Top 9 music festivals of India

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Searching for the best concerts in India? Here is your opportunity to go to the absolute greatest performances in India that will be lit, no doubt. I'm a major enthusiast of live music, so at whatever point I travel out I love to look at the nearby performances. Look at the rundown in the event that you would prefer not to pass up some astonishing artists and incredible exhibitions, live. Alright!

Here's a list of  Top 9 music festivals of India

Sunburn Festival, Goa

Sunburn Festival,Goa

Asia's greatest music fest the yearly Sunburn Festival gives you the best music experience. It is known for its perky music and exemplary line-up of specialists like Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike to ensure you have the best existence of your life. Bask in the magnificence of Goa while being absorbed the hypnotizing music of the show. Regardless of if it's your first time to the fest or the tenth, Sunburn guarantees a vital experience for you and your companions!

Storm, Bangalore

Storm, Bangalore

Celebrating different music classifications like folk, non-mainstream and electronic; this performance is sorted out in the edges of Bangalore for three amazing evenings. Held in January every year, Storm is known for its tremendous lavish scene which offers a novel blend of adventure sports alongside live music. The fest fills in for instance of an occasion with a reason as alongside amusement the celebration advances natural supportability inside its setting.

Effective waste management, reusing utilized items and an exacting no-plastic arrangement is the attributes of this eco-accommodating concert. "Comfortable evenings call at the lap of nature, a community campground, foggy mornings, music workshops, camp-jams, blazes, simmered marshmallows, different classes of music, at no other time never-after melodic coordinated efforts the rundown have quite recently started. That is Storm Festival."

Hornbill, Nagaland

Hornbill, Nagaland

One of the greatest concerts in the nation, the Hornbill Music Festival has been luring an abundance of sightseers throughout the years. This seven-day social fest that happens in the midst of the picturesque vistas of Kohima in December consistently, where you can find a matching pace the greatest rock concert in the nation just as find out about the rich social legacy of the spot all under one rooftop. The celebration is an activity of the state legislature of Nagaland to show the ability of the assorted multi-ethnic clans of Nagaland to the world. It is a stage for up and coming Northeast groups and craftsmen to meet artists originating from various pieces of the nation. In the event that you love your galas, moves, games, and music, all in great measure, you are in for a wonderful treat!

Magnetic Fields, Rajasthan

Set in the eminent Alsisar Mahal in Shekhawati, Rajasthan, Magnetic Fields is a dazzling three-day concert of contemporary music and arts set in the middle of the loftiness of brilliant triangle formed by Bikaner, Jaipur and Delhi. The celebration is held in December. Throughout the years, Magnetic Fields has earned the notoriety of a boutique celebrations involvement with India. The fest targets advancing the freshest sounds from the nation and offers them a stage to break into the music industry by pitching them close by music legends. Two, phases that displayed the nation's ideal and most ground breaking music close by a portion of the world's best underground stars  pulling in a group of people of gutsy, youthful, and liberal urbanites.

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Have you at any point imagined yourself within the sight of verdant fields cutting to some electric music with a cool wind brushing against your shoulders? Well this fantasy may very well worked out as expecting on the off chance that you head to the pleasant environs of Ziro Valley and suffocate in the hints of more than thirty specialists. Held at the height of 5,500 feet in Ziro valley, the Ziro Festival happens in September drawing numerous travellers who love the setting of delightful mountains and pine trees. The celebration expects to energize cooperation between artists of Northeast India. Since the time its dispatch in 2012, the Ziro Festival has filled in as a stage for specialists to meet different artists. Arunachal Pradesh's charming area ends up being ideal for such a cordial and eco-accommodating occasion. Four days of excellent music in one of the most dynamite areas on the planet!"

Ragasthan, Jaisalmer

Ragasthan, Jaisalmer

Organized in the dunes of Jaisalmer, it is a three-day melodic function that renders a thrilling encounter of outdoors in the powerful Thar Desert under the sky lit by the stars and delving in real Rajasthani cooking. The celebration advances eco-accommodating the travel industry and supports the safeguarding of Rajasthani culture. Coordinators don't uncover the line-up of artists as they need to draw the crowd on the sheer nature of artists and not the huge names. The celebration guarantees exhibitions loaded up with aural and visual greatness.

Mahindra Blues, Mumbai

Mahindra Blues, Mumbai

Asia's greatest Blues performance, Mahindra Blues happens in Mumbai each February. Being Asia's biggest and best Blues wonder, MBF invests heavily in engaging featuring acts by blues legends, for example, Buddy Guy himself. The celebration has been advancing the nearby blues networks by bringing previously settled blues artists from the world over and growing blues specialists in India on a typical stage. Visitors can likewise enjoy nearby local food and clamoring nightlife of the city alongside this tip-top concert.

NH7 Weekender Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi

 NH7 Weekender Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi

One of the greatest fests in India, NH7 Weekender This heavenly concert is touted to be the best-composed non-mainstream performance in India, on account of predominant generation quality, and a noteworthy grouping of specialists. The music party gloats of top-notch security, health offices, data corners, toilets, food and beverages. The exhibitions here are a blend of a rock, non-mainstream, metal, and ethnic combination music. NH7 happens in the urban areas of Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi for three days. In addition to the fact that this is a super gathering of various types of music and worldwide exhibitions all under one rooftop, it is additionally a party held in probably the most energizing urban communities in the nation.

Jodhpur Riff

Showing the traditional folk music and specialties of Rajasthan, this global folk music fest happens at brilliant Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur each October and is sorted out during the time of Sharad Purnima, the most splendid full moon night of the year. The celebration gives an open stage to acclaim folk craftsmen and performers from India and abroad. RIFF's sole point has been to acclimate the world with the traditional Rajasthani melodic legacy. The long-running celebration has facilitated the likes of Manu Chao, Dilshad Khan, Wouter Kellerman and Yossi Fine, previously. Not simply that, music sweethearts going to this rich occasion can likewise enjoy the breath-taking 'Blue City' of Jodhpur which is an engineering magnum opus loaded down with interesting structures and sparkling medieval lanes.


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