The Dark Side of Delhi

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Delhi is one of the famous destinations for tourists. Places like Chandni chowk, India gate, Janpath, and lotus temple are some of the places that are most visited by tourists.

However, travel is not just visiting glamorous areas and clicking instagrammable pictures of sunsets and food. There's always another side to everything, a rough gap between those beautiful places and amazing culture. Many groups actually operate from these places that scam the traveller especially foreign tourists because their facts are obviously not clear about the city and they can be scammed easily. These foreign tourist easily falls into their trap and end up paying a huge amount of money and later realize that they have been scammed.


  • Delhi is safe when talking about petty crime but pickpocketing is a real problem in areas that are little or more crowded.
  • Roads are congested so taking extreme care when crossing is important.
  • Delhi is polluted and the pollution level can be considered a problem for people coming from low pollution countries.
  • It is not safe for women to walk alone in a lonely place or deserted place not even in the morning hours.
  • One should be aware of the touts.
  • There are multiple fake tourist offices so don't get scammed.


Delhi has a reputation for being unsafe for women. So female travellers should take precautions including never going alone in some deserted places, even in the morning hours. Because it's a new place and you don't know much about the place it's better to download the map that can also be used offline so you don't get lost. And extra precautions should be taken after it's dark and use safe transport for going home like some known cab company.


Taxi drivers around airport and tourist areas act as touts for some hotels, asking about hotels and claiming that your hotel is of poor value, or is full, say that it's not safe or burnt down, or make any story for you to believe them and change your hotel to their choice. They will obviously get a commission from the hotel they suggest to you so try best to change your mind. Make a show for writing their registration plate number and for further help calling the helpline number may help so keep these numbers handy. Also scams you to visit shops and saying that it's closed to where you're heading and is helpful. So don't fall for such scams.


Many agencies in Delhi claim that they are tourist officers and they even branding their designation with official-looking cards and logos. In Delhi, there is only one office, the Indian Tourism Delhi Office, and only ask them for a list of travel agents because they are authorized by the government and the rest are a scam. Be aware of such scam agents because they charge extra fees and also are not safe. Every place has its beauty but just to be a little cautious about such people who try to take advantage of someone who's new to your country is shameful. But you cannot judge the whole country of such people. Every place has such kind of people but looks on the bright side and you will find helpful and friendly people that will make your trip rememberable.

Major reasons why people are scared of Delhi-

It's easy to fall foul of a fraud

Some travellers manage to stay out of the problem, however, for many more, being tricked in Delhi is difficult to prevent. From the airport cab driver keen to convince you that your lodging is full, shut down, or in a dangerous region, to the unethical, meddling tour agent intent on making a quick money by re-writing your itinerary for you.

A pro tip if anyone inquires you if you've been to Delhi before, it's anyhow better to tell yes even if you've never been there.

People are too polite to help

It's considered impolite in Delhi to tell you don't know where something is, so attempting to receive a straight answer as a traveller can be difficult, especially when you're busy running the ordeal of touts who intentionally choose to send you off-track. As a traveller in India you will stand out, and you will practically inevitably be approached numerous times by people who seek to send you off to their companion's shop/ restaurant/ lodging.

This is not merely exhausting, it means you quickly end up being cautious of anyone who crosses your way, which is a real shame when there are some residents who genuinely like to help you.

Lacking manners

You don't have to walk very far before you stumble across a man urinating against a wall or spitting on the road. Look closely, and you'll notice the tell-tale, red spit-stains from paan all over the pavement, a Betel leaf parcel generally restored with either powdered tobacco or areca nuts and seasonings, munched throughout India as a palate cleanser, breath freshener, and mild stimulus.

Expensive accommodation

 Some hotels in Delhi are in poor condition and still extremely expensive. Although you expect hotels in any capital city to be more costly, but, some hotels charge too much for their condition. There might be some reasonable choices in Delhi, however, you have to search hard to locate them.

It's downright dirty

Most big cities are a bit untidy, however, with the intense stink of sewage, rotting fruit on the ground, and the shocking landscape of a never-ending sea of trash as you pull out of Delhi's railway station, India's capital city can be a painfully attack on the senses.

Plastic waste in specific is an enormous environmental crisis, and it's a common picture to discover cows, pigs, and stray dogs chewing through piles of garbage on the roadside. Delhi is still a beautiful and incredible city. These factors do cause problems to travellers but the positive aspects mostly overpower the negative points.


Problems generally come in any new nation and it takes approximately six to seven days to get accustomed culturally and physically however when you ultimately dip into that lifestyle it's pretty amazing all the way. One must travel with an open mind and attitude. Travelling solo does have its troubles however, the perks are so rewarding it's practically always worth it.

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