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Odisha offers a wonderful and incredible adventure of history, heritage, and architectural marvels of temples, monuments, and the arts. This state has a 485km long coastline and speckled with picturesque seashores, serene lakes, and sublime rivers. This incredible state has some of India's best-kept secrets, encompassing myriad tourist allures from celebration to temples, mountains to wildlife, rivers to waterfalls, and Buddhist -Jain sculptures.

It is one of the most gorgeous Indian States. Being home to temples, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, long-stretched beaches, abundant flora and fauna, and above all a home to ancient yet incredible traditions and culture, Odisha carries you to another arena of spirituality, divinity, and devotion.

10 interesting facts about Odisha:

  1. Odisha is a state located on the eastern coast of India, known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful beaches.
  2. Odisha has a long and rich history dating back to ancient times, with many important historical and religious sites.
  3. The state is known for its famous temples, such as the Jagannath Temple in Puri, one of the most sacred Hindu temples in India.
  4. Odisha is famous for its traditional art and craft, including the famous Odisha Pattachitra paintings and the stone and metal carvings.
  5. The state is home to a number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, such as the Similipal National Park and the Chilika Lake.
  6. The state has a diverse range of cuisine, with seafood being an important part of the local diet.
  7. Odisha is also known for its annual Rath Yatra festival, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Puri and other parts of the state.
  8. Odisha is also known for its rich tribal culture, with many different tribes living in the state, each with their own unique customs and traditions.
  9. The state has a strong tradition of performing arts, including the famous Odissi dance form and the Gotipua dance.
  10. Odisha is also home to the famous Konark Sun Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most visited tourist destinations in the state.

As far as tourist allures are concerned, the Jagannath Temple, Sun Temple in Konark, Dhauli Hills, Ratnagiri, and Udayagiri Caves, etc are to name a few that witness the religious and spiritual importance of this state. In addition, vibrant traditions, pristine cultures, and generous people add additional spirit to Odisha tourism.

Situated on the Eastern side of India on the shore of the Bay of Bengal, Odisha is recognized for pristine seashores, abundant flora and fauna, dense forest ranges, divine temples, and historical cultures. The beautiful state is also known for various festivals and fairs that are organized all-round the year. 

Why Travel to Odisha


Beaches of Odisha can put any Baga, Anjuna, and Morjim beach to shame. The Puri-Konark marine drive is one of the nicest stretches to relax, race your car or for those romantic long drives with a perspective to kill for. Chandrabhaga and Puri beaches have been centers of allure for any traveler that sets foot in Odisha. Beaches in Chhatrapur, Chandbali, and Paradip are likewise must-see locations in the state. The subsiding sea of Chandipur in Gopalpur allows you to walk on the sea bed.


The cuisine in Orissa stands absolutely unmatchable! Incredibly for foreign tongues as it is recognized to be less spicy. It is furthermore extremely healthy as less oil is utilized. Non-vegetarians and pescatarians will appreciate this area due to its abundant offer of meat, seafood, and fish dishes. They love dalma, pithas, chenapodas, dahi-bara.

The cuisine caters to all sorts of taste buds, be it spicy, tangy, or sweet. A journey to Odisha is a delight to the palette. One cannot get plenty of our Dhenkanal bara, Nimapara's chenna jhili, Baripada's mudhi-mansa, Bhadrak's paalua laddu, Saalepur, and Pahala's rasagolla, Rajasunakhela's Sukua, Kendrapada's rasabali, Nayagarh's Chenapoda, Cuttack's dahibara-aloodum and the list is never-ending.


This state has a vibrant heritage of Kalinga architecture noticeable from the temples across the whole state. The capital city, Bhubaneswar aka Temple City alone has protected approximately 500 temples: from the 11th century Lingaraj temple, the temple of tantric cult Chausathi Jogini and the likes of Mukteswar, Bhaskareswar, Yameshwar, and Raja Rani temple in between. Additionally, Buddhist architecture is furthermore part of their legacy because of the existence of Ratnagiri, Udaygiri, and Lalitgiri, inferred to as the Diamond Triangle, here.

Fine arts

From the famous Konark Dance Festival to the Raja Rani Music Festival, the vibrant dance and music culture of Odisha attracts dance and music experts from across the world. This state is the birthplace of Odissi dance and Odissi vocal classical music. Gotipua, Mahari, and Nartaki dance forms have likewise founded here; so has Jaydev's Gita Gobinda. From Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, Sanjukta Panigrahi, artist Jatin Das to the versatile singer Sona Mohapatra, National Award-winning film director Sabyasachi Mohapatra, and poet Haladhar Nag who composes a poem in the Koshali language has been bestowed with the Padma Shri.


This state is a paradise if you are a handicraft lover who likes gathering souvenirs. This state has a whole village (Raghurajpur) devoted to pattachitra artisans. Applique work, dhokra casting, silver filigree works and handloom weaving Sambalpuri and Berhampuri silk sarees are the pice de rsistance of the vibrant cultural legacy of the state.

Culture and People

Odias are one of the considerably gentle people in the nation and have made a place for themselves in a global arena as well. They are the land that revamped the Chandashoka to Dharmashoka. Lord Jagannath is important to the culture and existence in the state and so are all the celebrations connected with Him. Festivals in the state such as Dola Yatra, Danda, Rath Jatra, Dhanu Jatra, Nuakhai, and even Dussehra, Holi, and Diwali are good times to absorb in the Odia culture and convention.

Forests and Wildlife

Odisha is one of the few states in India that can show off forests, beaches, hills, and waterfalls, all in one. Hills in Deomali, Niyamgiri, Satkosia, forests with the prosperity of wildlife and sanctuaries in Bhitarkanika, Similipal, Kuldiha, Chandaka, Sunabedha, and cascades in Badaghagra and Sanaghara, Duduma, Harishankar, Khandadhar, Joranda. Olive Ridley turtles in Gahirmatha and Rusikulya and the dwelling to migratory birds in Chilika are annual visitors in Odisha as well.

As per the accessible records, 33% of the whole geographical area is a forest area that is arranged into two categories tropical moist deciduous and tropical dry deciduous. The jungles are furthermore recognized for bamboo, teak, and rosewood, Sal, Sanghvan, Haldi, and Piasal. On the other hand, the northern part is encircled by the tropical moist deciduous forests. According to many records, there are more than 473 species of birds and 86 species of mammals along with more than 19 species of amphibians and 110 species of reptiles are found in various jungle ranges of this state.

Tribal Tourism

Of all the states of India, Orissa has one of the largest number of tribes. As many as 62 tribes which comprise 24% of the total population of the state. Multiple of them have their own languages as they abide totally isolated from the society. Koraput district of Odisha along the Eastern Ghats is recognized for dense wilderness, hill stations, Deomali mountain, and area of the tribal belt in Odisha. Gotalpara and Dural villages are dwelling to Barogadaba tribe, Bondas and other Adivasi populations and tribes.

Fair & Festivals

Living a territory of age-old and globally renowned temples and monuments, this state is furthermore also recognized for festivals and celebrations that are world prominent and partaken by folk from all across the world. As the whole state is full of pilgrimages, celebrations are regulated for distinct religions like tribal festival, Chariot Festival, Konark dance and music festival, Rajarani Music Festival, Puri Beach Festival and the record goes on. Reach and celebrate the festivals and celebrations in Odisha and get an incredible experience.

A Laid-back Retreat

Despite possessing so much to offer the state is yet not on many travel bucket lists. However, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Here one can roam around lately excavated ancient ruins without catching any other travelers at all. Or go on a boat ride through a wildlife sanctuary without sharing the experience with a huge crowd. Museums, free heritage walks, beaches, and parks as well as well-organized celebrations and happenings that run throughout the year. From such an off-the-beaten-track destination, these will all leave you flabbergasted.

Though the state has developed a modern face to it, the territory has preserved its historical charisma. A visit to the territory makes one feel a portion of the world of the bygone era. You cannot perhaps expect to cover all the travel destinations in one go, but learning more about them would assure that you travel them during your following trip to the land.

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