What Makes Kashmir a Paradise on Earth

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Kashmir is endowed with implausible beauty and that iswhy called "Paradise on Earth". Kashmir is covered with beautiful chinar treesthat result in covering the entire valley in yellow and red leaves duringautumn, the silver lakes turn golden at dawn and all the crystal deep bluerivers result from icy mountains.

Here's why Kashmir is a true paradise: 

Perfect landscapes: 

Starting from Pir Panjal magical view and beautifullyscented cypress branches or the crystal clear rivers, it's like every corner isfilled with beauty all around. Every place is ready to picture and shownto the world. It looks so magical to be there and witness the heaven-likeplaces and beauty that soothe the souls of visitors. 

Beautiful verdant valleys: 

The Kashmir valley symbolizes the calmness in nature andcan surely stimulate a poet in you. Filled with incredible valleys like Markha,Shyok, Nubra, Kishtwar, Dha Hanu, Nageen, and many more just add what isrequired to complete a perfect picture of a beautiful landscape. These areuntamed and unspoiled valleys of Kashmir. Valleys surrounded by huge and icymountains, these valleys are just defining what the beauty of nature is calledand you cannot get over the magical vie any time soon.

The charm of lakes: 

The crystal clearness of Kashmir is something that cannot bemissed when talking about Kashmir beauty. Srinagar boasts from Dal and Nageenlakes are nothing but just stunning. A boat ride with mountain around willsurely give you a memorable experience of life and will tell the beauty ofKashmir. 

Winter that is wonderland: 


A mesmerizing land, that's what Kashmir in winter lookslike with all the snow covering the valley and frozen lakes. The winter ofKashmir is something you never want to miss because it's a lifetime experience.With snow covering everything seems like crystal and shinning everywhere whensunlight just hits the snow. It surely will look like a movie scene. 

 Delightful Autumn: 

If you don't like winters and not in the mood to face snowthen autumn is the best time for you to visit Kashmir to admire its magicalview and experience its beauty. The autumns in Kashmir are surely very colorfuland vibrant giving hope and happiness. The colors are vivid and the soft windsfill energy in you and make you feel soft. The trees in autumn are addingextra charm to the landscape. 

The tulip garden: 

With spring the tulip flower blooms and it just adds asplash of happy color to valleys and you can surely feel the vibes. It's theonly tulip garden that you can experience in Kashmir, so don't miss out onsomething so beautiful and great. It's once in a lifetime experience. 


If you want the experience of living on a houseboat thanjust don't miss the trip to Kashmir because it's where you'll have a lifetimeexperience of living on a houseboat and you're going to love it. These boatsare made up of traditional wood and are hand-carved. These boats that lookedmajestic will offer a great ride with a beautiful view. Staying on a houseboatovernight will surely be a lifetime experience.

Adventure hub: 

If you think it's all about beautiful sights in Kashmirthen let me tell you that Kashmir is surely for an adventure too. If you loveadventure then know about the adventure hub that Kashmir provides like skiingand trekking on mountains. Kashmir will offer you a great adventure from thetrek to skiing in Gulmarg.

The friendly locals: 

 These people will surely make a space for you in this paradise and will welcome you with immense warmth and a smile. This will surely give you the feeling of love and togetherness.

Delicious food: 

After great sight and adventure come the delicious foodof Kashmir that will surely make you full but still want to eat more. Wazwancuisine boasts of delicious Rogan Josh. Start with Kahwah hot cup and then gofor dum aloo or yakhni and don't forget to enjoy noon chai while enjoying thesunset. Kashmir is all about serving food with love for the people who came tovisit. 


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