June 17, 2021 1891

Sagar Singh- The Eco Warrior of India


 The water scarcity in India has been rising quickly, vacating a million Indians without access to potable drinking water. According to statements by NITI Aayog, India is asserted to run out of drinking water by 2030. Many environmentalists, social activists & water conservationists are endeavouring to reverse India's approaching water catastrophe.

Sagar Singh is a social science teacher who attends schools & colleges to educate students on rainwater harvesting methods. He is furthermore the founder of Eco-Warriors India, a community of like-minded people who are helping to conserve the environment. a community endeavour that educates and empowers effort through beach clean-ups and tree plantations. He’s furthermore the ambassador for SeedBalls India, a campaign to assist fertilize the earth through entertainment and simple community workshops.

The organization is tirelessly endeavouring to make Mumbai a cleaner & greener city through its tree plantation campaigns, beach clean-up campaigns & numerous water conservation operations. Eco-Warriors India believes in a collective endeavour to protect forests & water bodies.

Outside the sphere of climate change

Professionally, he's a social science teacher. He's planting a seed in children’s psyches as to why it’s crucial to act now. Apart from this, he's connected with the Green Party of India. It’s a political party that supports the public understand that climate change is directly connected to policymakers. He believes it’s crucial to be part of a political party where youth participation is active, and there is an emphasis on climate and sustainability, social justice, animal rights, and equality.


They have been planting 4000+ trees in Mumbai, each tree is five feet tall and retains a 96% survival rate. Then another project is rainwater harvesting in rural India. This project is significant because the water crisis in India is drastic. 151 million people across the country don’t possess access to clean water. And another project is a fundraiser for a mountaineer who has climbed Mount Everest. He will be climbing


Sagar Singh’s endeavours to adopt a simple and minimalistic life can be observed in his lifestyle. He inhabits in a house made of mud and wood since August 2020. Extravagance doesn’t interpret his life. He believes that the more material things you have the more likely it will decrease your peace of mind.

In addition, he says that he doesn’t wish for anything luxurious in life. He precisely loves a simple life. He prefers to experience the aroma of the forest, the chirping of birds all around him and the sound of the streaming river. All this leads him to serenity and relaxation in his mind and soul.


In October 2019, the BMC notified that they would chop down around 2,500 trees in the Aarey forest of Mumbai for a metro car shed operation. Aarey forest is the place which is referred to as the ‘Lungs of Mumbai’! This was a moment when Sagar along with numerous another environmentalist stand against them and furthermore filed a petition in the court.

Sagar together with others did various protest and rallies, though their endeavours didn’t payday, as the government cut down the trees, and detained Sagar alongside other protestors.

Regardless, Sagar Singh has no regrets as he said he protested for what is right to conserve. Sagar now has collaborated with Saiman says and Mission Green Mumbai to plant thousands of trees across Mumbai. Concurrently they had established ‘TreeSena’ who had already begun planting trees since January this year, commencing from a point recognized as ‘Chota Kashmir’ which is located inside the Aarey jungle. The purpose of TreeSena is to plant almost 4000 and above trees in every alley of Mumbai so that they can do their bit towards creating the world greener and better.

Climate Change

He says that he belongs to a nation that is encompassed by water on three sides. Due to a surge in sea level, there has been drastic flooding during the monsoon season, which has affected the lives of farmers and likewise the lives of common people due to the rise in food prices.

The Indian summer monsoon plays an important role in India’s agriculture and impacts the livelihood of a fifth of the world’s population. About 80% of the annual precipitation over India happens during the summer period, providing water to crops during the main agricultural season. Some places even witness the disastrous loss.

Sagar is a voluntary leader in the struggle against climate change. His devotion to environmental education and empowerment is motivating the masses to get active and engaged—and it’s extremely inspiring. The words of a wise man and the accomplishments of a noble human being can motivate multiple to work towards a purpose that appears impossible.