Ultimate Travel Guide to the Town of Maharaja Chhatrasal- Panna

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Panna is a city located in the state of Madhya Pradesh and carries a fortune of historical importance. A former Gond territory, Panna is a tiny city in the heart of the nation, which boasts of prevailing the exclusive city with diamond reserves. The diamonds of this place, though not world grade in quality and clearness, are popularly auctioned off by the District Magistrate at the end of each month. Panna is furthermore most notably recognized for the Panna National Park which is a world heritage site and an important endeavor towards wildlife conservation in India.

The city furthermore carries a fortune of religious significance for the Hindus. This place is moreover popular for the temple of Padmavatipuri Dham, which is a paradise for believers, or the several fascinating tales of the Bundela rajas. Another reason that this place is prominent is for the tale of the peripatetic sage Mahamati Prannath and his disciples, who on entering Panna realized the meaning of the awakening of one's spirit. It is reckoned that the Mahamati chose to take his Samadhi in Panna after having spent eleven years here along with his followers.


Tale has it that the Pandavs of Mahabharat spent a decent portion of their exile here in the jungles of the Panna National Park. This was centuries ago, but even now the park territory captivated every kind of travellers. The park was the private hunting area of the royal household of Panna. After independence, the park was acknowledged as a wildlife sanctuary. It is in the year 1981 that this park was acknowledged as a National Park and presently it captivates the interest of wildlife lovers in enormous volumes.

Places to Visit

Pandava Falls and Caves

Situated within the territory of the Panna National Park, as the title indicates this location is where the Pandavas pursued shelter during their exile. Legend aficionadi are mostly captivated by this place. This locale is certainly going to leave you in amazement, with the cascades, the deep lake, and the dense green surroundings making it an excellent location for your meeting with peace.

Diamond Mines

Diamond Mines

Asia's largest and sole active diamond mine is located in Madhya Pradesh due to this it is furthermore recognized as treasure land. An excursion to the Panna diamond mine will answer all the secrets about diamond mining. The Majhagaon diamond mine is scattered over a territory of a 50 km belt.

Panna National Park

The Panna National Park is the 22nd tiger reserve of India and the 5th in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Recognized globally for its abundant wildlife and avifauna, the national park surrounds an area of approximately 542.67 km square. The Panna Tiger Reserve was acknowledged as the best-regulated and conserved national park of the nation by the Ministry of Tourism of our country, and accordingly, it was Awarded in the year 2007 for the same. The park is popular for its enticements like wild cats, comprising tigers as well as deer and antelope. It is furthermore a dwelling for additional than 200 species of birds.

Raneh Falls and the Ken crocodile Sanctuary

The Raneh Falls are formed when the Ken river plunges from the ravines of the Rewa Plateau approx. 20 km from Khajuraho. The Ken Crocodile sanctuary is in the area of the Raneh Falls itself. Furthermore One can discover the exquisite Gharials, chinkaras, peacocks, and blue bulls over here.

Jugal Kishoreji Temple

This is the most significant Hindu Temple in the city of Panna. The design of the temple is motivated by the conventional Bundela temple technique. It is speculated that a pilgrimage of the 4 Dhams is regarded incomplete, if it does not conclude with a visit of this Temple.

Mahamati Prannathji Temple

The spot where the peripatetic sage Mahamati Prannath and his followers, who on entering Panna realized the meaning of the awakening of one's spirit. Established in 1692, this building is prompted from both Hindu and Muslim architectural techniques and notions. The primary enchantment of this temple is a circular construction with nine marble domes named Guru Gummatji. Eight of these domes symbolize the eight directions and central dome has a divine golden Kalash.

Padmavati Devi or Badi Devi Temple

This is another temple that carries a fortune of historical importance bestowed to the knowledge that it is speculated that Goddess Padmavati is the guardian of the prosperity and contentment of Panna. This is furthermore the location that Mahapati Chhatrasal approve of as his Raj Lakshmi.

Baldeoji Temple

The Baldeoji Temple has been prompted by Roman architecture and retains a gothic sense to it. The temple comprises a vast hall named maha mandapa with enormous pillars and is constructed on an elevated location so that one may acquire a glimpse of it even from outside the primary entrance. The outstanding portrayal of Shri Baldeoji is designed in black shaligrami stone. Baldeoji temple is one of the wonderful buildings in the region and symbolizes the heights that Panna architecture has achieved.

How to Reach Panna

How to Reach Panna

Though a prominent traveller destination, not many alternatives are available to reach Panna directly.

By Air - The closest airport is at Khajuraho at a distance of approximately 57 km. There are everyday Alliance Air flights to Delhi, Mumbai, and Varanasi from Khajuraho.

By Rail - Satna, at a distance of approximately 90 km, is the closest railway station. It is an important railway intersection and is linked to multiple locations in central and western India, the greater significance of them being Mumbai at a distance of 1,540 km.

By Road - The closest bus stand here is Panna that is linked to Khajuraho and multiple other locations in Madhya Pradesh by a decent road network. Madla, at a distance of approximately 24 km southwest of Khajuraho, is a nice transport center. One can get buses and different road transport means from here to the Panna National Park.

Best Time to Visit

November to March is the best time to explore Panna. Summers in this city are excruciatingly heated, and the temperatures rise to nearly 45 degrees Celcius, which is not quite favorable for a delightful break. Winters are comparatively cooler and besides fascinating. It is specifically suggested to explore this location during March because that is when you would get to observe the wildlife at Panna National Park.

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