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Widely known as the "Heaven on Earth", Jammu and Kashmir areworld-acclaimed for their picturesque magnificence, snow-covered mountains,abundant wildlife, magnificent monuments, local handicrafts, and warm-heartedinhabitants. Jammu and Kashmir are situated among the Himalayan, Pir panjal,and Karakoram mountain ranges.

It is packed with the most wonderful mountainpeaks, gigantic glaciers, stunning monasteries, woodlands, blue rivers, lakes,and tall pine trees. There are plenty of locations to see and activities to inKashmir for all kinds of travelers. Its charmis out of the words that pull in travelers and makes it a most loveddestination of numerous film producers. They have shot the film scenes in thisdelightful valley and this place has many charming spots that give allmotivation to explore Jammu and Kashmir.

Here's are The TopReasons to Visit Jammu and Kashmir:


kashmir landscape

Kashmiroffers a stunning panorama. Kashmir has everything including mountains, thickforests, lush green grasslands, rivers, and lakes that together make amagnificent landscape. From Aru Valley to Saffron fields, Zabarwan Mountainrange to the Chashme Shahi, Badam Vari to Apple Garden, Almond trees to ChinarTress, all these natural excellence make Jammu and Kashmir a Heaven on Earth.The skies here are stunning blue with cotton-like pearly clouds. Gulmarg,Pahalgam and Sonmarg are a few heavenly destinations that everybody loves tovisit over and again.


Plan your trip to Kashmir in theextremely hot summers when the temperature rises. Kashmir is cool even in theharshest of summer and you can visit this valley between March and May to seethe blooming flowers, green grasslands, and Chinar trees. One would certainlyenjoy the lovely climate in the Valley of Jammu and Kashmir. planning a trip inWinter Season will grant one to relish delightful snowfall that would be abreathtaking experience. The snow-covered mountains fill the land with dazzlingambiance and the snow-covered trees look marvelous while offering a peacefulfeeling to everybody.


Kashmir trip isn't complete withouttaking a ride to Dal Lake and numerous more. These lakes are the ideal motiveto plan a Kashmir trip. It is one of the most loved locations for travelerswhere camerapersons likewise love to capture magnificent scenes. The houseboatsand Shikaras are the most loved fascination of Dal Lake.

Here, you can spotfloating markets and gardens with the sweet smell of blossoms and differentattractions. Aside from this, Wular Lake is likewise famous as the biggestfreshwater lake in Asia; Mansbal Lake is home to numerous oceanic birds andencompassed by rich greenery and mountains. Nagin Lake offers the utmost serenespace to appreciate the calm.

AdventurousTrekking Points

Surrounded by the Great Himalaya and PirPanjal mountain range, Jammu and Kashmir Valley is the best spot for trekking,camping, and mountaineering. While traveling out to this exquisite state, youwill observe the most charming sights on mountains, lakes, and grasslands.

Strolling through the lower regions, Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is famous amongtravelers where one will spot the lakes of Gangabal, Kishansar, and Vishansarthat are near the Harnukh Peak. Aru-Valley, Kolahoi Glacier Trek, and YousmargTrek are some more treks for adventurers. Kashmir is probably the best spot foradventurers where fun is limitless.

Holy Places

Kashmir is home to countless religiousspots for Muslims, Hindus, and different religions too. Individuals here followdiverse religions and that is the reason Kashmir has an assortment of places ofworship and mosques. Situated in the Territory of J&K these sanctuarieshave an exceptionally high historical worth and individuals from everywhereIndia visit these religious places. Some celebrated Hindu temples in thislovely valley are Shankaracharya, Pandrethan, Sharika Devi, and Kheer Bhawani.

Vaishno Devi and Amarnath Cave are well known all around the globe where a hugegroup comes each year. Jama Masjid in Srinagar is perhaps one of the mosthallowed spots for Muslims. Other than this, Charat-e-Sharief and ZiaratDastgir Sahib are famous religious places where individuals come at any periodof the year.

Art &Heritage

Explore the history, and lifestyle ofancient Kashmiri individuals in the museums that hold the magnificence of therich legacy of the state. These museums have things like works of art, copperutensils, shawls, handiworks, stoneware, stones, arms, and metal substancesthat remain as verification of the rich sculptural accomplishment of Kashmir.

Some of the museums of Kashmir were royal residences in ancient times, whichgot changed over. Some popular museums of Jammu and Kashmir are Amar Mahal,Dogra Art, and Kanchenjunga where one can look at astonishing artisticcreations, old utensils, books, instruments, and materials.


The wonderful ancient monuments of Jammuand Kashmir will definitely make you grab your bag for the Kashmir visit. Themonuments of the state are a significant fascination that mirrors its ancientconventions.

The most famous monuments of Jammu and Kashmir are Martland SunTemple, Pir Haji Muhammad Sahib, Shankaracharya sanctuary, Khanqah of ShahHamadan, Patthar Masjid, Jama Masjid, Bumzuva Cave, Hari Parbat Fort, PariMahal, and so forth. An enormous number of travelers visit Kashmir consistentlybecause of these famous monuments.


Shoppingin Kashmir is a rare encounter that attracts various travellers. Markets offera rich assortment of customary Handicrafts, Leather Items, Shawls, Blankets,and different products including Dry Fruits, Saffron, and much more. Winterproducts are a significant fascination for the travellers in Kashmir which ismade up of unadulterated sheep wool.

The market at Jammu representsconsiderable domination in Leather Goods. The customary gems, dress material,and Papier Mache items like containers, flower pots, and other stuff topurchase on your Kashmir trip.


Thestate of Jammu and Kashmir offers a wide assortment of Cuisines. Kashmir is acenter of street food and cafs where one can get delicious cuisines to suittheir taste buds. Numerous explorers come here to attempt an assortment ofvegan and non-veggie lover takes pleasure in Jammu and Kashmir.

Wazwan is amulti-course meal in the Kashmiri Muslim convention, is treated with incredibleadmiration. Its preparation is viewed as art. Some of the famous food are:Rogan Josh, Yakhni, Goshtaba, Tapak Mans, Matschgand,  Qabargaah.


Jammu and Kashmir are unquestionably thebest destinations for those, who are adventure lovers and want to experience anadrenaline rush. One of the main reasons to plan a trip is the amazingadventure sports in Jammu and Kashmir. these activities attract many Adventureenthusiasts in this wonderful valley. some of the adventure activities aretrekking, River rafting, jeep safari, shikara ride, fishing, snowboarding,sailing, golfing, and mountain cycling have arisen as significant attractionsin Kashmir for adventure searchers.


Kashmiri culture and individuals arekind and loving. While visiting Kashmir, one becomes acquainted with such ahuge amount of knowledge about the culture and individuals who invite you withwarm smiles.

Exceptionally soft-spoken individuals live there who generallylead the simplest of lives and have love and regard for each person. It's rich,varied past implies its art and craft have a multi-religious and multi-ethnicflavor. Kashmiris are known around the world for their artwork. There is a lotof Persian impact in the flower plans that are typical of Kashmiricraftsmanship.


The festivals of Jammu and Kashmirgenuinely illustrate 'solidarity in variety'. Despite the fact that the stateis divided into three particular areas, with their individual religions andlifestyle, nothing unites the various communities as festivities do. Thedelight and excitement are irresistible and as to be experienced to beperceived. Some of the most celebrated festivals are Baisakhi, Eid-ul-Fitr andEid-ul-Azha, Hemis Festival, Lohri

Gondola, AndGolf Course:

kashmir gondola

Gulmarg is a townin Baramula District in J&K. The popular Gondola in Gulmarg is the world'sbiggest working cable car. The two-stage ropeway ships around 600 individualsfor each hour to and from Kongdoori Mountain, a shoulder close by AfarwatPeak(13,780ft.).

The Kashmir Golf Course is considered the biggest 18-hole golfcourse in the nation. Gulmarg is additionally a well known Skiing Destination.It is the heartland of "Winter Sports in India".

Without a doubt, Kashmir has manyreasons to be called "Heaven on the Earth". Everything in KashmirValley is delightful to the point that you can't move your eyes from it. Visitthis lovely destination for each reason that it is popular and for much morebeyond the famous attractions.


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