Wandering Maniac- Raw Adventurer and Unusual Traveller from India

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Vishnu (Wandering Maniac) is one of the few travellers from India who travelled to more than 7 countries with minimum budgets. He's a traveler, explorer, and YouTuber. He creates videos of his traveling experiences which include travel with the least money spent and travel to the places where most people avoid traveling to. Vishnu uses minimum or no cost travelling from one place of the country to another and also shares his journey through his YouTube videos.

Vishnu's dream is to break stereotypes and actually wants to know how beautiful these countries are that everybody avoids traveling to. He also says that it's not the destinations which exhilarate him to travel, but the People does and furthermore says most of the time where people don't consider traveling are the destinations you experience the best people. According to him the best way to know the local people is to Travel locally, take public Bus, Metro, trains, stay at Locals Home, and eat local homemade Food as how other people of that country do. He calls himself an extreme traveller and is aiming to change the perspectives of people on misunderstood destinations.

Wandering Maniac's Travelling Experience

From Jan 2019, Vishnu has chosen travelling as his full-time career. He also shares his experience of travelling through his vlogging videos on Social media and YouTube. His unconditional love for travelling made him travel to some most dangerous places including Iran, Afghanistan, and more than 7+ countries. His first vlog was from Coorg, Karnataka on 9 Jan 2019 followed by next from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He is one of few travelers that have travelled to Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Iran, Djibouti, and Somalia. His travel includes only raw and real content without beautifying the life or culture of the places he visits. Vlogs of Vishnu are certainly bliss to watch and make the one watching feel part of that destination as if it's not only a virtual journey but a real one. Right now, Vishnu has more than 122k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Wandering Maniac's Travelling Expenses Management

He uses minimum expenses on everything possible. Vishnu uses Hostels, Dormitories, local stays, Couch surfing services for Accommodation and staying in any new country. Vishnu's mode of travelling includes hitchhiking, taking lifts from strangers and public transports, trains, and everything cheapest. He creates videos of his traveling experiences which include travel with the least money spent and travel to the places where most people avoid traveling to. This way of travel has given him amazing experiences, and memories for a lifetime.

Wandering Maniac's Interests

Vishnu is an adrenaline Junkie who loves adventures on his expeditions. As he calls himself an extreme traveler and he is trying to change opinions on misunderstood places. He prefers visiting offbeat destinations where very few people have been. His videos are raw and beautiful that picture the real-life and culture of places he visits. He focuses on capturing the real culture and probably the raw stories, interactions with locals, and adventures that you hardly get to see anywhere else.If you love to watch adventures and like to discover a different perspective of life then you should surely follow him. He has been travelling for many years, documenting his excursions across YouTube and Instagram. One of his key centers is exploring lesser-visited places of the world.

He believes in travel that is sustainable, community-oriented, and emphatic. He believes in engulfing himself in different societies, living with local individuals, and attempting to comprehend the way they live and work. He thinks this is the sort of travel that assists him with making a small difference in the world, challenges him in positive ways, and assists him with growing an individual. He wants to break stereotypes and says the World is way more safe and peaceful than you listen in the news and media irrespective of whether it is Africa, the Middle East, or the nation you fright the most about. The country you feel has all terrorists similarly wishes to live in peace and wish their family members to return back home. Peace is what everyone wants. He manages Social media platforms to motivate young people to get out of their comfort zones and discover different cultures, places, and wonders. He's an adventurous person not scared of taking risks and making his desires come true by working hard. All these experiences help him in understanding the local culture and becoming a part of every destination he has been to. Everyone should think about their effect on the environment and learn from such people.

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