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Throughout the growth of travel and tourism the phrase get off the beaten track' has become connected with the utopian traveller who desperately seeks a new perspective on the already overworn traveller tracks. Maybe they've watched movies like 'Into The Wild' and 'Chalo Dilli' a few too many times, craving for that unique location in the world that hasn't yet been spoiled by shabby pubs and cheap knock off sunglasses. Or maybe they wish to be the first person to travel to a breathtaking new location before inns and hotels open up the market to the crowds of vacationers and tourists.

It's no surprise that terms such as get off the beaten track' and off the grid travel' has become so enthralling to travellers that glance at the world as a place of mystery and discovery. The feeling of desperation to acknowledge these hidden locations has furthermore been stimulated in our always increasingly small and interconnected world. Every year fresh and wild locations are becoming nearly impossible to discover and even more expensive to travel to as people push the boundaries to discover their own personal heaven.

What does off-the-beaten-track mean?

The off-the-beaten track just means somewhere that isn't on every traveller's radar when planning a journey to a particular nation or territory. Certainly, it is worth seeing Manali once, and Ladakh is absolutely beautiful, but why not mix these classic glamours with something a little out of the ordinary?

A widespread myth about off-the-beaten track travel is that you have to go somewhere you've never heard of before. No! You can discover off-the-beaten tracks travel in all the active traveller destinations

Why should you go off-the-beaten-track?

So now that you understand what off-the-beaten-track travel is, what even is the significance of it? Shouldn't you just go for the tried-and-true traveller locations and have a wonderful time? That's what some people speculate, but numerous believe that heading off-the-beaten-track is best not merely for your personal growth and expanding your worldview by meeting new people and observing diverse ways of life, but likewise several additional factors as well.

But discovering a location that's completely off the traveller track is a lot more difficult than it sounds. You can't just jump on a random train and let it take you out to the middle of nowhere unless you have some understanding of what lies ahead. Especially in some of the sketchier locations around the world you constantly need to consider your safety first.

So with that in mind here's a look at how to really get off the beaten track on your following excursion!

Travel by Train

Maximum travellers to India are travelling on group tours of the packaged category. While it may be a little unsettling to guide the country on your own, simply heading out without a tour guide implies you'll get farther off the track than most. The easiest way to make your way is to give up the luxury tours and landscape-missing flights and travel by train.

While excursions between big cities can be very lengthy, it's 16 hours from Delhi to Mumbai, train travel can take you all over the nation, on excursions short or long, and provide you with a sense of authentic India in the cycle. A much-recommended journey is the 'Nilgiri Passenger' from Mettupalayam to Ooty.

Do Your Homework

Yes, it's perhaps true that if it's put down in a guidebook, or posted all over travel blogs, that the region isn't as secluded as you'd prefer, however, it pays to get a vast option of opinions. There is an abundance of information that can nonetheless lead you to a serene corner of the world without concerning too much about an overflow of driving travellers pursuing similar information. With the volume of travel blogs out there these days, try to explore deeper than the first Google page. Opportunities are you'll discover some brilliant up-and-comer who's discovered the next best thing.

Hire/Buy a Motorbike or Car

By far the greatest adventures one can carry on a journey come from the travels via motorbike. Whether it's renting bikes to get around the beaches of  Goa, cruising through the Kerala countryside, or buying a bike in the Himalayas to tour the entire nation Mountain by Mountain. Road trips are the best way to explore the unexplored. Being able to stop when you wish to stop, for as long as you wish to abide, certainly boosts your level of freedom on the road. With the honest analysis and information, you can discover all those locations that only locals get to, or that travellers can't access because tourist transport doesn't service the location. Also, it can save you a lot of money in transport expenses if you hire your bike for a day and hit up a lot of unique locations.

Travel Slow

The magnificence of slow travel might not appeal to everyone, however when you've got the time it's the nicest way to get off the beaten track. Maximum people who have restricted time select the leading tourist locations, so they hardly have time to explore their broader surroundings. And rightly so if you've got a short schedule. If you were merely in Uttarakhand for a week then you'd prioritize Rishikesh over Valley of Flowers. However, if you were there any longer then absolutely mark it in. All around the world there are secret locations on the edge of major tourist glamours simply waiting to be explored. Travelling slowly furthermore provides you more time to do your investigation and discover the best/cheapest ways to get out to the regions you wish to explore.

Make Friends With Locals

If cultural absorption is what you are after, then going to the locations preferred by the locals is an extraordinary glance at how Indians holiday. Mostly, the locals tend to support destinations that give a break from the heat by heading to the cool and serene hill stations.

Mandawa is a small town tracked down in the heart of the Shekhawati region, in the state of Rajasthan, a must-visit for its fascinating forts and Havelis. It is recognized as the Open Art Gallery, as the city is loaded with paved archways and stunning Havelis and forts. The aura and vibe of the area express the social and cultural environment of the place in the bygone era.

Learn the Language

This is slightly easier said than done, mainly if you're off to somewhere totally linguistically distinct to your native tongue; like Vietnam or Indonesia for an English speaker. However, lend it a shot, learning a handful of the language will certainly assist you to guide local transport and negotiate decent deals on spots to stay and eat. You can Do a short Google search for the top terms, pen them down in a notebook and then take them out to practice for a day. You'll be communicating like a local in no time with a little practice and hard work.

Conclusions on Traveling Off the Beaten Track

It's all too easy to abide in the comfort zone and glue to the tourist track. It's when you run the additional mile, put in more effort, then you will find out something incredible and make your journeys certainly memorable.

Don't forget, the world is enormous and full of unseen glories. Whether it's scuba diving an uncharted reef, showering in a waterfall without a title, or travelling an island that doesn't even appear on a map, if you travel off the beaten track, there's a genuine adventure waiting for you.

There are always more ways to get off the beaten track if you're ready to offer up a little more. Sometimes you'll have to be prepared to abandon the modern-day comforts of hot showered hotels and breakfast-included backpackers, however, you'll unlock the real purpose of exploration and discovery as you locate the territories that motivate a new generation of travellers.

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