15 Most Dangerous Places to Travel In The World

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While there are multiple places in the world that would easily uphold as the reflection of utopia, there are others where one is not even recommended to walk owing to mysterious risks that creep in every corner. Here is a list of the most dangerous places in the world that one must NOT travel to. For all the people who are in the mood of having a world tour, then it is advisable to avoid certain places that are proven as the most dangerous places in the world to visit.

International travel is as easy as packing a bag and getting on a plane, enabling people to explore nations all over the world with comfort. While there's forever an extent of danger entailed, the same as you'd encounter in your own town, there are some locations that travellers tend to avoid due to multiple factors. if you're planning on travelling to one of them, be sure to be conscious of the dangers and take reasonable protection. Here's a list of some of the most dangerous ones among them right here. If you are keen on some intense adventure, these places are meant for you.

Most Dangerous Places to Travel In The World

If you weren't informed of all these most dangerous places to travel in the world and had them in your bucket list all this time, you're in for a shock or surprise

Death Road Road

North Yungas Road is recognized as the "Death Road" for all the true reasons that you can reckon. Driving up or down this 43-mile (69-kilometer) switchback is awfully risky because of mist, landslides, waterfalls and cliffs plunging 2,000 feet (610 meters) in each turn. Until 1994, approximately 300 drivers were killed every year, justifying its alias and setting it in the list of the most dangerous places to visit in the world.

The road lengthens distant enough to link the Amazon rainforest to the capital town, encircled by hilly landscape. This implies that traders were not rare to jam into trucks and buses striving to trade their wood and harvests in the region. The hairpin turns, though, were not broad enough for each wagon, further leading many trucks to go down with people and their pursuits.

Mount Washington

Mount Washington is one of the planet's deadliest pinnacles. The pinnacle of Mount Washington wields the world record for the fastest winds on the surface of the planet. Not only intense breezes but the freezing temperatures that can plunge as low as -40 degrees are furthermore a key consideration in this region and that makes Mount Washington a very dangerous place.

Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll was precisely home to multiple nuclear testing projects that turned the beautiful islands into a radioactive wasteland. Putting it in the list of the most dangerous places to travel in the world

Snake Island

There is an island approx. 25 miles off Brazil's shore where no local would ever dare to stroll. There are tales that the last fisherman who wandered too near to his coasts was found drifting in his boat days later, lifeless in a blood pool. The strange island is recognized as Ilha da Queimada Grande, and putting foot there is reportedly so risky that the Brazilian administration has made it unlawful for anyone to travel. The island's danger reaches in the aspect of the golden lancehead snakes, a pit viper species and one of the planet's deadliest snakes. This is definitely one of the most dangerous place on earth.

Lake Natron

Let's not enable the ring of salt marshes along the edge of Lake Natron trick us. This lake is reasonably recognized as one of the most hostile regions on Earth. North Tanzania's Lake Natron glimpses and functions a lot like a lake of fire. The lake's high levels of Natron make its waters corrosive to human skin and eyes, occasionally reaching a ph level of over 12.

The lake furthermore comprises red-colored bacteria, resulting in its unusual pink-red shades. Even if maximum species cannot deal the 120-degree lake water, cyanobacteria have made Natron their dwelling and turned the lake its trademark reds and oranges. Surprisingly, 2.5 million Lesser Flamingos name Lake Natron their dwelling, reckoning that it is one of their merely breeding lands, further making the preservation of the lake an emphasis for the climate.

Sumatra Island

Sumatra Island is a mixture of Mother Nature apexes, endowed with natural magnificence as well as proneness to natural catastrophes. Volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and landslides are widespread headline grabbers for this one of the planet's richest ecosystems. It is among the most dangerous places to travel in the world.


Oymyakon is a tiny town situated in the Oymyakonsky district in Russia. This area is regarded to be one of the most dangerous places because of its severe climatic condition. The extreme temperature makes it difficult for life to sustain in this area. The temperature lowers to as low as -40 degrees Celsius, making it difficult for visitors or travellers to stop by the territory safely as not many can endure this temperature.

Apart from the heat, people do not travel this area as no vegetables are accessible and nothing can be cultivated, so the scarcity of food is another crucial problem. Merely about 500 people have managed to reside in this area and endure the bitter cold.

Death Valley

Death Valley is a desert valley on the California and Nevada perimeter with severe heat. It is recognized as one of the hottest areas across the planet. There are just a few deserts in the Middle East and Africa, reaching peak temperatures during the summer which can bestow competition to the Death Valley. The hottest area on Earth had its hottest month listed in July 2018. The regular temperature, comprising overnight lows, was 108.1F. For four days in a row, the customary highs whack a temperature of 127F, it's the highest listed temperature.

A group of settlers lost here in the winters around 1849-1850 bestowed Death Valley its forbidden title. While just one person died here, as far as people know, they all reckoned this valley would be their cemetery. As the men surged over the Panamint Mountains from the valley, one of the men turned and gazed back, letting out, "goodbye, Death Valley" acquiring its spot in the most dangerous places to travel in the world.

Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast is scattered across the south of Angola to the north of Namibia. It spreads from the Kunene River to the Swakop River. The skeleton coast positions in the list of "the deadliest places on earth" because of it's severe climate, and it gives approximately zero likelihood of survival. The weather, hot winds, and scarcity of food, and water makes it impossible for travellers to explore this silent area.

Apart from severe climatic conditions, the region is crammed with bones of multiple animals, lending a bitter appearance to the location. Apart from natural circumstances, human dangers make it unfit for travellers to explore the location. Definitely, it is among the most dangerous areas on Earth.

Danakil Desert

One of the most uninhabited territories in the World is the Danakil Desert in East Africa. With temperatures that regularly surpass 50C, volcanoes and geysers that emit harmful gas, the Danakil Desert is not an easily accessible area for travel lovers. Your physical health can take a big hit even if you stop there for a brief period of time. This is amongst the weirdest areas across the world.

The most negative consequences arise due to the presence of high concentration of contaminating gases of sulfur in the area. This area is a volcanically active region and on top of that, to increase the danger, the air temperature in the desert rarely plunges below 50 degrees Celsius. Thereby making the Danakil desert one of the most dangerous regions on the planet.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is Earth's highest mountain above sea level, situated in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas. Mount Everest is encountering its fatal climbing season in recent years, with at least 11 people documented dead in 2019.

Gates Of Hell

The Turkmenistan Darvaza Gas Crater is recognized as the "Gates of Hell." It is a natural gas field within an underground cave; Geologists fix it on fire to avoid methane gas from scattering, and it has been burning since 1971. It is situated in the middle of the Karakum Desert, approximately 260 kilometers north of Turkmenistan's capital, near the town of Derweze, Ashgabat.

The gas resource that has been detected here is one of the World's largely widespread natural gasses. Residents bestowed the title "Door to hell" to the region, pertaining to the eruption, simmering mud, and orange flames in the large hole, 70 meters (230 ft) in diameter. The hot places spread across a region 60 meters (200ft) long and approximately 20 meters (66 ft) deep.

North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel island is located in the Andaman Islands and is regarded one of the most dangerous places in the world for travellers to visit. The native people of this area have been abiding in their traditional way and have rejected all feasible ways to connect with the external world. The tribal people living on this island are not used to outside people and if travellers put foot on their island, they see them as a danger and indulge in ordinances of violence.

This is amongst the exotic islands on the earth and captivates globetrotters with its sagas. Another reason why people are consulted not to travel the place because of the protection of the tribal community. They have totally no immunity and travellers can transmit some disease-causing pests and may spread it to the entire population.

Madidi National Park

Madidi National Park is located along the Amazon river in Bolivia and has a region of approximately 19,000 square kilometers. The national park, which is a dense jungle, is replenished with all sorts of flora and fauna, and some of these plant species are harmful and not edible. The jungle is restored with predators owing to which travellers are instructed against exploring the park on their own. The jungle is one of the largest protected regions of the world because it houses highly harmful animals, birds, and plants and bags a spot in the list of most dangerous places to visit on earth.

Our earth is dwelling to multiple wild and dangerous areas settling right alongside the popular tourist destinations where we have often craved to take an excursion. We hope this list of the most dangerous places to travel in the world assists you compose your bucket list better.

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