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Hello, everyone welcome back. I hope you are fine. After reading this title you may know that today we discussed the top 10 smart city in India. So, in this post, we discuss different cities which are a huge help in developing county of India. Also, help that which city have popular things and how much things they will provide in India to improve development India.

As we know that India is a developing county. There are lots of cities that are mega cities in India. Some cities are very popular worldwide also. So, let's start our main topic which is the top 10 smart cities in India. Below we provide a whole list that can give you a brief overview of these cities and you gather information.

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List of the Top 10 Smart City in India:

First, below you find the list of top 10 smart city in India. But in the list, you might have different points of view in this list. So, you can change the list according to your point of view.











Now if you are from India then you know all these different cities in India. And, first which are Delhi is also a union territory. But we considered for this article Delhi is city. So, compromised, and let's first discuss Delhi and know the best thing about Delhi.


Basically, Delhi is a Union territory of India. Delhi is located in the Northern part of India. Situated at the Yamuna River bank which is the second-longest river in India. Delhi is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. That's why Delhi is in the first position on our top 10 city in India list. In India, Delhi contributes in different sectors like handloom, IT sector, fashion, textile and, electronic, etc.

Total Delhi population is 16,787,941 and total area is 1,484 kms. If we go in history Delhi is most important in India. All of big name which are we hear in history then all are want to Delhi. Because who have Delhi, they have almost part of India. In Delhi there are different people with different language are routinely speaking like Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and, English. In Delhi there are most of tourism place which attract the tourism like Nature and Parks, Education Institute and, etc. In Delhi there are total 11 district include and as we said Delhi is the fastest growing city in the world. As Delhi is the capital of India so most of headquarters and government office and their work are done in Delhi. So, Delhi is now continuously growing and still in development phase.


Another best city of India and the most valuable city in India is Mumbai. Mumbai is the capital of the Maharashtra. If you are live in Mumbai then you can know that why we add this city in second place of our top 10 smart city in India. In Mumbai there are total seven island with different areas includes. Which are below.






Old Women's Island

This all island is very popular at the time of the Ashoka. In India Mumbai is very expensive city. As well as Mumbai city is many of dreams to work there with very best life settle. Most of celebrity of Bollywood also live there like Amitabh Bachchan, Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan, and etc. In Mumbai very famous business man who is Mukesh Ambani live there. Stock Exchange of Mumbai is the biggest Stock Exchange of India. Another, worldwide famous things are the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport which has ISO 9000 certificate.

Let's dive in history of Mumbai. At the starting of the Mumbai this is the biggest port and also, we can say that it is the enter gate of India. The biggest hotel is Taj hotel which are also very famous of India. Estimation GDP is provided by Mumbai is India is US$277.980 Billion. So, as in percentage there are 6.16% GDP are added by Mumbai in India.


Another smart city of India is Kolkata and it is the capital of the West Bengal. As well as Kolkata is former capital of British India. Kolkata is nearly in Hugli River bank. Kolkata is most famous city in different reason like they have the busiest bridge which is Howdah Bridge. We ca add this Kolkata in one of the largest city with its major ports in India. Kolkata name is come from the former name of the Calcutta. Total are of the Kolkata is 1,380 square kms. As well as population of Kolkata in 2011 is 4,486,679.

In Kolkata there are different types of people lives like Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs, Jain, and Buddhist. But the former language of Kolkata state is Bengali. In Kolkata there are different festival also they are celebrating like Holi, Durga Pooja, etc. But most famous festival is Durga Pooja and people are celebrating with very joyfully and at that time Kolkata are at another level of state.

In India, Kolkata provides $150.1 billion GDP. Because now at this time in Kolkata is developing face in Manufacturing, as well as they also produced like Coal, Manganese, Petroleum, and, tea. Also, main point in Kolkata is Unemployment rate is continuously decreasing.


Diamond city Surat. As name suggest it's the most popular and most developed city in India. Surat is located at the wester part of India in Gujarat. And we all are know the history of Gujrat. Gujarat is most famous for their Jalebi and Fafda as well as their businessman ship. Surat is developing city and as above we said that it is a diamond city because out of 10 diamond 7 or 8 diamond polish in Surat. So, we can say in world there are total 92% diamonds are polish and cutting in India.

Now, at this time Surat are going to be big Diamond Bourse. First, it will locate in Mumbai but now it will shift to Surat and currently working in progress. In Surat the daughter of Sun which are known as Surya Putri Tapi river is pass and Surat is also known as a Karna Bhumi who are based on the Karna who are the son of Surya. There are lots of different work are working in Surat like Surat is also most famous for Saree as well as Jari business. In Surat textile is also in the progress.

Now, if we talk about some top places which you might be go for the trip which are Hajira, Sardar Patel Museum, and, Dandi, etc. There is also different beach are you can see in Surat which we are gives below.

Suvali Beach

Ubharat Beach

Gopi Talav

Ukai Dem on Tapi

Dumas Beach

In history, Surat is known as a Enter Gate of Makkah. So, if you want to go Makkah in history then you can go from Surat. So, at this point we can consider that Surat is one of the famous ports in history. Let's talk GDP of Surat. So, in Gujarat Surat is highest GDP provide city. And in India Surat gives around $57 billion. Now very soon Surat is known as Diamond capital of India.


Another city which are well know in India is Hyderabad. Hyderabad is South Central city of Indian is Telangana. Now, if you want to find best city is technology then this Hyderabad is best for in this field. Hyderabad is the largest and most populated city of Telangana. First, Hyderabad was the capital of Andhra Pradesh from 1956 to 2014. But after divide Andhra Pradesh in 2014 and Hyderabad is redesigned as Telangana State. Hyderabad have total 650 km2.

Hyderabad is located at the Musi River. Hyderabad city is famous for the pearls as well as upcoming projects related to the metropolis. Now Hyderabad is developing under the seven rulers. In Hyderabad one of the most Golkonda Kingdom are very popular based on that the history is connected with that. Hyderabad is also known as Nawab's city and still it is also called as a Nawab's city.

If we see the History of Hyderabad then when India is independent then Hyderabad's nizam rejected to join Hyderabad in our India. But our prime minister who is Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel they want to Hyderabad in India. And he start one mission which is known as POLO mission. And this is the first mission who is invaded by our Indian Armed Force and after that Hyderabad nizam sign in the standstill agreement after that Hyderabad is added in our India.

Now at last Hyderabad share their total US$74 Billion GDP in India. Let's talk about some places which attract the tourism one of the best places is Charminar, Salar Jung Museum, etc.


Madras city which is Chennai. Chennai is the capital of the Tamin Nadu. Chennai city is known as a Gateway of the South India. Till that we complete our top 10 smart city of India which are best but you can change arrangement according to your preference. Chennai is also known as Oldest modern city. Total are of Chennai city is 426 km2.

In History short name of Chennai is Madras where Portuguese start their company which is British East India. This Madras city is developed without any plan in 17-th century. But in Chennai we can see large temple which are constructed in the Dravidian style. In Chennai there are total 600+ temples of Hindus and most of the temple dedicated the lord, Shiva. So, at the north side of India we can see that the importance of Temple is increase.

But after 1990s, the Software engineering as well electronic manufacturing increase growth of Chennai. After many foreign countries invest and also construct their offices. Now only in Software and Electronic there are other most famous industries in Chennai is developed like rubber, iron and steel, fertilizer, raw cotton, leather, automobiles and etc.

Chennai provides nearly US$78.6-86 billion GDP in India which are not bad. Let's talk about tourism place in Chennai which is Mamallapuram Shore Temple, Saint George, Kapaleeswarar Temple, etc.


Pink city Jaipur which is the capital of Rajasthan. Jaipur is the 10th most populated city in India. Jaipur is also known as the Paris of the India. Jaipur is the part of the north western part of India. Jaipur is especially famous for their tourism. Because in Jaipur there are lots of tourism place which attract the tourist and due to dominate of their house colour Jaipur is known as a Pink City. Jaipur is one of the earliest design city in India.

Let's take deep dive into the history of the Jaipur. Basically, all of Rajasthan city have their own identity in history because most of very powerful man which is Maharana Pratap from Rajasthan. Jaipur city is roughly between Alwar and Ajmer. Jaipur is founded in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh and whole city is surrounded by hills. But main Jaipur is being popular in late of the 20s and it's the city of Rajput. In Jaipur you can see the mix population of Hindu and Muslim.

Jaipur is known for their beauty and tourism. We can say that Jaipur is the home of World Heritage Site of UNESCO. There are lot's place for tourism but I only provide who is the best and you must visit their like Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal, Albert Hall Museum, Jaigarh fort, Birla mandi and much more. Jaipur provide nearly Rs. 1,22,140 crores GDP in India. And still it is increase.


Bangalore city is the capital of Karnataka. Bangalore is officially known as Bengaluru. Bangalore is the largest city of the India state of Karnataka. In this city there are different language speaking like Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. We can say that Bangalore is the IT hub of India. Now Bangalore is the largest developing country in India. And also, in the economical growth as well. In 2006 Bengaluru officially changed their name Bangalore. Total are of Bangalore is 741 km2.

I can't find much history of Bangalore because growth of this country is on the pick. And also, main advantage of that their employment rate is increase because there are lots of big companies invest them. There are big companies like ISRO, Wipro, Infosys headquarters open and other companies are started their work and as we said above that Bangalore is now become the IT hub many of you have dreams to go their and settle. Now, as become the fastest growing city Bangalore have hundreds of companies like Technology, Software and Telecommunication companies now it become the Silicone Valley.

Bangalore is provided US$250 billion GDP in India. Which is the highest GDP any particular city provides. So, now try to settle in Bangalore and get ready for your future.


Indore is the center of the Indian territory. We can say that Indore is the heart of the India and cleanest city of the India. Indore is the largest city of the Madhya Pradesh. Indore has it's own characteristics like growth, history and glamorous. Indore is the education hub of India and Indore there are total 525 km2.

Let's take deep dive in Indore and it was found in 1715 near Narmada River. Indore is the most populated city of the Madhya Pradesh and there is no much history I found. But now at this time Indore has become growing in manufacturing in textile, cement, chemicals, furniture and sporting goods, etc. There are also many traditional manufacturing like pottery making and handloom weaving.

If we talk about GDP of Indore which is 11.69 lakh crore. So, it's not bad and Indore is the cleanest city of India.


Poona which is old name of the Pune. Pune is the second largest city of the Maharashtra. So, Pune is known as a Queen of Deccan and it's the spot of the Maratha people. In Pune which is another IT hub after the Bangalore. Total are of Pune is 516.18 km2.

If we see the history then Mughal Emperor take Pune for some time but most of time it is the under Maratha. First, time Pune city is getting the importance in 17th century as the capital of Bhonsale Marathas. Pune is also attract the tourist for their tourism. Our former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru referred to Oxford and Cambridge of India. Now there are some of the best places which are you can go as a tourist like Aga Khan Mahal, Karli, Palace Garden, etc. Pune provide $48 billion GDP in India.

So that's all about the Top 10 smart city of India. I hope that you can understand all the things and this list I created after research but if you are not satisfied then you can change and create your own list. We meet very soon with new hot topic till that read top 10 smart city in India and enjoy it.

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