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Land of natural beauty and spirituality, Uttarakhand is a Himalayan state of North India, popularly known as Devbhumi (or the Land of the Gods). It is a place that not only boasts of a majestic view of the Himalayas but also shows a cultural picture which recites of peaceful coexistence with nature.

Uttarakhand is a famous pilgrimage location, as it is the originating place of the Ganga and the Yamuna, two of the holiest rivers for Hindus. Uttarakhand is home to the Char Dhams, the four most divine sites of pilgrimage worshipped by the Hindus - Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. Many religious tourists travel to Uttarakhand every year to pay tribute to the Char Dhams.

But we humans are destroying nature for our greed. This beautiful state has experienced some horrible calamities. Most recent is the flood in Chamoli. The Avalanche that happened in Uttarakhand, Chamoli at Reni village was extremely frightening. Everybody is saying that the Rishi Ganga power project got demolished. Rishi Ganga power project was going on under the Nanda Devi biosphere which from environment prospective is a sensitive zone. From the news report, it's been said that it's not the first calamity that arose at the power project but there have been many minor disasters encountered by the inhabitants of Reni village. Reni village was the foundation of the Historic Chipko movement.

It is said that the under the power project the workers were using dynamite, and not disposing of the waste properly. The inhabitants expressed that they were encountering earthquake effects because of the blasting and the power project made their town environmentally fragile.

If we are doing dynamites blastings at the mountains and are demolishing our biodiversity in the label of development projects but ultimately we all saw what we got in return. It is very dangerous and needs to be addressed properly.

It's high time we realize the damage we are causing to nature and start changing our actions. The planet is suffering from our actions. It is so disheartening that we are damaging the nature that is our means of survival. Changes need to be made soon to preserve mother earth. Save mother earth it's the only home we have. 

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