Incredible Offbeat Hill Stations in India

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India has bountiful hill stations spreadacross the nation that makes for a peaceful and beautiful location fortravelers. Have a look at some of the astounding yet unexplored hill stationsin India ideal for a great and memorable vacation with your loved ones, or evenfor a solo trip. These lovely and tranquil hill stations in India willundoubtedly take you on a journey that will leave you stunned. 

Here is a list of BestHill Stations in India:

Abbott Mount,Uttarakhand


Abbot Mount is located at an altitude of 2100m and is adorned with charming Colonial period Churches, thick timberland, andthe sight of the mighty Himalayas. The place likewise has breathtaking paths andwalkways that lead to many delightful regions. It is ideal for that looseningup summer occasion away from the crowd and ways of the city life. The best wayto explore this enchanting hill station of Uttarakhand is to go for a walk.Along the extending Shivalik Hill Range, one can see an antiquated cricket groundalongside the weak outline of some town in Nepal. This destination inUttarakhand is ideal for those wishing to see the best side of nature.


Peora, Uttarakhand


Peora is a little town in the district ofNainital. Located in the Kumaon hills around 8 km from Mukteshwar, this spotis a paradise for nature sweethearts. Pine and oak woods proliferate and in thebackdrop is the Shivalik hill of the Himalayas. Peora is a quaint village closeto the famous hill station of Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand. Birdwatchers love thisspot as the locating of several distinct types of birds is sure. The town andits neighborhood are loaded with sal, pine, oak, kaphal, and rhododendron trees.Locally grown apples, plums, peaches, and apricots are found here. Peora is tiedin with luxuriating in the midst of the marvelous Himalayan Mountains.


Ponmudi, Kerala


Ponmudi appears as though it's straight out ofa picturesque canvas. Situated in the Thiruvananthapuram area, this little hillstation is overrun by tea gardens. The river Kallar, with its crystal clearwaters, flows through the town. The hills covered in fog fill one with asentiment of marvel and awe. A lot of uncommon widely varied vegetation can beseen here including mountain blossoms, wild orchids, and intriguing butterflies.It is famously known as the local Ooty of Trivandrum, the spots offer a sublimeview of mountains from practically all directions. From the quietneighborhood towns to colossal tea gardens, rubber, and cardamom estates, andlittle houses, this spot has all that will set you feeling chipper.


Pabbar Valley,Himachal Pradesh


Pabbar Valley, the captivating valley of thePabbar River is situated just 80 kilometers from Shimla. Nature is seenflourishing in plenitude in this quaint little locale of Himachal. Thesputtering and frothing river Pabbar flows through the rich valley withmeadows, forests, and apple plantations. The valley isn't just ideal forsightseeing but is an astounding spot for nature and adventure sweethearts. Theentire valley is rich in trout fish giving one a sufficient chance to go fishingand angling. The Chanshal Pass Trek and Kuper Valley Trek that cross are theabsolute most delightful places in Pabbar. In the higher scopes of the hills, individuals rear sheep and weave wool to make excellent woolen pieces ofclothing utilizing mechanical weavers.


Sarmoli, Uttarakhand


Sarmoli, is a little town that is locatedabove Munsiyari and shares its outskirts with Tibet and Nepal. Sarmoli issettled in the Kumaon area with the Panchachuli range in the background and theGori Ganga river streams right next to it. It offers a splendid sight ofsnowcapped higher Himalayan ranges. This town brag of mighty mountain peaks,green fields, a harmonious community, dazzling vistas, friendly residents, andwarm hospitality. Sarmoli has a novel feeling of rich culture and heritage.


Kokernag, Jammu andKashmir


Jammu and Kashmir is the land of enchantednature. The ideal soothing atmosphere, a wonderful climate, green surroundings , and refreshing rivers- every one of these entities together absolutely makes alocation paradise. Kokernag, situated in the Anantnag locale of the state Jammuand Kashmir is an excellent and appealing location and a hit among sightseerslooking for peacefulness and natural beauty. The spot is honored with stunningnatural excellence and is home to a few assortments of plants and flowers.This place is likewise famous for fishing as trout fish are found in the watershere. There is a botanical garden laid in Kokernag also, which has gottenfamous with the travellers and local people too. The nursery has variousflowers, plants, and trees in it. It is set against the background of high snow-capped forests, where one can locate some rare animals.


Tawang, ArunachalPradesh


Tawang is located at a height of more than10,000 feet, and is peaceful and tranquil, alongside natural excellence. WithTibet on one side and Bhutan on another, Tawang presents a delightful Buddhistdominated cultural mix. It is known for some significant and lovely monasteriesand is acclaimed for being the origin of the sixth Dalai Lama, TsangyangGyatso. Tawang is a spot that will compliment you with its natural magnificenceenclosed by the fragrance of spirituality. The lovely orchid sanctuary and theTipi Orchid Sanctuary is additionally an ideal spot to visit. Alongside thisone can have their taste buds to have an experience of Tawang by indulging inthe territory's exceptional cuisine.


Pelling, Sikkim


Pelling, at around 2,100 meters above oceanlevel, is a slope station in northeast India that lives in the shadow of amore renowned travel destination, Gangtok. Pelling is a cultural spectacle anda peaceful hideout simultaneously. This small town is ideal if you want alocation with an eyeful of mountains, giving you fabulous sights on theKanchenjunga and encompassing mountain ranges. It has historical ruins thatmake you picture the ancient times, natural excellence that relieves thespirit and spouting waterfalls that make ideal music for relaxing. In winters,it lures with patches of snow that add a scramble of white to the alreadydynamic slope station.


These little towns are simply magnificent.They have safeguarded their old-world appeal and that is the thing thatseparates them from the common destinations. Enjoy plenty of revivingexperiences alongside getting a charge out of the wonderful weather of thesehill stations situated in various corners of the nation.

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