Karnataka- The heritage gem of India

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Karnataka is a state in southwest India. Karnataka has a bundle of tourist attractions. From amazing scenery to rich culture legacy, tranquil beaches, and tasty food, it is without a doubt a world in itself. Karnataka is likewise wealthy in nature's abundance and wildlife. The state tosses a wide scope of areas and destinations for those struck by a craving for something new, regardless of whether an explorer, an adventuresome, or someone who just wants to relax close to nature.

Travel Guide to Karnataka- The heritage gem of India

Enchanting Ruins

Karnataka heritage

Karnataka is home to probably the most astonishing and magnificent heritage. The state has a fortune of wonderful architecture, gigantic palaces, sacred respected temples, and UNESCO World heritage sites. Palaces in Karnataka are the embodiment of extravagance, conquest, and courage of the rulers who use to once own the state. With UNESCO world heritage licensed temples, ancient monuments, supernatural caves, and sculpted stories, Karnataka is a hotspot for an extraordinary travel experience. Caves Karnataka is the best example of its history, culture, and devotion. Some of the well-known attractions are Chennakesava Temple, Gol Gumbaz, Aihole, Madhugiri, and Chandravalli Caves.



Yakshagana is one of the most well-known folk theater forms of Karnataka. Yakshagana is a theatrical form of introducing Mythological and chronicled stories. This art has two fundamental varieties, every one of which has numerous varieties: Moodalapaya and Paduvalapaya. A Yakshagana execution incorporates music, dance, and dialogues. The performers wear intriguing and vivid costumes and expand headgears. The stage plan is one of a kind.

A customary Yakshagana performance takes the time period from nightfall to daybreak. Presented as a holy craft throughout the years, Yakshagana still structures a fundamental piece of the cultural projects performed during holy celebrations. This work of art has made considerable progress and is not any more kept to the limits of Karnataka or India. Individuals from different nations come here to become familiar with this art. These individuals are learning, and performing Yakshagana as well as there are numerous who published books on this art.

Coffee State

Coffee State of india

This hill station of Karnataka has numerous beautiful coffee farms. Karnataka is the biggest coffee production and supplier state; it delivers over 71% of the all-out coffee delivered in the nation. The state has great climatic conditions, high height, sloppy mountains, and sufficient precipitation which are good for the coffee manor. Kodagu, Chikmagalur, and Hassan are the major coffee creating areas in Karnataka. According to the records; Karnataka had an absolute production of 2.33 lakh MT coffee.

Coffee lovers must visit the coffee plantations. Passing through meadows, misty mountains and thick plantation studded with coffee and pepper farms is a brilliant experience. There are tons of homestays inside these estates. There are numerous Eco-lodges where one can stay. The places are amidst coffee manor where the emphasis is laid on ecological mindfulness and sustainable travel.

Huge Monolithic Statues

Huge Monolithic Statues

Bhagawan Bahubali, otherwise called Lord Gommateshwara, is an honored figure among Jains. There are 5 solid sculptures of Bahubali in Karnataka state. Gommateshwara sculpture at Shravanabelagola is the biggest solid sculpture of Bahubali on the planet with 58 feet in tallness. The enormous sculpture of Bahubali is sculpted out of a single block of granite rock and stands on the head of a hill. While standing at the sculpture's feet looking into, one sees the amazing vision of the holy saint against the tremendousness of the sky. Karnataka is home to 4 different brilliant sculptures as well.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Karnataka has many astonished and world-acclaimed wildlife sanctuaries. Karnataka has 5 National parks and 21 wildlife sanctuaries. This state holds 20% of the tiger populace of India. These wildlife sanctuaries likewise become a famous part of the travel industry as they have many imperil animals. Wildlife sanctuaries carry satisfaction to each and every individual who visits them, they are a joy for nature lovers, picture takers, and individuals who love natural life. They likewise offer energizing adventure sports, for example, trekking, camping, safaris, and attract many travelers from throughout the world consistently. Some of the acclaimed wildlife sanctuaries are Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Sharavati Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary, and Dubare Elephant Camp.

Silk and Sandalwood

Karnataka State is luxuriously blessed with broadly polished, acknowledged, and acclaimed arts since ancient times. It is well known for its sandalwood items like cleansers, sculptors, sandalwood oils, incense sticks and shows pieces and acclaimed Mysore silk sarees. The claims to fame of these sarees are that they utilize genuine silk and genuine gold zari, a sort of string utilized for weaving. Karnataka is the best spot to perceive how the wood is collected and resulting oil extraction can be seen at the manufacturing plant. Sandalwood has been a piece of religious and sacred traditions of India, since, ancient times and has been adequately utilized in customary medication for a huge number of years. Karnataka produces 9,000 metric huge amounts of mulberry silk adding to almost 70% of the nation's absolute mulberry silk.

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