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The province of Kerala is a secluded paradise for travellers that are looking for a retreat from the lowly and hustle-clamour of everyday life. The sea breeze of the Arabian Sea shapes the western boundary of the state. The mountain ranges of Western Ghats put down its eastern boundary. This small area of land is otherwise called "God's own country." As a traveller, it can become a perfect location as it offers a natural abundance. For example, you can discover a hill station in Wayanad then you can live on a houseboat inside the backwaters of Kerala, also you can rest on a seashore to finish the circle. Traveller attractions in Kerala will give you an experience that will be etched in your memory for eternity. The travel industry in Kerala all about moving grasslands, rich tea gardens, rough mountains, fragrant zest estates, and bright seashores. With a bunch of travel spots in Kerala including amazing natural miracles, exciting wildlife spots, and bewildering antiquated landmarks, there is something to tempt voyagers, all things considered, subsequently guaranteeing everyone makes some great memories on their get-away. Here you can stroll along the rice paddies of Thekkady and rice estates of Munnar, the secluded paradise of Varkala or meander under a stray waterfall, look in stunningness at the lavish thickets of the national parks, or appreciate a windy evening on a palm-shaded seashore, the coast around in a handmade canoe on the backwaters, or appreciate a visit to a historical monument - when in Kerala, there's no limit to exploring!

Why the world needs to learn from Kerala

Kerala has demonstrated that it is feasible to enhance the quality of life of a population even at low levels of per capita income through creative provisioning of public services in health and education. At the national level, there has occurred an impressive alteration of production potentials accomplished by thoughtful public policy intervention assisted by committed resource mobilisation. With a web of 44 rivers and turquoise blue backwaters, Kerala rests in the lap of nature. This clean and tranquil state lies in the South - Eastern portion of India and is greatly favoured due to its unusual wildlife, herbs, emerald green hill stations and the crystal clear the Arabian Sea along its shore. This is a perfect destination for slow travelling. It is certainly God's own country. Largely recognized for its backwaters and coconuts, here are some facts about Kerala state which every other destination needs to learn from.

Responsible Tourism Initiative

Responsible Tourism Kerala was initiated by the Kerala Tourism department a few years back to boost the Responsible Tourism Initiatives in Kerala. The objective for Responsible Tourism Kerala was enforced with the ambition to utilize tourism in Kerala as a method for the advancement and empowerment of locals through a responsible tourism model, encourage community abiding through homestays, and promoting eco-living drives.

Support Art and Culture

An excursion through Kerala's diverse culture that flows through centuries rooted and adorned by numerous religions, civilisations and trade connections with foreign nations. It is a stroll down the road of history and legacy, appreciating the colourful celebrations, the spirited dance forms, the extraordinary martial arts and the tongue-tingling cuisine that showcase the prosperous and wonderful legacy they inherit.

Cleanest State

According to a census administered by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), Kerala is announced to be the cleanest state of India along with Sikkim. The sole state to have hospitals and banks in every town. Along with prevailing the cleanest state it furthermore delivers essential facilities in every nook. Kerala is the sole state to have delivered banking facilities and hospitals in its secluded localities, thus boosting its overall development.

Environmentally-Conscious Luxury Travel

Going sustainable has become an ongoing trend among nature-loving travellers who yearned for eco-friendly accommodation. Kerala is extremely popular for its exuberant natural surrounding and is home to unusual resorts, which are entirely fabricated to match nature. The eco-friendly resorts of Kerala are situated in refreshingly gorgeous areas of the state; where travellers can appear close to nature along with the essential conveniences.

Wildlife Conservation

There is a volume of famous wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala housing exotic and unique species of flora and fauna. Settled down in the magnificent wildernesses of the grand Western Ghats or Sahyadri Ranges in Kerala are fourteen wildlife sanctuaries and two tiger reserves. Kerala furthermore has six national parks encompassing conserved and endangered species like the Indian Sloth-Bear, Lion-Tailed Macaque, Indian Bison, Bengal Tiger, Nilgiri Tahr etc.

Support Development in Rural Villages

The inspection of what rural inhabitants requirements is often performed in air-conditioned offices with gross misinterpretations. So the objective is then, to allow the community to determine how to utilize the village development budget. This could comprise vocational skills development, waste management, renewable energy initiatives and organic farming, and eventually contributes to the empowerment and sustainable development of the whole town.

Local Plant-Based Cuisine

Multiple locals have become vegan in this state and that leads to numerous homestays and restaurants providing vegan food. Resorts constructed mightily with regional materials, emphasizing dry composting toilets and rainwater harvesting. However, what absolutely puts it apart from other sustainable tourism programs is the emphasis on locally sourced plant-based cuisine. The food delivered here, curries, millets, cashew cheese, lemon cake, kombucha and other mouth-watering delights, are completely plant-based with substantially lower carbon emissions. And no animals are abused in the procedure.

God's own country delivers endless and heart-rending surroundings, lucid emerald backwaters, gorgeous lagoons and a saga of exotic wildlife. This state is certainly heaven to explore!

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