Faze Rug Tunnel- Mysterious Tunnel of San Diego

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Miramar Tunnel, or presently, better recognized as the Haunted "FaZe Rug" Tunnel, as the first YouTuber to explore this tunnel begot from your nastiest nightmares was none other than FaZe Rug himself. Though now such a popular place for urban explorers and merely those who like to give in to curiosity, the Miramar Tunnel, situated in San Diego, is one with a lack of history.

This lack of history makes the tunnel far more unusual, and of course, far more frightening. Particularly pondering the fact that many who have embarked into the tunnel, have claimed to witness the sounds of a screaming woman, and a little girl calling out for her mother. These noises that have halted the sound barrier between the dimensions of our world and the paranormal have driven on to park rumors and establish tales.

Learn about the Haunted Tunnel of San Diego- Faze Rug

The Faze Rug Tunnel Story

Faze Rug Tunnel is a haunted tunnel encompassed by haunting tales. This tunnel is great to make video, which made the tunnel popular. This tunnel is more than the scary fantasies. This tunnel has become the famous place for urban people to explore on the weekends. people visit this place for adventure and videos. This expedition is worth making, and people relish their adventure. Multiple haunted tales are popular, as like the screaming of any woman, and the other is a little girl that is yelling her mother out.

These supernatural activities are making people curious about this place. The tunnel is furthermore popular for all its beauty as well. The tunnel has been fantasting a lot of people for the past few years. People prefer to visit this tunnel during the day, as during the night, it becomes frightening. This spot does not comprise of much history but regardless amazes everyone with its mysterious tales. So, journeying the region will astonish you up with lots of adventure.

Faze Rug Cave History

So, this tunnel is located in San Diego. This tunnel is also recognized as the Miramar tunnel (Mira mesa tunnel). Although this tunnel does not comprise so much history, it is still popular because of the haunting tales that refer to this tunnel. There still prevail multiple mysteries that amaze everyone with its adventures. It is said that the tunnel is haunted and gets enveloped by many spirits and faze rug phantoms.

This tunnel is mostly covered with Graffiti which is scattered all around the tunnel. It is deep and is around twenty miles. These tunnels consist of one way only. So, this spot has an exhilarating way through one way, which captivates people all along the way.

The Miramar Tunnel

San Diego Faze Rug, the haunted Tunnel is also recognized to be the Miramar tunnel and use to consist of the Drainage system. This tunnel is even scarier than any nightmare. It got much more famous after social media leading to many urban traveler visiting the place very often. This tunnel does not have much history but became a favorite spot due to social media.

People visit the faze rug haunted tunnel in San Diego's because of the claims of listening to the screaming and terrifying voices all around the tunnel. Some people witnessed the sounds of a woman and also a small girl calling her mother.

So, these voices from the tunnel have just gone through many rumors, generating all the tales. One of the tales was associated to a girl that got hit during an accident close to the tunnel. Even one of the tales is associated to the couple involved in the crash in which the boyfriend survived, but the girlfriend wasn't lucky enough and died. So, many tales got incorporated and circulate like hell all around and made this tunnel popular.

Faze Rug Tunnel Location

Faze Rug Tunnel or the Miramar tunnel is situated in San Diego. The tunnel is completely covered with Graffiti and furthermore with insects all alike. Even some people have claimed that they had seen marks of paws of some small kid animal. The tunnel is only one way. The entrance of the tunnel is wrapped totally with trees. It is also believed that footprints belong to raccoon or possum. There is no certain official information about the length of tunnel, but it is rumored and assumed to be twenty miles long.

It furthermore gets assumed that this tunnel branch itself into multiple other tunnels constructing an extensive tunnel system. Multiple consider that this tunnel direct itself into Mexico. This tunnel is reckoned to be the system used for transporting cocaine or any other kind of drug. The Mexico and USA border passed it, but this news got spread, and nothing was found, but this added spark in people. People began exploring the place. Even this tunnel feels a lot like paranormal activities happen there.

Many people profess that it feels like someone is watching you and makes you feel like you are completely under eyes, and this will occur until you got in and then out. It was believed to happen maybe because of the ghost thing that stares at you. It can't get returned into gesture, or it could come way out of paranoia. This odd feeling is sensed throughout the way, and no one can tackle it.

Exploring San Diego

San Diego

San Diego is assumed to be the Urban Myth that the place consists of multiple hidden tunnels. The city is famous for its beaches and museums, while furthermore having an enormous cultural influence in the US.

However, the city is likewise home to hidden natural magnificence that makes it all the more fascinating. Amongst these undiscovered treasures are the caves along the coast of the city. The caves in San Diego have been naturally shaped over years of erosion due to the ocean waves hitting onto the rocks.

La Jolla Caves

The La Jolla Caves are approximately 75 million years old. These caves were built out of the sandstone gravel by the sea. They can exclusively be accessed from the sea, which made them a shelter for smugglers and pirates back in the 19th century. Though, nowadays you'd discover these caves inhabited by peaceful sea lions and harbor seals. La Jolla Caves comprise seven caves.

Sunny Jim Cave

The Sunny Jim Cave is the sole cave in the La Jolla Caves system that is available from the land. When glimpsed from a specific angle, the cave resembles the cartoon character Sunny Jim, thus earning its title. The cave was made available to the world by Gustav Schulz, who in 1902 determined to dig through the tunnel with picks and shovels. After approximately two years of endeavor, his labourers and him caught up with the roof of the cave. The 145 wooden steps soon followed, making it available to the public, albeit a minor entry fee.

Sunset Cliffs Open Ceiling Sea Cave

The open ceiling sea cave close to Sunset Cliff is one of the greatly picturesque spectacles in the city of San Diego. Situated near to Luscombs Point, this cave is available only during the negative tides. Travelling this trek is a mini-adventure in itself, with a little walk across the ragged terrain directing to the caves. On journeying this cave, you will have to get your feet wet, with the water around knee-deep length or perhaps more. Once you arrive to the area, you will be able to catch some extraordinary pictures of the rocks and the sky above.

Secret Sea Cave at the Cabrillo National Monument

The Cabrillo National Monument is situated at the southern tip of Point Loma in San Diego. The track leading up to this cave is quite a challenge, thanks to its jagged and rough landscape. One must furthermore time their trek perfectly to arrive at the cave during the low tide, or else the cave will be flooded. Once you arrive at the cave, the natural elegance surrounding you is simply incredible. You can laze down while soaking the occasional beams of sunlight that pass through, all while relishing a few waves lashing closeby.

If you plan to visit the Faze Rug Tunnel (also known as the Miramar Tunnel) in San Diego, it is important to be prepared and bring the necessary items.

Here are some essential things to consider carrying with you:

1. Flashlight or Headlamp:

The tunnel can be dark and dimly lit, so it is important to bring a flashlight or headlamp to navigate your way through the tunnel.

2. Sturdy and Comfortable shoes:

The tunnel floor can be uneven and slippery, so it is important to wear sturdy and comfortable shoes that provide good traction and support.

3. Protective Gear:

The tunnel is not maintained, and it can be dangerous, so it is important to wear protective gear such as a hard hat, gloves, and goggles to protect yourself from falling debris.

4. First aid kit:

It's always a good idea to bring a small first-aid kit with you, just in case of emergencies or injuries.

5. Water and snacks:

The tunnel can be long, and you may be in there for a while, so it's important to bring water and snacks to stay hydrated and energized.

6. Camera or phone:

The tunnel offers unique and interesting opportunities for photography and videography, so it's a good idea to bring a camera or phone to capture the experience.

7. Identification card:

It's always a good idea to carry identification card with you, in case of emergency.

Check weather conditions before you go, if it's raining or it's going to rain, it's better to avoid visiting the tunnel as it can be dangerous.

 The tunnel can be dangerous, unsecured, and may not be safe to enter. Therefore, it's important to check if the tunnel is open to the public before planning to visit it and if it is, to make sure to be guided by an expert.

The Faze Rug Tunnel is a unique and offbeat destination for those interested in urban exploration, photography, and history. It offers a glimpse into the past and a chance to see a side of San Diego that is not often seen by tourists. It's a destination that combines history, mystery, and adventure all in one place.

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