Ridhima Pandey- Young Climate Warrior of India

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Ridhima Pandey is a 13 years old climate activist, TEDx speaker, and Member of the youth advisory council for cop 26. She was in the news for standing among 16 children including Greta Thunberg to file a complaint at the UN Climate Action Summit against the inadequacy of government action on the catastrophe of climate change.

It was back in 2013 that Ridhima Pandey, one of the nation's young climate activists, observed the devastating consequence of climate change in the country in the form of the Kedarnath flood. Observing such an environmental catastrophe occurring before your very eyes can transform an individual, and sure enough, she was the sole young activist from India who accompanied Greta Thunberg in the complaint about the negligent attitude of administrations towards climate change at the UN Climate Action Summit.

She says she is here because she wants all the global administrators to do something to halt climate change. After all, if it's not going to be halted it's going to distress our future. And if we wish to halt global warming we have to take action now. She is compared to by some as India's Greta Thunberg, is an 11-yr-old climate activist. She is one of the 16 young activists who filed a claim in the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child. The historical deed of 16 young petitioners from 12 nations around the world presenting an official complaint to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child was an eye-opener for the world and did much to fetch the issue of climate change to the front page.

The surging temperature with its recent droughts is terrorizing the river Ganga in Haridwar with reducing water levels. The monsoons furthermore perceive occasional but massive rains steering to the hazards of flooding in the Ganga. The devastating downpour in Haridwar and the arising Kedarnath flood in 2013 is what transformed Ridhima's way of living forever. Her hometown in Uttarakhand has been impacted by harsh weather over the past 10 years. In 2013, over a thousand people died in floods and landslides. Approximately lakh people had to be evacuated from the region.


Born and brought up in Haridwar to wildlife conservationists, Ridhima grew up with the discussion of activism, growing into a passionate, conscious communicator for the earth herself. She has glimpsed the damage induced by misled advancement operations and climate change and noted the dreadful deterioration of the Ganges river. Both her parents are functioning for forest and wildlife conservation and understandably, environment conservation is a leading subject of conversation at home. Her father, Dinesh Pandey, has operated in Uttarkhand in his ability for 16 years. She expands that media moreover plays a function in her awareness deeming the thriving reportage on the environment, even though it is practically not sufficient.

Raising Awareness

She filed appeals against the Indian government at the National Green Tribunal for the inadequacy of climate conservation action. The BBC portrayed her as "a climate activist who at the age of 9 files a petition against the Indian government in response to its inadequacy to mitigate climate change." Ridhima along with Greta Thunberg and 14 other youngsters from around the world had petitioned the United Nations on climate problems haunting the planet. Having Kathak dance form as her hobby, the young activist has been active in online campaigning to make youngsters and teenagers aware of climate problems across the world.

Nonetheless, youngsters across the planet are waking up driving to climate change uproars in numerous areas across the world. The awareness is certainly expanding. In late September, the world stood in astonishment as young school students took the helm and millions of people gathered the climate march in several towns in nations across the world. In India, climate march uproars by youngsters sprung up in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, etc.

Fighting Climate Change

She has been energetically involved in protecting the Thano Forest movement to resist the Uttarakhand government's action to cut over 10,000 trees to enlarge the Dehradun airport. A role model for youngsters everywhere, she is now 13 and is continually persuaded as an orator for youth on several occasions. She was invited as a youth ambassador at the Global Sustainability Film Awards carried by Difficult Dialogues, an international forum that talks about thrusting world problems. She was a youth representative and an orator at Global Pneumonia Forum. She has furthermore been a portion of Earth Day Network's global endeavor, My Future My Voice, which assembles messaging from 50 enlightening youth activists from 17 nations. She is presently a member of the Civil Society and Youth Advisory Council for COP 26.

She has requested for a total prohibition on plastics and minces no expressions when holding higher administrations accountable. She is a well-received, famous TEDx speaker, and has moreover communicated at international conferences like the Notre Affaire Tous in Paris and Xynteo Exchange in Norway. Named as one of BBC's top 100 most influential women in the world for the year 2020, she relentlessly expresses the motivation for science-led, genuine nature conservation to enormous audiences.

To do our bit for the world and battle climate change, it is highly crucial to lessen our carbon footprint as much as feasible. A carbon footprint is a criterion of climate change effect of any person, organisation, event, or product and each of us can transform our way of living and consumption habits to make certain we are leaving the slightest amount of stress on the climate.

Future Plans

When she isn't studying, she cherishes playing with animals, dance, and sing. She furthermore enjoys reading moral tales. Her short-term motives are to make as many people aware of climate change as apparent and her long-term purposes are working for animals welfare and conserving our environment.

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