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An Indian traveler and nature admirer; he photographs like he has been unanimously reserved to capture the beauty of the state's art, culture, and heritage. Sharvan Patel (Thar Desert Photography) is a great photographer from Jodhpur Rajasthan who loves to observe nature, Art, culture, and heritage of Rajasthan. He lives in a remote village of Thar Desert and is currently associated with an ICAR Project for farmers in CAZRI Jodhpur. As a photographer, he started taking photographs of the nature and culture of Thar 3 years ago.

He takes photos only that are inspiring or affecting society. He wants people to be aware of the abundant beauty of nature and heritage in the state. Promoting and Conserving the Culture of Rajasthan is his dream and he works hard to fulfill it. in 3 years of photography, he has learned more about photography and try to capture conservative photos also. Sharvan has a conscious lifestyle and promotes the same. our actions have a huge impact on the environment so if we wish to save mother earth and ourselves we need to be conscious of our actions.

Being born and brought up in Rajasthan he has always been extremely close to the Culture. He says that Rajasthani art and culture are very close to an Eco-friendly Lifestyle. India is a nation of diversity, different languages, cultures, traditions, and everything that makes this nation incredible. One of the most colorful and vibrant states of India, with an astonishing combination of culture, history, music, food, and individuals welcoming you with happy smiling faces, becoming hopelessly in love with Rajasthan doesn't take a lot of time. Rajasthani people respect their art and culture and wish to preserve it as it is. The dresses of people in rural areas are according to the climate of Rajasthan and are prepared from eco-friendly materials. people here made arts to survive in absence of many resources.

Beginning of His Journey

Before getting into photography he was just a 9 to 5 employee and living a routine life there was no excitement in life but now photography is giving him inner happiness and wonderful experience with his job. He loves capturing the beauty of Rajasthan culture and heritage. Every picture of his shows a story and insights into the great state.

Forts and walls that go on as far as the ridges of the mountains that encompass them, deep-orange colors of the sun setting over orange sand dunes, slippery crumbs of sand slipping through the feet, starry nights in the middle of the desert whose silence is sometimes hindered by the camel's bells, orange turbaned men playing flute and conventional Ravan Hatha, creating the small dolls dance to the music of soulful melody, children dancing to the voices of old men wearing a colorful dress, women in red robes and long skirts walking gracefully with a container of water leaving behind the vibrant sounds of their anklets, temples decorated with cheerful acts of young Lord Krishna and forts where indulgence can't be exceeded. That's just a few glances of what this great state has to offer, and what one can behold and capture.

Managing the Challenges

Each day is a challenge as the bar of difficulties is raised a little more, over the years he has always tried to get better as much as possible to live the authenticity of the places and share the same through his photography. Surely the biggest challenge to date was arranging the equipment. He started his photography journey with just a basic mobile of around 10k. Also, he has a job and works 9-5 so making time for photography was another big problem. He tries to Overcome these challenges and try to make time for both his job and passion. His picture definitely shows his love for the art and culture of the magnificent state that he is extremely proud of too.

Journey for Cultural and Heritage Awareness

The culture and heritage of Rajasthan captivate everyone. Being born and brought up in Rajasthan Sharvan is extremely close to not only the culture and heritage but also the wildlife and ecology. He uses his photography to create awareness about conserving wildlife and art, culture and heritage of the Thar region. He does ground-level work for wildlife and nature. India is a nation of diversity. There are multiple languages spoken in different regions of the nation. Respecting the native language he uses it to create awareness among people to conserve wildlife and save the culture of the state.

He cherishes nature and endeavors to conserve it and spread awareness for the same. He saves multiple birds, reptiles, and wild animals that get injured in a road accident and furthermore tries to save their natural habitat by creating awareness among locals, travellers, and farmers. Also, he helps in restoring water bodies in wildlife area by working With the INTACH NGO that meet the need for drinking water for many wild animals. He also supports locals by providing them an opportunity to earn by a photoshoot with several brands and short movies.

Changes in the Rajasthan (Thar area) in the last 10 years

In the last 10 years, that region has changed a lot from the way of loving to the biodiversity of the area. Rapidly spreading and modifying technology plays a huge role in the changing of lifestyle. People nowadays prefer their convenience over the consequences their actions might have on the environment. The lifestyles of locals have changed a lot and their conscious way of living is changing and decreasing. biodiversity of the region is also affected due to this and suffers from the actions of humans. wildlife is also impacted on by human activities and many species have been lost or migrated.

Advice for Aspiring Photographers

Every photographer possesses their unique composition and goal to capture pictures. He advises people to Do whatever their heart tells them. Always pursue your passion. Pursue your dream of either photography or any other career. Make sure you work hard for your ambition. You will discover inspiration from all around just take care of yourself and keep working hard. He advises aspiring photographers to take pictures that will be useful for society, nature, and the environment and create awareness among people for the same.

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