Indonesia - Ultimate travel guide to the island nation

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Indonesia is blessed with amazing beaches, peaceful islands, magnificent wildlife, lively tribes, and a cultural spirit. Indonesia offers an adventure for everybody, from exploring antiquated temples and dynamic volcanoes to diving in freshwaters. Combined with humble and kind locals, Indonesia is expeditiously becoming one of the world's preferred travel locations.

Ultimate travel guide to Indonesia 

Marine life

Indonesia marine life

Indonesia has one of the longest coastlines extending from the Indian Ocean toward the east and the Pacific Ocean toward the west. It is home to 20% of the world's coral reefs, and the absolute best scuba diving and swimming one can discover. It has the highest coral reef fish diversity in the world. Scuba diving in Indonesia is maybe the absolute best scuba diving the world, and surely the most bountiful as far as sheer quantities of species. Indonesia's underwater world likewise offers a few extraordinary difficulties, for example, the steep walls, deep water channels, shipwrecks, and also the underwater volcanoes.


Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands making it's crystal clear that it has some of the most phenomenal and pristine beaches to lay on. Regardless of whether one wants to appreciate some water sports like figuring out how to surf, go parasailing, ride a banana vessel or simply relax out and get a decent tan, Indonesia is certainly a spot where all this can occur. This mysterious island is home to dynamic cultures, rich scenes of rice fields, and is packed with extraordinary beach resorts.

The Komodo Dragons

One of the most extraordinary wildlife is the group of komodo dragons that resides and flourishes in the harsh atmosphere of Indonesia. The world's biggest lizards exist on only five Indonesian islands that are Komodo, Flores, Gili Motang, Rinca, and Padar. They are really fearsome, weighing up to 150lbs and having harmful poisonous bites, permitting them to chase, and slaughter far greater creatures, even humans. Komodo National Park is committed to the yellow forked, flaky skin, tremendous and muscular-tailed dragons, the sight of such creatures is breathtaking.

Food & Coffee

The most ideal approach to entertain ourselves during traveling is by devouring local food. Indonesia's cuisine has such a huge variety that one can enjoy something new for days. The indigenous spices and cooking style utilized are likely the main supporters of Indonesia's rich and appetizing local food. Some well known Indonesian foods are satay, Nasi Goreng, and Mie Ayam. Indonesia is additionally one of the biggest coffee producers on the planet. They are also popular for Kopi Luwak, which is coffee produced using the excretion of the Luwak, the civet cat. The cat eats coffee beans and excretes them out. Sounds gross yet, it is unique, popular, and very costly coffee.


Indonesia is situated in a place, which is one of the most dynamic volcanic zones on the planet. The nation alone has 150 volcanoes. It likewise shows some the most enchanting sunsets with a standout amongst others being seen from Mount Penanjakan overlooking the popular Mt Bromo Volcano. A climb up to the mountain is conceivable with a certified guide.


Indonesia holds a mind-boggling blend of cultures, firmly affected by a horde of religions. Prime religions comprise Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity, each with their conventions. Indonesians are very humble, friendly, and welcoming individuals. They are additionally proud of their history, culture, wildlife, food, and much more, and are eager about sharing it with other people. Whichever part of Indonesia one goes, they will undoubtedly discover something fresh

Spas and relaxation

Indonesia is an incredible spot to visit for a place to relax and get a good massage. Any spa treatment you can envision can be found here, from seaweed wraps to fish spas, fragrant healing to the most stunning, and relaxing massage of your life. A large number of these services can be offered at your lodging, as a different business, or even on the beaches as you appreciate the sun. Indonesia is one of the best places to have a relaxing trip.

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