunity for upcoming talent to perform on an enormous platform.

Rediscover yourself in the calming mountains of Kasauli at Baikunth Resort, one of the most serene & cleanest Indian hill stations. The greenery of multiple native alpine flora variety is a remedy for dust - weary hearts. A harbor of peacefulness amidst 5 acres of lush pine jungles, the solely sounds prevailing the wind softly rustling among the trees and the different chirping of birds.

Fete De Pondicherry

Fete De Pondicherry is commemorated as the independence day of Pondicherry and it holds place for three days and these days are enjoyed with tremendous pomp and grandeur. Diverse music and dance performances are held to demonstrate the representation of Pondicherry's prosperous culture. Various types of performances, tournaments and different extravaganza programs create the festival a glorious one.

During these days, the entire town of Pondicherry becomes refreshed with music and entertainment and one can observe the magnificent spectacle of the eastern and western culture under a single roof. Different traditions, art and culture join to articulate one that brings in guests from each horizon of the world.

APEX by SPRYK - India Tour

It is An audio-visual event stimulated by the consecutive human triumph of running towards their greatest degree of achievement. For APEX', Spryk will be employing electronic music as a storytelling instrument along with productive visuals, cutting-edge lighting design and an extraordinary stage set up as his canvas.

This was an exclusive authorization that debuted at Magnetic Fields Festival 2019. APEX premiered online for the initial time on 12th August 2020 on Boiler Room x Wild City - Streaming from Isolation. Spryk is the electronic music & art exploration of Mumbai-based Tejas Nair. Whether its immersive art facilities, awe-inspiring Audio Visual Live concerts, ambisonic sound for VR & video events, or club-ready releases, Spryk's work is a distinct example of electronic exploration that compels usage of available technology while referencing that which came before it and performs so in a natural human way.

At the heart, Spryk as an endeavour and Tejas as a musician, DJ, curator, and interdisciplinary artist concentrates on stimulating an incredible understanding of feeling, action & interaction.

India has forever been a country of music festivals with some historical scriptures precisely devoted to music. Over the years, western music has carved its road to the Indian music panorama, and talented artists are exploring traditional Indian music with western to develop something absolutely enchanting.

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