Jojawar- Travel Guide to the Unexplored Gem of Rajasthan

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Rajasthan the Land of Kings is an incredible place where you can follow the past of the fiercely independent warriors who never gave up their struggle for freedom. From the prominent cities to the towns, a visit to this place is full of marvelous architectural amusements and tales that these palaces and forts describe. When anyone imagines of Rajasthan, striking visions of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, and additional prominent tourist destinations flood their mind. However, the affluent heritage of the state magnifies wide and beyond these well-known destinations.

Jojawar is a village situated in Rajasthan surrounded by the picturesque Aravalli Hills and broken rocky hills interspersed with ranches and scrub wildernesses. With fertile lands, Jojawar has long produced considerable revenue and this is the reason, multiple battles have been confronted through the past to gain power over this agricultural territory. Explore Jojawar, one of the gorgeous Indian destinations which is remarkable for its diversities in culture, language, religion, cuisines, landscapes, water bodies, and climate. Jojawar cuisine boasts of possessing a vast variety and is well-known with multiple vegetarian, vegan, and non-vegetarian dishes which are prepared out of regional herbs, vegetables, and fruits. This place witnesses all four seasons and each climatic condition here is a unique experience.

Reasons to Visit this Hidden Gem of Rajasthan

Heritage Getaway

When it comes to Indian culture, Rajasthan, the land of kings clearly cannot be ignored. From different landscapes, diverse populations, forts, castles, Havelis, carnivals, and festivals this state amasses it all. To top that, the people here are gracious, welcoming, and offer hospitality at their very best. Jojawar is a heritage escape 140 km from Udaipur and Jodhpur. An outing in Jojawar is somewhere like an excursion to the past. A walk through these sceneries and spirited streets is one the best way to explore Rajasthan's eternal town and an inspiring destination. This location is magical, mesmerizing, and certainly out of the world.

Rawla Jojawar and Kesar Bagh

Rawla Jojawar offers an experiential escape experience for visitors and is an exceptional base point for Bird watchers to explore the region around. Rawla Jojawar is a lovingly renovated historical fort. This place was under the fiefdom of the patriarch Thakur who had the position of commander of this border town of Marwar with Mewar. Since 1780, the prominent Thakur Shyam Singh Ji of the Sonegra Chouhan family have claimed it as their home. The fort was renovated into a boutique hotel in the year 2001. The 2 sons of the present Rao and Rani Sahiba Ji look after the heritage lodging. The old world spectacle is stored with the extension of all modern recreations.

Kesar Bagh is an aggregate stimulus to regard the condition. A placed where abundant flora and fauna can be observed. A stop here is a throwback to the laid-back and indulgent lifestyle of the bygone era. The alteration of time feels so perfect with vintage cars taking you for voluntary drives, mustached butlers waiting by you in their starched bush suits, the entire estate with its fruit plants and wilderness set amidst rural Rajasthan and far away from any primary highways or development, that one cannot help but loosen up and rejuvenate in its delight.


Wild trees and plants are scattered in the entire legacy with the expectation that it'll make other natural surroundings albeit little for wildlife from the nearby Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Preserve, the boundary of which is hardly a mile away. The earthen dam here was reestablished yet the tallness significantly diminished to permit a vast portion of the keep running off to flow onto the farmlands downstream, regardless hold sufficient water to pull in birds and animals to it.

The extremely rare Nilgai Antelope, Indian Jackal, Wild Boar have built their home and can be discovered oftentimes. The Indian Striped Hyena or an unexpected panther make their evening stops to water here. The earthen dam at Jojawar is renovated to hold sufficient water to tempt birds and animals. Jojawar is dwelling to Nilgai Antelope, Indian Jackal, Wild Boar, Indian Striped Hyena, and Leopard. This region is furthermore home to two hundred species of birds including Blue Throated and the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, diversities of White-eyes and Red Starts, Silver bills, and Prinias. With more than two hundred varieties of birds in the territory, Bird enthusiasts would be enchanted by the sheer large number of birds natural life just inside the home, bushes in the neighboring Wildlife Preserve would furthermore grant rare species like the Blue Throated and the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, assortments of White-eyes and Red Starts, Silver bills and Prinias are there in great numbers. Water bodies there host a vast number of water creatures in the winters and on the off chance that you are lucky you can even discover the incredibly rare Indian Skimmer as it delicately slides the water surface sustaining.

Jeep Safari

Explore the region around the Bagh in style jeep. The area around brags of incredibly captivating spectacles, with the fascinating Aravalli Hills in the east, and broken rough slopes combined with plantations and clean forests all around. The Pre-Cambrian era Aravalli Hills are one of the extensively established mountain ranges of the world and a geologist's paradise.

The camel herding Rabaris is an ethnic gathering only to be discovered around Jojawar. This makes the Jeep Safari the most popular trip. The uniquely formulated visits take you to homes of these Rabaris, into homesteads, through really small villages where time seems to have stopped, and appreciate a respite under the shade of hanging acacia beside an incredibly wonderful small holy spot devoted to a people god Mamoji, where earthenware equines are devoted in a sort of heavenly favors. A few excursions must be exhumed to behold as much in the provided time.

Train Safaris

The prepare circuit between the urban neighborhoods of Jodhpur and Udaipur goes up the beautiful Kambli Ghat Pass. One of the greatly loved trips is this day-by-day preparation advantage from the station toward the beginning of the hill area to the greatly elevated station in the Aravallis the Kambli Ghat station, or the different path tour.

The motor relentlessly and slowly pulls the prepare through the greatly gorgeous timberlands and hills that you get the opportunity to discover in the express, this one hour ride is really unique as you even get the chance to unite with regional people who'll shortly impart their seats to you and seek their best to make conversation with you while endeavoring to suppress their astonishment and enthusiasm of sitting alongside a nonnative from distant lands!

When to visit Jojawar?

As the town of Jojawar is situated in the plains of Western Rajasthan the summers here are extremely hot with the maximum temperature around 48 degrees centigrade. So the winter season is a decent time to visit this location. During the monsoon season, the humidity is incredibly high in this region. The most favorable time to visit this place is between October and March.

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