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The art of travel has changed past all acknowledgment in the past few years. What once cost a fortune and required a long time of preparation can now be organized on a phone and by booking a trip while being on the way.

Eva has been travelling for many years, documenting her excursions across YouTube and Instagram. One of her key centers is exploring lesser-visited places of the world. This frequently includes her endeavor great feats, for example, traveling riding a horse for seven days through Mongolia, and climbing alone in Albania. Eva discusses how travel implies challenging yourself: "It's about going outside of your comfort zone. It's about meeting new people that you would not have otherwise met. It's about learning something new and finding something different. " Grow your own way of thinking. Grow your perspective. Grow your spirit. Everything she does spins around significant narrating: from her YouTube videos, to her TV work, to speaking engagements hosted by platforms such as TEDx. She wants to share some of these stories with the audience or organization, and motivate to work better, think greater, and act all the more fearlessly.

Eva Zu Beck was born on the 16th of December in the year 1993 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in a little middle-class family. She has finished her schooling at a private school in her town. Her dad has a corporate employee and her mom has a shop close to their home in Toronto. Eva finished her graduation from the University of Ontario in German and French in the year 2012 from Toronto. Then she spent 10 months in Pakistan exploring all the places and culture. Making a plunge, she began her excursion in the 'Taliban domain' with a local family. Heading out to the most paved international border crossing, traveling to the base camp of the world's second tallest mountain, and even spending time, investing energy with local people of the place got her some screen time on Pakistani TV. Indeed, she was even welcome to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan at a travel industry gathering, where she shared her considerations of what the nation resembles an outsider visiting.

Travel philosophy

She believes in travel that is sustainable, community-oriented, and emphatic. She believes in engulfing herself in different societies, living with local individuals, and attempting to comprehend the way they live and work. She thinks this is the sort of travel that assists her with making a small difference in the world, challenges her in positive ways, and assists her with growing an individual.

Travelling Full-time

While living in London and working a busy office job in a growing start-up. Every day felt pretty much the same, and she felt like she wasn't making a real difference in the world. Then, one day she decided to leave that life behind and pursue her dream, and that's how she ended up here. Only a couple of years ago, she was carrying on with the average corporate life of an over-achiever in London: a comfortable, well-paid job that kept her restless and stuck to "the system", a relationship that appeared "perfect" on the surface and an over-dependence on material things to satisfy her. In any case, as she carried on with life in a daze, she began to understand this wasn't the reality she wanted to live. She quit her job, abandoned her personal life behind, moved out of London, and booked a single-way ticket to Nepal, in the expectation of telling stories on YouTube, with no past experiences in filmmaking. That's how her adventure with travel content started. Not many years on, she delivers her travel show on YouTube, makes travel films for partner brands, and hosts travel documentaries. With an audience of more than 1 million individuals across her channels, her goal is to spread a message of courage, positivity, and independence.


When she was in the second year of her graduation from her college, she was a lot keen on traveling to a new place. That is the reason she decides to gain more languages apart from her local language English during her graduation from the University of Ontario in Toronto. At the point when she finished her graduation from the University of Ontario in German and French, she began working at her mother's shop and begins earning money from it. After that, she got a corporate job in London. She likewise sets aside her money to travel. At last, she was started exploring and began traveling which was a dream. She decided to visit those territories on the planet, where the least individuals travel and explore, and begin teaching individuals about those spots through her videos and blogs. This is the primary motivation to make her YouTube channel. She makes her YouTube channel on the 24th of February in the year 2013 and begins making content for it. Right now, Eva Zu Beck has more than 1M+ endorsers on her YouTube channel.

Travel Motto

The world belongs to the courageous. When she says that she implies courageous individuals who are gutsy and who prefer to go out there and experience new things. Much more than that the brave of heart individuals who are open and kind and who are continually searching out new encounters and are out and about to make new companions.

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