GreenLust Camps and Resort- A Serene Eco Stay in the Mountains

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Majestic, brilliant, picturesque these are only a few of the phrases that have been used to describe this beautiful city of Uttarakhand. And if you've ever been to Uttarakhand, you know that it is the gateway into the magnificence of bountiful nature. Its unique culture is an affluent and chaotic combination of aged beliefs and a modest lifestyle. Jeolikot is a pristine gem in the Nainital, district which is furthermore recognized as the gateway to Naini Lake. It's a perfect location to spend the vacations in a serene, secluded, and cool environment and is a paradise for nature lovers. The resort delivers an ideal stay and an admirable locale to the guests with the contentment of both the summer leisure of a hill station and the mild coolness of winter in the plains.

Greenlust Camps and Resort

Greenlust Camps & Resorts offers the guest an incredible panoramic view of the surroundings and star-lit wintry nights. It is an excellent location, distant from the concrete jungle to soothe from day-to-day routines and unwind in the wonderful heaven in the lap of Mother Nature. The property is situated in the adobe of the Nainital, just 19 minutes from the Pantnagar Airport. Sweeping views of Nainital, blended with true Uttarakhand's way of hospitality, courteous staff, perfect interiors, and delicious food make a stay at this property a visit to remember.

Ideal for

Green lust Camps and Resort

Greenlust Camps and Resort is perfect for families, couples, friends, and business travellers who rejoice in nature with a blend of the city's unique cultural heritage. It is located just 20 minutes from the Pantnagar Airport and serves as the ideal base to explore everything that the city of lakes- Nainital has to offer.

About the Property

Greenlust Camps and Resort

As you enter through the gates of the resort, you'll be greeted by views of magnificent lawns and lush green surroundings, something that will fill you with Serenity and happiness. After a warm welcome, they promptly escort guests to the camps. With a beautiful eco-friendly arrangement, a study area, a dining area, comfortable camps, decent bathroom, shower, your days there are going to be all about pampering, nature, and indulgence.

Greenlust Camps and Resort

The resort has 13 camps divided into 2 types of accommodations Swiss Camps and Safari Camps. There are 05 Swiss Camps with attached washrooms and 08 Safari Camps with common washrooms. If you're looking for a stay with a great view, opt for this resort, which is located at a secluded place surrounded by bountiful nature magnificence. The beds are cozy and the sheets and blankets are sufficient in number to keep you comfortable and warm. The spectacular 360-degree hilly perspective is certain to take your breath away.

Greenlust Camps and Resort

Greenlust camps and resorts boast of being an Eco-friendly property, set up surrounded by abundant greenery and marvelous flora and fauna. The resort is furthermore a perfect place for the bird lovers. And while you will find all the aspects of a modern, comfortable camp stay here, you will also be surprised by the heartwarming hospitality and personalized touch which is the very essence of Indian culture and often something that is difficult to find in corporate hotel chains.


The property is like a haven located in the middle of lush wilderness, boasting of one of the greenest landscapes in the city. The Resort is an eco-friendly property built with conscious choices. There are many things made to from using waste material to minimize the impact on the environment. The resort also has a lawn to host an event and enjoy dancing and celebration with loved ones.

Greenlust Camps and Resort

The camps are fully equipped with all amenities and separate dedicated seating area and WiFi. In addition, the resort offers a dining area, sitting area, and walking path for guests who would not like to give up on fitness even while vacationing. You can access these at any time while your stay. And when you're tired from all the working out, you can spend an hour or two relaxing at their sitting area or cafe surrounded by lush greenery. With a serene ambiance and relaxing vibe, the spot is the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

Cafe and Cuisine

Green lust camps and resorts

Food is a major part of Uttarakhand culture and great care is taken here at Green lust camps and resort to giving you the best culinary experience possible. The resort has a beautiful sukoon cafe and restaurant serving multi-cuisine, featuring dishes from several cuisines. You can enjoy a choice of traditional local Kumaoni food, or choose from other cuisines.

Must try items: khichdi, Kumaoni Raita, Chilli Paneer, Momos, Aloo Gutuk, and Phaanu

Things to do in and around the resort

Bird Watching:

bird watching

With more than 200 aviary species, Jeolikot is nothing but a heaven for the bird lovers. There is countless diversity of birds, both inhabitant and migratory, that are a pleasure to stare at, observe and capture with a camera.


Apart from bird watching, another recreation that captivates travellers from all over is the abundance of glamorous butterfly species that live in the area around Jeolikot.

Nature walk:

The resort boasts of having one of the greenest landscapes in the entire city area. The property is surrounded by lush wilderness. Apart from that they have a walking track surrounded by wilderness and must to explore. You can explore the regions by yourself or request for a trek and the staff will happily take you around.


The government promotes horticulture and every year travellers reach to observe the wonderful flowers preserved by Horticulture Apartment blossom in the spring season.


What are most impressive about Greenlust camps and resorts is the initiatives that have been taken by the resort to become more environmentally conscious and to give back to society. The resort not just has one of the greenest covers in the area, but has also started work on reducing the use of plastic. They've switched to many eco-friendly commodities.

Not just that, the resort also assures that the food waste created is not thrown but is used instead to create compost. In an attempt to reduce its carbon footprint, Green lust camps and resort has utilized waste material for construction wherever possible.

How to Reach

Kathgodam railway station

By Air

You can take a direct flight to the nearest Pantnagar Airport (approx. 50 km) and take a cab from Pantnagar for Jeolikote or you can prefer to take a bus till Kathgodam and take a cab to reach the place.

By Road

All buses drop you at the nearest bus stop that is Kathgodam (18 km) from where you can take a cab to Jeolikote directly taking you to the resort.

By Rail

The train will drop you at Kathgodam railway station (19.3 km) from where you can take a cab directly to the property.

A stay at Green lust camps and resort will help you revel in the lap of nature, culture, and wilderness.

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