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The land of multiple natural classics and home to simple Khasi and Jaintia clan Meghalaya is a wonderland packed with abundant natural marvels. A territory with incredible exhilaration and adventure Meghalaya will not set back to astonish you in every moment. You can explore the remote regions and seek several living root bridges, hidden caves, cascades. It is certainly an all-around destination. The place is like euphoria for nature lovers, the absolute heaven for thrill-seekers. You can rejuvenate yourself by uncovering many wonders on your journey. There are a ton of options for off-the-beaten-track seekers in Meghalaya. So while you are planning a journey to Meghalaya, do set these locations on your itinerary.

List of Offbeat Places in Meghalaya


The spot is amidst some stunning tea gardens and a serene town. Mawlyngot has an intriguing tale too. The town was initially only a nondescript area, however, after tea plantations commenced, the future of Mawlyngot transformed for the better. At Mawlyngot, you can go for day treks and walk in the tea gardens. From Shillong, the locale is around 45 km.

Weinia Waterfalls

This is one of the most spectacular waterfalls. The flow during the monsoon season is tremendous and because of the flow, the vapor that surges from the rear of the fall makes the whole spectacle worth it. This waterfall lies on the river Kynshi. During the monsoon season the plunge is severe, regardless, if you are traveling the location during the summertime then the sunlight shapes the colors of the rainbow.


Kongthong is an extremely intriguing location. It is a tiny town situated away from the world in the lap of nature in the secluded Khasi hills. Kongthong is further recognized as the whistling town, where melodies are wielded rather than names. This vocal tradition is held on from generation to generation. Whenever a child is born in the town, the mother composes a lullaby that serves as the identity of that individual for the whole life. The melody is different for each child. just relax and relish nature and make an effort to learn the melodies of the locals. From Shillong, the place is around 55 km.


Mawlyngbna can be the adventure hub of Meghalaya. This locale has fossils dated 200 million years back! There are numerous short hikes here that take to stunning waterfalls or the fossil park where one can have a glance at the fossils. This location was told to be under the seabed. There is furthermore a farm of pitcher plants from where one can precisely drink nectar from the plant. You can perform kayaking, angling, and cliff jumping here. Let your adventurous self enjoy at Mawlyngbna.


The silk weavers town is situated in the Ri-Bhoi district of Khasi Hills. A lovely town encircled by the Khasi hills, the excursion to Umden is a long one, however, through gorgeous valleys and meadows. This town is recognized for its eri-silk production. One can observe the procedure of sericulture here and moreover purchase some gorgeous scarf of eri-silk. Eri or Endi is a category of silk that is a product of silkworm that nourishes primarily on a category of castor leaves. During the extraction procedure of silk, the weavers do not slaughter the silkworms as is performed in the normal sericulture process. According to the locals, this is the ahimsa' convention of sericulture Apart from acquiring an insight into sericulture, you can take a walk around the village.


Mawphanlur is like a paradise. The town encircled by crystal clear pools is certainly worth visiting. The water bodies here provide enormous opportunities for water sports. You can moreover go for a journey to the nearby Mawthadraisan mountain from where you will get spectacular perspectives of the plains of Assam. From Shillong, the place is around 95 km.

Nongkhnum Island

Nongkhnum Island is the largest river island in Meghalaya and the second-largest in India. Nongkhnum Island is situated relatively away from society and the last spread of roads is miserable in condition. Nevertheless, once you arrive at the location, you will not repent your determination to come here. The river island was shaped by the bifurcation of Meghalaya's longest river Kynshi into Phanliang and Namliang River. You will get blue rivers, a gorgeous sandy beach, cascades, and perfect privacy. The visit to the Island can be planned with Mawphanlur as they are in the same direction. Nongkhnum is around 110 km from Shillong. The range from Nongstoin to Nongkhnum is in a pretty terrible situation.


Ialong is a serene, unassuming town in the East Jaintia hills having around 400 households who cherish festivities. The Ialong Nature Park is the area where peacefulness is heartfelt. The location is situated atop a peak and offers a stunning perspective of the Pynthorwah Valley. You can go for small treks and hikes here. Camping can moreover be organized by the Myntdu River nearby. Ialong is around 8 km from Jowai, the headquarters of West Jaintia hills.


Situated in the Jaintia Hills, this dreamy town is an ideal location to relinquish in water activities. You can perform scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and cliff jumping here. if you aren't an adventure lover and do not wish to take part in these recreations, you can simply take a ride in the nation boat on the crystal clear waters of Umngot. From Shillong, Shnongpdeng is around 90 km.

Tyrshi Falls

Another area to explore is the Tyrshi waterfall. You have to first travel an area of lush green paddy fields, followed by an extremely beautiful arch bridge. You will notice the mouth of Tyrshi falls from up here, though, if you seek to achieve the whole perspective of the falls god down the spiral stairs to watch the length and wild gush of this enormous vertical plunge. Furthermore, on the bridge, the view that you will be encountering is of Pynthor Nein. This lace is certainly astonishing.

So next time you schedule a visit to this gorgeous state remember these areas in mind and prepare yourself accordingly. Meghalaya is one such location that will never disappoint you but instead, it will leave you astonished in every conceivable way. Be prepared to get amazed by the kind of magnificence you are going to watch and experience when you wander to Meghalaya. It possesses so much more to offer than what you had been scrutinizing, browsing, and listening to all the time.

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