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With dazzling beaches, a rich culture, antiquated legacy structures, and grand temples, India will certainly be one of the world's most exciting destinations. It's no big surprise, that this nation has created a whole host of exploring travel writers who are taking on the world each blog post at a time.

Since the time of its origin, Instagram has been made like the ideal stage for individuals keen on photography, especially landscape or travel photography and other bloggers. Over the years these individuals who began with simply an Instagram account proceeded to become travel influencers in their own specialty/class. The travel industries in India have shown huge development and thanks to reasonable airfares and better connectivity more and a bigger number of Indians are traveling these days than they ever did.

Here is a list of amazing Indian travel influencers

Divyakshi Gupta QuirkyWanderer (Divsigupta)

Divyakshi Gupta is a Travel Blogger & content creator. She says that she loves to travel, and loves talking about travel too! Primarily if it includes meeting, mentoring, and sharing travel stories with a lot of fellow explorers. She has been organizing travel talks and workshops in Mumbai related to travel, blogging, writing, photography, and much more. She says that while growing up frequent road trips with her parents made her fall in love with road travel, with rural India, its diversity, and its people. She always respected differences, valued simplicity, and found beauty in the ordinary. But most of all she fell in love with India. The Quirky Wanderer is a travel writer, door lover, a story writer, and part-time social media consultant. In 2016, she became the first Indian travel blogger to be featured by WordPress Discover and have been featured by Storypick, Holdify, Thrillophilia, Tripoto, Indian express, Deccan Chronicle, Mid-day, and Asian age. She regularly conducts workshops on Travel blogging, travels photography in Mumbai, and has given several Travel talks as well, including a Photography session in the Photographic Society of India.

Aakanksha Monga

Aakanksha Monga, currently 22, hailing from an Army background, has never set her feet in just one place. She's a finance expert who works in consulting. She is also a travel storyteller, passionate writer, and avid doodler and is crazy about nature. She loves people, working, changing a little with every experience, and never adhering to a single definition. She cherishes exploring each and every spot from a different lens. She knows how to explore places and experiences from a different lens. Be it a lake that people didn't even know of before putting it out on Instagram or as mundane as Humayun's tomb. Professionally she works at a management consulting firm; spiritually, she's employed by mother nature. Traveling, moving from one place to another; meeting new people, getting to know more cultures, being exposed to different ideas, different thoughts is what gets her ticking and going. She loves exploring offbeat places and sharing information with the world so that everyone can enjoy and visit the places.

Srishti Tehri (@srish_teee)

Srishti Tehri is a 25-year old traveler and also a YouTuber. Documenting her astonishing travels on Instagram and different platforms, Srishti's profile is an entryway to the universe of vividness. She has traveled to a large number of Indian places like Kashmir, Ranthambore, Udaipur, and others. She is a solo traveler and an active promoter of dog welfare, Srishti is the co-founder of PetPipers. PetPipers gives all grooming services (speaking of which, you can customize as per your pet's requirements!), regardless of whether it's a quick bath or a hairstyle, a tick wash, or dental floss, all in the comfort of clients homes. They also train your pet to be calmer, more obedient, and responsive. They offer a collection of spaces (cage-free only) in different areas in NCR, for boarding your pet, while you're away so you can be certain your pet's in good hands. She is also co-founder of Artisans of Banjara. Their goal is to bring the art of local Indian artisans to buyers across the country using the Internet. At Artisans of Banjara, they attempt to give these artisans a reasonable price for their work and build a long sustainable business that will fill in to act as an example for different markets in India.

Vishnu saha ( vishnu.saha28 )

Vishnu creates videos of his traveling experiences which include travel with the least money spent and travel to the places where most people avoid traveling too. If you love to watch adventures and love to learn a different perspective of lives then you should definitely follow him. He loves breaking stereotypes and actually wants to know how beautiful these countries are that everybody avoids traveling to. He also says that it's not the places which excite him to travel, but the People does And also says most of the time where people don't consider traveling are the places you experience the best people. According to him the best way to know the local people is to Travel local, take public Bus, Metro, trains, stay at Locals Home, eat local homemade Food as how other people of that country does. He calls himself an extreme traveler and is trying to change opinions on misunderstood places.

Sayan Nath (sayannath)

Sayan Nath is a biker, traveler, photographer, videographer, and explorer. Traveling along the lengths & breadths of the country, meeting people of India, and documenting all that comes along is what he loves doing. He went on a journey of 6500km to Bhutan by bike. He's an adventurous person not afraid of taking risks and making his wishes come true by working hard. If you are biking enthusiastic go and follow him you will be amazed by his content. He believes that Motorcycle Adventure trips are all about being vulnerable. Different from other travel like backpacking or Overlanding, a motorcycle trip has its own spirit. It's about giving your days riding on a couple of inches of rubber and bring in some adventure roads to it, it's simply soul challenging. He says it's about being vulnerable on the road and being open about anything happening at any time. He often travels to offbeat places and tribes.

MAAHEEN S (hitchhiking. nomad)

MAAHEEN is a young traveler, explorer, and YouTuber. He is currently in Maharastra and traveling on a low budget and hitchhiking. He is on the journey to travel 16 states on a low budget and mostly by hitchhiking. He says that Hitchhiking taught him a lot of things mainly patience, you get to meet a lot of people and make lots of friends. He believes that the world is an amazing place and wishes to explore it. He is on a solo journey but invites people interested to travel with him through social media. This way of travel has given him amazing experiences, memories, and friends for a lifetime.

These are a few amazing traveler influencers and you should definitely follow them to be a part of their journey.

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