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A modest village that stood on the outskirts of Delhi, Gurugram's development into a metropolitan city that has spearheaded India's industrial growth has been amazing. With high-speed metro trains, ultra-modern skyscrapers, and speeding race cars, Gurugram has a unique glamour that makes you fall in love with the city. The highly trendy and tech-savvy community is an excellent reflection of the sprawling city full of multi-national companies, IT giants, automobile factories, and corporate offices. Gurgaon is a significant financial and industrial metropolis near New Delhi. It is known for its flourishing infrastructure, rapid urbanization, and economic achievement. As a rapidly growing city, Gurgaon is a representation of a mix between the old and the new. The metropolis has a lot to deliver in terms of fun, leisure, culture, and world-class cuisine.

Here is a list of some of the reasons to visit Gurgaon. Keep scrolling down and read along to know more!

Kingdom Of Dreams

The Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon or Gurugram is India's initial live recreation, leisure, and theatre destination. It is a spectacular structure and it sparkles heartily in the city's Sector 29. Few platforms can match the colourful and lively image of Kingdom of Dreams, India's first live amusement complex. Kingdom of Dreams is popular for featuring rich theatre shows which captivate people with their expressive repertoires, varying from Bollywood musicals to folk performances established on Indian legends. Apart from the two theatre halls, there is a culture and food lane, known as Gully Centre, which offers local delicacies from 14 states of India. It promises to take you on a spiritual and unforgettable journey of the diversified cultures, lifestyles, and traditions of the diverse areas of India.

Cricket culture

Cricket isn't regarded as a 'sport,' but a religion in India. If there is something that unifies together the individuals of India, apart from all diversities in religion and culture, it is the unending admiration towards cricket. There is a tremendous demand for cricket grounds and other sports, especially on weekends, as corporates have taken to sports in a main manner. The citizens just love cricket. As per a rough measure, there are more than 150 well-equipped cricket grounds in the city. This is the only city all over the world where there are so many grounds in one place. They maintain outstanding facilities with the best possible measured grounds.


Delhi has been quickly growing over the last few years, and Gurgaon has been head-on racing with Mumbai and Pune. With rapid urbanization, The nightlife in Gurugram has developed from local diners to fine-dining, thematic pubs, happening clubs and bars, newly established breweries and inns. During the day, it might look like Gurgaon is all about work and business, and more employment and more business. But come night, the metropolis takes on a new look, and the numerous pubs, bars, and nightclubs in Gurgaon come happening with unmatched party vibes. These night hangout zones have a promising ambience and delicious food to cater to the tastes and preferences of all kinds of individuals.


Gurgaon, the millenary city is renowned for its multinational corporations, innumerable malls, and an abundance of the best eateries, serving mouthwatering cuisines from the diverse part of the world. What are most sensational are the evolving trends across cuisines that render the dining experience exceptional. The city's street food panorama is impeccable. Gurgaon is extremely famous for its fine dining restaurants and breweries. But there are also many eating junctions in the millennium city that deliver exceptional street food experience. From eateries to fine dining, Gurgaon has the most mouthwatering food to offer. Some of the Most popular places are Sardaar Jalebi Vaala (Sadar Bazaar), Lajavaab Chaap Express (New Colony), Dilli Light Chur-Chur Naan (Sector-7 Huda Market) and Bombay Best Paav-Bhaji (Sector 4).

Recreational Farms

Tikli village in Gurgaon is a recreational hub for nature lovers and culture vultures. Famous for corporate tours and family getaways, this is one of the best places to stop by in Gurgaon that offers a variety of experiences to its visitors and pampers them with its heartwarming hospitality and services. With the authentic Haryanvi experience the farms would completely light up your mood and encourage you to loosen up. The friendly welcome and the authentic decor offer you the feel of being in rural areas. The entire place is situated on a rural farm which gives it the country feel. Some of the most popular farms are Lohagarh Farms and madhavgarh farm.

Millennium City

Gurgaon is not the Farmers' land anymore. It is a territory of significant and influential businesses, stretching skyscrapers, a junction for start-ups, shopping malls, diners, urbanized lifestyle with numerous clubs and nightlifein a nutshell, everything that Millennials crave. Some of the most popular places are

Cyber Hub

A luxurious socializing centre that fluctuates around food. Whether it's for a celebration, dinner, or just to loosen up with friends in a game parlour, Cyber Hub is the place! It is where ample action occurs in Gurgaon. With an abundance of cosy cafes, diners, and pubs emphasized here, right by one of the city's corporate centres, it is also most visited amongst officer-goers.

Ambience Mall

Ambience Mall is one of the most active places to stop by in Gurgaon, appealing to individuals of all age groups. Whether it's weekend shopping, treating yourself to mouth-watering delights, hitting the cinema, hosting a social event, or just gaming, Ambience Mall caters to all your urges and interests.

Fun N Food Village

The Fun N Food Village in Gurgaon is one of the most exhilarating places to visit. Affiliated with the World Water Park Association of the USA, the Village includes the largest range of water rides and activities in India.

Golf Course Road

Golf Course Road is one of the desired regions in India in representations of real estate with connectivity to major business districts of Delhi & NCR, in addition to effortless accessibility to the airport, restaurants, and five-star hotels.

Gurgaon is a city that has a bunch of alternatives for leisure as well as some popular museums and temples. Now that you know about some of the promising things to do in Gurgaon, be certain you render the maximum of it!

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