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Uttarakhand an elegant Himalayan gem is bound to amuse your adventurous perspective, with its vast landscape, spectacular perspectives, and pure splendour. From Jim Corbett National Park to the valley of flowers, from the Dhams of Badrinath, Kedarnath & sacred locations of Rishikesh, Haridwar, to the abundances of exciting adventure activities comprising river rafting, bungee jumping, multiple treks and even skiing around the territory, Uttarakhand has it all. Uttarakhand is an expedition treasure for the traveller's soul, beckoning you to reach to explore. If you truly wish to unite with yourself, with nature and discover your center of serenity, you need to go out in nature and experience it. Trekking is one of the best retreats from a life that rewards you with some of the most spectacular perspectives in this world.

Commonly recognized as DevBhoomi, precisely "Land of Gods," Uttarakhand is a heaven when it comes to beginner-level treks. The most fascinating aspect of the adventure is that it isn't crowded. A relatively small amount of travellers are long-term trekkers. And amplify to that the benefit of Uttarakhand prevailing an off-beat destination. This state has some incredible beginner treks which you effortlessly conquer while having the best time of your life. You get to watch the sunrises before everyone else. If you are a beginner in trekking, haven't climbed any mountains yet, don't you fear there are many beginner-level treks in Uttarakhand which you can do in an exceptionally short time.

These are some of the best treks for beginners

Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba is one of the simplest treks out there. This is the primary option of multiple beginner trekkers as it is very short as well. You can complete this trek over the weekend, on a small break from your work life. The Nag Tibba peak is at an elevation of 9,915 feet, and there are three directions to arrive at this summit. The trek starts from the village of Panthwari which is situated at a distance of 85 km from the town of Dehradun. The trek carries you through the forested regions and en route, you will get to watch the Bandarpoonch mountain, Gangotri group of elevations and also a magnificent spectacular perspective of the Doon city.

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is an incredible winter trek that carries you to the snow-covered mountain of Kedarkantha, located at an elevation of 12,500 feet. The trek begins at the Gaichawan Gaon which is about 180 km away from the city of Dehradun. The whole trek stays snow-covered from December till April and becomes even more glorious. The trek carries you through pine trees with snow-clad broad terraces in between. From the mountain, you can see the Dhauladhar range, Chasil Pass, Rupin valley and the Har ki Dun valley and along the path you also get a glance at the regional way of life.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal trek is a gorgeous trek that brings you to Dayara Bugyal, one of the highest ranges in Uttarakhand located at an elevation of 11,100 feet. You will locate here shepherds feeding their herd and magnificent perspective of the Gangotri peaks, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag and Shrikhand Mahadev peaks. The trek starts from Raithal and carries you through well-defined jungle passages of rhododendron and oak trees. It begins snowing here in December, and one can locate this snow even till mid-April. The range is certainly a spectacle to sore eyes with rays of the sun falling on it and elegant colourful blossoms stretch across it. You can likewise go on this trek during winters when everything is coated in a layer of snow.

Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek

Deoriatal is a gorgeous trek that brings you through colourful rhododendrons, diversified jungle passages and patches of snow. The jungle passages are the most intriguing element about this trek as they are either at periods dense or moss-covered paths of pine, oak and maple trees. The trek starts at Sari which is an 8- hour drive away from Haridwar. It runs along the Deoriatal lake and ultimately carries you to the Chandrashila peak located at the elevation of 12,083 feet. The Chandrashila peak delivers an astonishing perspective of the Garhwal and Kumaon region and mountains like Nanda Devi, Trishul, Gangotri ranges, etc. You can deliver your devotions at the Tungnath temple and then relax at the pe2ak and gaze at the sunrise. To watch the glorious rhododendrons in full bloom, visit during the spring season.

Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of Flowers, as the term indicates is a trek that finishes at a valley of wildflowers in full bloom scattered across a territory of 87.50 square km. This trek is regarded as a delightful trek and ideal for beginners as well as photography fanatics. The trek was found out by the mountaineer Frank Smith in 1931 and has stood recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. The valley is located at an elevation of 3,658 meters in Bhyundar Valley in Chamoli district. The trek starts at Govind Ghat and the elevation to the valley is relatively manageable. On this trek, you will get to observe an assortment of flora and fauna like Musk deer, Himalayan Black Bear, and various birds and butterflies. The summit perspective of the glamorous wildflowers in full bloom and the delightful fragrance of nature will be a prize for your efforts.

Dodital Trek

Titled after the Himalayan trout Dodi, the Dodital Trek is extremely stunning in the region of Uttarakhand. It is located at an elevation of 9,921 feet and is a must-do trek for nature lovers. The trek starts from the Sangam Chati town and runs through pine, oak, rhododendron trees, gorgeous tracks, and the Dodital Lake and Dwarf Pass top. This trek can be explored at any period of the year, but during winters you will discover the lake frozen, which is also a panorama worth observing. En route, you will earn a spectacular perspective of the Dhauladhar range and appear across a diversified terrain and an assortment of flora and fauna like Brown Fronted Woodpecker, Himalayan Babbler, Red-Billed Blue Magpie, etc. This trek is an incredible way to be acquainted with trekking.

Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun is an extraordinary trek for beginners and has furthermore been called the stairway to paradise. The Har Ki Dun pinnacle is located at an elevation of 11,768 feet and offers magnificent perspectives of the Swargarohini group of mountains, Bandarpoonch, and Black peak. The trek starts from the town of Sankri and runs through the Govind National Park. It goes along the Supin river and en route, you will encounter some historical towns, speculated to be around 3000 years old. The Har ki Dun valley is steeped in legend as it is acknowledged that the Pandavas took this trail when they ascended to heaven and had thus been titled the 'Valley of Gods'. On this trek, you will get to wander through coniferous and deciduous trees and might moreover arrive across wild animals like musk deer, golden eagles, etc.

Patna Waterfall Trek

Patna Waterfall is a rather unexplored waterfall in Rishikesh where nature lovers like to reach and spend some period in solitude amidst nature. It is called after the Patna town located nearby and is also spectacular for limestone caves situated next to the waterfall. The waterfall appears alive during the monsoon season when there is dense greenery all around the water which pours along the rocky hill inclines and gives rise to a panoramic landscape to seize with your camera. Patna waterfall is situated at a distance of 13 kilometers from the Rishikesh Railway station and 6.5 km from the Laxman Jhula. Patna village is the closest habitat to Patna waterfall. It is situated 3 km after Garud Chatti waterfall on the Neelkhant Temple path. It's a very short yet beautiful and worth visiting trek. Travellers have to trek for 1 km to arrive at the waterfall.

Trekking is an amazing way to unwind and likewise is good for your health as you get to stroll through lengthy spans of jungles, drink water literally from the origin and gulp on some healthy nourishing food. These beginner treks are an excellent way to familiarise yourself with the realm of trekking and earn some experience.

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