Sustainable Travel Products To Help You Go Green This Year

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Travelusually badly affects our planet, but there are approaches to go in a moreeco-friendly way. One of the easiest approaches to begin traveling a moreeco-friendly way is by changing from utilizing unsustainable products tosustainable ones. Our guide for sustainable travel products is brimming withthe essentials to make it simpler to travel all the more sustainably.

Here'sour guide for sustainable travel products to help to make traveling simpler allthe more sustainably:



Amillion plastic bottles are purchased all around the world every minute. Thismuch amount of such non-biodegradable products is very harmful to theenvironment. These single-use plastic bottles lead to waste and harm the earth.Switching out buying bottled water for a refillable and reusable bottle is oneof the simplest and most effective changes one can make to do a bit for theplanet.


Disposablemakeup wipes are a lazy traveler's best friend, but they are the environment'sworst enemy. These disposable makeup wipes are made from a nasty combination ofnon-biodegradable polyesters, rayon fibers, polypropylene, and wood pulp; theytake decades to break down in landfill. Replacing disposable makeup wipes toreusable makeup wipes is a great way of traveling.


Sunscreensare made from products that are harmful to the coral reefs, contribute to sunbleaching and coral death. Sun cream is filled with nasty chemicals that areespecially toxic for marine life if you are swimming in the sea whiletraveling. It may be protecting the skin but it harms nature. Opting for anatural SPF is a great way to be kind to the skin and to the environment.


Periods are a fact of life, and on averagewomen will use more than 200, tampons a year. Sanitary products like pads andtampons are made harmful to nature. It is non-biodegradable. Opting for more eco-friendlymenstruation is as easy as investing in a pair of period pants, menstrual cups,or organic cotton reusable sanitary pads. They are reusable and environmentallyfriendly.


Millionsof plastic toothbrushes are discarded every year that are harmful to theenvironment. Now many eco-friendly options are available to replace theseplastic toothbrushes like bamboo toothbrushes. Bamboo is highly sustainablebecause it is a fast-growing crop that requires no fertilizers and self-regeneratesfrom its own roots. With a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle and charcoalinfused bristles for natural teeth whitening, this toothbrush is one of thebest eco-friendly travel products.


Solar-poweredeco-friendly travel products are must-have. New and incredible advances insolar power have made it possible for travelers to get their hands on thistechnology for charging their devices. It is not just environment friendly,it's also hustle free as it saves from the need to worry about power plugs andpre-charging the portable chargers.


Quitelike plastic bottles and plastic cutlery, plastic takeaway tubs, bag, packagesare also bad for the environment. Buying a reusable, stainless steel foodcontainers, reusable zip lock bags and other eco-friendly material are greatfor the environment.



Plasticstraws are one of the top waste products being dumped in the ocean, killingloads of aquatic animals. These single-use items are dangerous to theenvironment. Now reusable straws are also available that are reusable and ecofriendly. They come in all sorts of eco-friendly materials like Bamboo,silicone, or stainless steel.


Whiletraveling everyone loves to go shopping, buying local handicrafts, souvenirs,local clothing and much more. But using new plastic or paper bags each time forthe purchase is totally waste. But many eco-friendly options are available thatare Stretchy, lightweight, and durable, these organic bags are the perfecteco-friendly alternative to your plastic shopping bags.



Singleuse utensils and disposables are harmful to the environment. Now many reusableand environment friendly options are available. Reusable utensils can be madeup of metal, Bamboo utensils and much more. Bamboo utensils can also be washedand eventually thrown away because they are biodegradable.


Toiletrieswaste sums up to 35 million tons of waste every year globally. Solid toiletriesare a pretty solid way of becoming eco-friendly travelers. Eco-friendly travelproducts including solid shampoo and conditioner bars, solid perfume, and solidtoothpaste should be used instead of single-use plastic products.




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