What is Glamping? Best Glamping Destinations in India

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Glamping is an excellent blend of leisure and nature. Unlike conventional camping, it delivers you with every single convenience of home, there is no roughing-it to be carried in our canvas retreats. Luxury glamping is precisely that, getting close to nature without getting covered in it!

The tents, locations, and encompassed features all express an experience you won't locate at home or on a conventional camping trip! A glamping leisure is a one-of-a-kind adventure where you'll get to select an incredibly special accommodation, choose a delightful background, and get ready for the experience of a lifetime, all without giving up on comfort.

Glamping in India has slowly picked up and has been delivering relaxed, plush, and elegant camping establishments to both Indian and international adventure fanatics.

History of Glamping

History of Glamping

Developed from the early 21st Century a desire for UK vacations thrived that rendered a camping experience with a hotel bend. Recognized as 'luxury camping' it shortly became accepted as 'glamping'. People frequently pertain to it as 'posh camping' and 'comfortable camping'.

Due to its quick popular advancement, it encircles an enormous collection of accommodation alternatives encompassing yurts, teepees, treehouses, Shepheard huts, and much more. Extravagance and comfort in amazing locations established in the heart of magnificent charm and privacy. Somewhere you and your family or friends can relish each other's company in a tiny corner of your special paradise.

The Benefits of Glamping

Eco-friendly Holidaying

Ecofriendly Holidaying

Glamping has the amenities of a resort or home, however, is far more environmentally friendly. There's no carbon footprint from electricity, water systems are eco-friendly and all the food and requirements delivered are sourced locally. By preferring a glamping vacation, you are deciding on an environmentally friendly vacation without surrendering the amenities of a better conventional hotel.

Closer to Nature

Glamping benefit- Closer to Nature

Exactly like conventional camping, if you're attracted to it you clearly wish to encounter life closer to nature, without really becoming a part of it! Glamping enables you to achieve just that. You can have a vacation experience that carries you into the wild, experiencing your close environment with the wonderful living creatures we share our world with every day but rarely observe or express upon.

Quality Time

Quality Time in glamp

When you take yourself away from the normality of mundane life and share that occasion with others without modern technology, we naturally become closer. You laugh better than you would commonly, you share feelings and talk to each other extra than regular. Being outside and being surrounded by loved ones will provide the excellent stimulus to be closer with each other.

New Adventures

New Adventures while Glamping

Exploring is a natural human desire greatly if you're glamping with children. A glamping vacation will allow doing exactly that in a protected environment but within one restored with an adventurous chance. The amusement is in camps. Experience nature while being in a protected and serene environment.

Camping vs glamping: Know the difference

Camping vs glamping

Camping lets one grasp and enjoys the sanctity of nature to the greatest. Quality time spent in the lap of nature encircled by your loved ones is an incredible and soothing way to create memories. Also recognized as "Traditional Camping", camping is proud of delivering its visitors with adequate experiences in the rawest and purest shape.

On the other hand, Glamping, a blend of glamorous accommodations and camping manners, delivers its visitors with the adequate of both kingdoms. This encompasses luxurious lodgings for convenience amid nature to acquire peace and calmness, and not to forget, a whole bunch of recollections

Places For Glamping In India

Glamping experiences are equally remarkable, fascinating, serene, and invigorating in all landscapes, be it deserts, valleys, or mountains. To persuade your travel party, let's look at some of the promising glamping destinations in India.

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 

Jaisalmer glamp

This will certainly be a fascinating experience for you. Jaisalmer, the bordering district of Rajasthan has a vast span of the Thar Desert along the western portion of the city. A conventional Jaisalmer journey encompasses stay not merely in traditional haveli hotels but furthermore in luxury camps in the desert. It is a must-have experience if you desire to experience Jaisalmer like never before.

Bundi, Rajasthan 

Bundi, Rajasthan  glamping

Nature and bird lover's utopia, Bundi and its lake region is a prominent glamping destination in Rajasthan, Bundi is an incredible hamlet situated around 36 kilometers from Kota. Specked with forts and castles, the location has a fairy tale mood about it. Bundi's elegance lies in its landscape, encompassed by gardens of orange, guava, pomegranate, and mango trees, flanked by the Aravalli range and streams and covered by meadows of cotton, barley, and wheat.


Ladakh glamps

An enchanting destination for glamping in India, Ladakh is the most popular among travel fanatics and adventure enthusiasts. The alpine snow desert background and fascinating beauty of pristine landscapes offer some of the promising travel experiences and tales forever. Extravagance in the rigorous landscapes of Ladakh is next to discovering water in a desert. Fancy glimmers, comfortable beds, and portaloos, Ladakh glamps can give any glamping lover a lifetime experience.

Wayanad, Kerala

Kerala glamp

Wayanad is all about a wonderful and soothing journey to the backwaters of Kerala. Dwelling in the houseboats is quickly going to be passed. The captivating luxury camp stays amidst nature with all modern facilities like air-conditioned camps and much more have redefined vacations in the backwaters of Kerala.


Goa glamps

Goa is super leisure and if you are striving for luxury camping in India then this location is the go to place. Goa is not merely about beach entertainment, parties, nightlife, water sports, feni, and seafood. The festivity capital has this unique dimension where luxury resides in the camps by the ocean. Ain't it fascinating to sleep while the waves sound in the background of luxurious camps ample of all luxuries that one could think of.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand glamps

White river rafting in Rishikesh is clearly incomplete if the accommodation is not in the super astonishing camps on the riverside. It's not merely the modern conveniences but furthermore the entertainment and exhilaration of spending the night close to nature under the stars. Owing to the tremendous popularity of the destination, Rishikesh is very famous as a glamping place near Delhi.

Above all, it's the incredible locations, immersion in wild spots, and getting back to nature that attracts people to sleep under the stars. And it's the amenity and comfort of glamping that puts it worlds apart from traditional camping. It doesn't imply that you're too posh to tune if you relish some comforts in the Wilderness. It just implies that at the end of your glamping vacation you'll feel completely soothed and pleased.

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