Travel Guide to the Hidden Gem of Madhya Pradesh- Betul

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Over the decades Madhya Pradesh state has successfully risen up as one of the largely craved after traveller locations of India. In this vibrant prosperity Betul district has similarly rendered incredibly precious tribute. With its scenically magnificent temples, verdant green towns and greatly diverse culture Betul has certainly created its own spot in Madhya Pradesh’s prosperous tourism region. Immense greenery, rolling mountains and flowing rivers make this place in Madhya Pradesh a delight for the eyes. Situated at a height of over 2,000 feet above sea level, this territory is abundant in wildernesses and biodiversity, creating its climate charming throughout the year.

Although little is remembered or documented about the age-old past of Betul, it is well recognized that the territory’s supreme significant emperors were the Marathas in the 19th century, who left their memorable imprints in the structures of temples and areas of worship. A volume of Hindu and Jain temples are distributed around the location, multiple of which date back to centuries ago, alluring to both the religious and those enthusiastic about history and archaeology. If you’re looking for an aesthetically exciting escape in the heart of the nation, Betul is the location to go.

Places to Visit in Betul

Balajipuram Temple

This Temple is undoubtedly the most popular tourist enticement of Betul district. It is one of the most elegant temples in the whole Central India territory. Its architectural magnificence and encircling verdant greenery is so irresistible that it will calm anyone’s soul and mind. what is most profound is that this temple is situated in Central India and entirely designed in South Indian Dravidan Architectural technique. Craftsperson from South India were employed and imported all the way to this place to design this temple in flawless South Indian technique. And their hard work has certainly not gone in vain, as today Balajipuram Temple is without a question one of the greatly stunning South Indian Temples in the nation.


This sacred Jain destination is situated on the boundaries of Betul district and Amravati district of Maharashtra. This religious Jain destination is though not just merely religious but is inevitably alluring. With its location being in the lap of verdant green Satpuda Mountain range, exploring this location is like experiencing divinity in the exceptionally centre of Mother Nature. Besides, there is not one but cumulative 52 temples here and put into this an astonishing cascade. Sounding gorgeous as it as, the experience is certainly beyond words. In other words, this place is one of the must-visit traveller destinations while journeying to Betul.

Kukru Khamla

Kukru Khamla is one of the unknown treasures of the Betul district. It’s precisely a tiny hillock region encircled by verdant green Satpuda Mountain ranges. From the top of the mountain you get a spectacular perspective of Satpuda mountain ranges, images of which are certainly going to fascinate your memory for years to come. However, this region is actually recognized as the ‘abode of beautiful birds’. For multiple decades this tiny hillock region has been captivating magnificent migratory birds, which has made it one of the must-visit traveller allures in Betul district. You can stay at the forest office. You can relish the elegance of flora and fauna while living at this gorgeous spot amidst natural beauty. No question Kukru Khamla can certainly be picked up as a wonderful picnic place during the holiday.

Kherla Fort

This ancient fort is a precious gem for the people of Betul. This fort belongs to the prior Gond Dynasty who once governed over the vast areas of Central India. The Gond Adivasi Tribe, who are precisely Descendents of the Gond Dynasty, today constitute as the primary portion of Betul’s population. Accordingly, it won’t be totally untrue to assert those origins of Betul’s little known past were established in this very fort. Although today this fort is in a pretty damaged situation, but its vast ancient significance makes it a wonderful tourist allure.

Places to Visit Near Betul


Wrapped in beautiful lush greenery, this place is the sole hill station that standouts amongst the most explored travel destinations in India, Madhya Pradesh. The location is glorified for its affluent past, heritage, and deep wilderness. Largely journeyed by traveller during the summer and monsoon season, Pachmarhi has been comprehended as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Distance from Betul- 190.8 kilometres


Situated in the region of Amravati, the town of Chikhaldara is best recognized for its Wildlife Sanctuary. The territory is approximately 1120 m above ocean level and is the only coffee estate zone in Maharashtra. The location plays host to multiple species of unique birds, animals, and plants that will fascinate any nature or adventure enthusiast. The Melghat Tiger Project is dwelling to around 82 of the exceptional lasting tigers in India.

Distance from Betul- 131.0 kilometres


Bhimbetka rock Shelter is situated in the Raisen region of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is situated at a distance of approximately 48 km from Bhopal. The caves track the early human life. It has 7 mountains and further than 750 rock shelters over an expanse of 10 kilometres, some of which were lived in further than 100,000 years ago.

Distance from Betul- 141.3 kilometres

Pench National Park

The Pench National Park is in the Seoni and Chhindwara location of Madhya Pradesh in India and encompasses Pench Tiger Reserve. It was declared a sanctuary in 1965 though lifted up to the stature of a national park in 1975. In 1992, it was established as a reserve for the tiger.

Distance from Betul- 180.5 kilometres


The vibrant history and notable past create Burhanpur an incredible destination that travellers cherish exploring, particularly the historians and craft enthusiasts, who like to explore the incredible spectacle of Mughals in the town. Situated at the Tapti Riverbank, around 340 km southwest of Bhopal, Burhanpur is a gorgeous town well-known for its spectacular edifices and ancient remains that captivates people from distinct parts of the nation.

Distance from Betul- 257.7 kilometres

Tips for visitors

Here are a few important tips for travellers who are planning their first-ever visit to this place. These tips will certainly be valuable.

  • Try not to wear too much funky western clothing; particularly if you’re a woman. People in Betul are pretty conservative and conventional in their beliefs.
  • No need to take heavy cash. Betul does amass a reasonable number of ATM’s.
  • The climate during the winter season is incredibly cold, particularly during the evening time. Accordingly, carry a ton of blankets and sweaters.
  • Betul has a massive population of Gond Adivasi tribes. Attempt to be exceptionally sensitive to their culture and way of life. Since their culture and way of life is even today deeply inundated in age-old traditions and beliefs

How to Reach Betul


By Air

On an everyday basis, there are nearly 38 flights that run at Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport that is the nearest airport.

By Rail

Besides flying you can furthermore reach Betul through the train. Betul Railway Station is nicely connected with major towns.

By Road

Betul is nicely connected with all major places through decent roads.

Best Time to Visit Betul

Betul has a somewhat moderate temperature all throughout the year. Therefore Betul never witnesses severe temperature during any season. Therefore one can explore Betul during any period of the year. Though, if one wants to experience the vast cascade at the popular Muktagiri temple of Betul, then exploring during the rainy season is a must.

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