Mawlyngot– Explore This Enchanting Unexplored Gem Of Meghalaya

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The beautiful town located in the East Khasi Hills is a delightful place hidden in the verdant green terrains of Meghalaya. With natural magnificence in prosperity, Mawlyngot has been acquiring interest among tea lovers around North-east India. The tea cultivated here is recognized as Urlong Tea. Located about 40 km from Shillong at an elevation of 4800 ft, Mawlyngot is a serene town in the lap of nature. The town is asserted to be further than a century old. The initial residents of the location suffered from throes of penury until a town school educator found out Camellia shrubs in the mountains. Consequently started the quest of Mawlyngot as a tea-plantation center. Presently, the town has a tea-processing unit generating one of the promising quality teas in India.

Mawlyngot is a location where nature has given in bounty. With the lush green tea gardens around the village, the spot emits peace and charm all around. You can take off for a day hike to a closeby peak and can moreover explore the Umsong Riverbed. This is furthermore one of the rare locations where blue worms can be discovered. The blue worms are like earthworms, just they are bigger in size and blue in colour. They can be observed merely twice during a year in April and October.

Some of the Major Attractions

Tea Gardens

Observe acres and acres of verdant green tea plantations. These tea plantations look completely enchanting from a distance. A foggy cloak wrapped the plants and you can hardly make out the soft green plants. It looks captivating. The tea gardens encircle the whole town, and you will usually discover the residents gathering tea leaves and running about their day. When you first arrive here, you will be welcomed by a faint yet prevailing fragrance of the tea leaves. This itself will establish the mood for you. Take a nice delightful walk through the plantations and observe the diverse methods that the residents apply to cultivate the tea leaves. The residents gently gather the leaves and look after them with max compassion. It cannot get extra organic and beautiful than this.

One can also relish some flavorful hot tea. Mawlyngot is popular for its Urlong tea, so make sure you taste that. With every drink, you will sense the devotion and care taken by these residents. You can furthermore purchase packaged tea leaves and take them home with you, both as a memento and as a souvenir that will reminisce you of your time here at Mawlyngot.

Forest Hike

If you are looking for some rejuvenating yet exhilarating adventure, then simply head off on a relaxing hike through the thick woodland that encircles Mawlyngot. This magnificent jungle is covered with dense trees, unusual birds, and even some amazing wildlife. It is absolutely enchanting to be strolling through these fascinating jungles. You will be totally in the depth of nature, and you will be able to perceive the peace and tranquillity around you. Just stroll around, and take in everything that nature has to offer, the songs of the birds, sounds of the leaves, the magnificence of wildlife, and the whooshes of the wind.

The jungle is situated on the mountains of the North East, consequently, the landscape can get a little slippery and rough, which makes the hike even more adventurous. The hike will take you a whole day, and it is best to begin as early as feasible. At the end of the hike, you will be rewarded with the ethereal Umsong riverbed, which looks absolutely alluring and enchanting. Simply rest by the riverbed and observe the magnificence of nature unfolding in front of you. It was a certainly unforgettable experience.


The best way to spend a day at Mawlyngot than to spend time with the residents. These are the people who make Mawlyngot as captivating as it is. Multiple routes will take you to small towns. The roads pass through peaceful streams and canopied jungles, making them all the extra enchanting. These towns are quite far away from new technologies and pursue a simplistic, yet moral lifestyle. It is very different from the world we are used to, yet it is extremely delightful and gentle.

The residents are very generous and welcoming, and you can easily communicate with them. Just relax with them and immerse in some heartfelt conversations. They will furthermore inform you about their rituals and cultures, and how they live their lives. You might come back with few fascinating legends, stories, and tales as well. You can moreover have a bonfire night with the residents and dig into some local dishes. The experience is something so special and magical that you just cannot miss it. Just relax by the bonfire and spend the entire night listening to regional folktales.

Nearby Attractions:



Smit is recognized for its countryside panorama, a location popular for its horticultural prosperity and furthermore of primary cultural significance. The ling-sad' is a dwelling of the conventional royals of the area and is host to the popular Nongkrem Dance every year around November.

Laitlum Canyons

Laitlum Canyons

Settled in the East Khasi Hills, Laitlum Canyons is an unexplored spot of the mountainous state of Meghalaya. Laitlum interprets to end of hills' and this sublimely gorgeous pinnacle seems to be genuine to its title. At Laitlum, all one can observe are spellbinding valleys and sheer winding stairways that wind their path down to the verdant valley.



Shillong is a spot where history and modern time intertwine, traditions persist unchanged, adventure is emitting, and cuisines are cooking. A location that sings and dances every season. It is popularly recognized as the Scotland of the east, it is a beautiful hill town.

Best Time to visit Mawlyngot


You can visit the destination at any period of the year. The months of April to November are best for bright skies and excellent weather. You can make a week-long schedule if you wish to explore the notable spots of this town and Meghalaya. You can also discover the blue worm at this time. Mawlyngot furthermore serves as an excellent weekend getaway from Guwahati and Shillong.

How to Reach Mawlyngot

Guwahati railway station

By Air: The nearest airport to Mawlygot is Umroi Airport at Shillong.

By Train: The nearest railhead to Mawlygot in Guwahati. One can book a cab from here to Shillong

By Road: From Shillong, the location is approximately 45 km and you can hire a taxi to reach Mawlyngot. One can furthermore get shared cars and buses from Lewduh, Shillong to Mawlyngot.

The Mawlyngot hiking path and town have everything that you could ever wish for a weekend escape. With beautiful areas, exhilarating trek trails, incredible perspectives, and flavorful local cuisine, it is certainly the location that should be next on your schedule. Also, if you are scheduling for a longer journey then you can simply explore the rest of Meghalaya which is equally spirited and gorgeous and has so much to give. There will certainly be not any single boring moment here; each different location will appear unique and remarkable in its own way!

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