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Alexis Alford, popularly known as Lexie limitless is the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country. She was born in a tiny town called Nevada City, California. She has been travelling for as long as she can remember with her family who started a travel agency. She travelled to all 196 nations by 21 years old, breaking the Guinness World Record for the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country by over 3 years.

She graduated from high school two years early and received her Associate's degree from a regional college by 18. At that time she had travelled to 72 nations and that's when she realised that she could break this world record. In the beginning, she just wished to push her limits and see as much of the world as possible in the way. It wasn't until things began getting absolutely challenging that she realized what she was doing was inspiring the people around her, particularly young women. Feeling that support she decided that she couldn't give up when things got tough. She was determined to prove to everyone that the world isn't as scary as the media describes it to be and that there's kindness everywhere.

Her passion for fresh and distinctive experiences has led her to all 196 countries, amassed her over 538k Instagram followers and 305K subscribers on youtube. She manages these platforms to motivate young people, exceptionally women, to get out of their comfort zones and discover different cultures, places and wonders. She has worked with brands, hotels and tour operators across the world to generate promotional content.

Her travels are entirely self-funded. She has done a few brand deals and campaigns along the path that supported funding her endeavour however there has never been an official sponsorship. She has been working every job she could find and saving since she was 12 years old. The amount she saved kept her going for the first year and a half of my travels. From there she has been working as a travel consultant in her family's agency when she's in California and further working as a photographer/blogger while she is travelling. She does a ton of research in advance to discover the best deals, utilize points and miles for my flights, stay in inexpensive accommodation like hostels or create content for lodgings in exchange for accommodation.

Travel Experience

There stood so many difficulties to overcome while travelling to every nation and she learned the most from the authentic moments of struggle. While her journeys may have looked beautiful and exciting on her Instagram account, Alford experienced her fair share of difficulties. "Having visas denied, running out of money, having health issues like malaria and food poisoning, becoming exhausted and wishing to go home after three months on the road, are just some of them.

She travelled on her own, and as a young woman, she had to take safety precautions. Alongside budget and personal interest, periodically safety would play a part in how long she would spend in a nation. She has spent over a month in Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, Switzerland, and further because she has so much she has forever wished to do in those nations and there are ways to make those trips further reasonable financially.

There were some nations like Mali, South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Somalia which she would have loved to spend more than a few days exploring but unfortunately she didn't have the budget to take the proper security precautions necessary to travel throughout those countries safely. Never take no for an answer, maintain the courage to pursue what you're greatly passionate about, and problem-solve like it's nobody's business as to where there's a will, there's away. The nations that have the least are usually the areas that have the kindest people," she said. Nations like Pakistan, for example, that don't have a developed tourism industry are extremely friendly because the residents haven't been jaded by overtourism and are nonetheless honestly delighted to share their culture with foreigners.

What does it take to travel the world?

She says the only thing one requires to travel is compromise. Beyond taking the periodic holiday, it takes sacrifice to survive a life abroad for a vast period. Saving money at a young age is incredibly tough, particularly when you are living on your own, expending all the bills that go along with living independently. If your motive in life is to travel, one of her biggest pieces of advice to you would be to move back in with your parents! if you have the opportunity to live at home, free of rent you should take it. Money is a lot of manageable to save at home. You are worthy of doing whatever you set your mind to. Work harder than anyone you know, do anything and everything you can to save the money you make as it will take you so much farther than you could ever comprehend. You may not have the daily comforts you've grown accustomed to. These are the challenges that one must survive to experience what different places in the world have to offer.

After finally obtaining this enormous life goal and breaking the world record, she has been taking her time to strengthen her physical and mental health as she completes writing my book about this journey and continue to put together plans for the future. She's truly an inspiration for everyone, especially young girls.

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