Community Based Tourism: An Immersive Sustainable Travel Experience

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A community denotes people with some sort of unified responsibility, and the power to make decisions by representative units. Community-based tourism is a way of travel in which local inhabitants invite travellers to tour their towns with the requirement of overnight accommodation.

The inhabitants gain revenue as property supervisors, entrepreneurs, service and produce providers, and employees. At least a portion of the traveller revenue is devoted to undertakings that contribute benefits to the community as a whole.

Community-based tourism facilitates the traveller to observe regional habitats and wilderness, and relish and respects traditional cultures, conventions and knowledge. The community will be conscious of the commercial and public morality placed on their natural and cultural legacy through tourism, and this will facilitate community-based protection of these resources.

The visitor lodging and facilities will be of reasonable criterion for Western travellers, albeit those anticipating modest rural accommodation. The community will be expected to have steady access to the Internet and everyday access to email.

What is a community-based tourism? 

Community Based Tourism

Community-based tourism is a kind of tourism where regional communities invite travellers into their neighbourhoods, bestowing their awareness of their culture and everyday lives. It is a kind of sustainable tourism that enables travellers to relate closely to the regional community they tour.

Travellers can feel the assortment and traditions of another culture and interact with the regional community. Speculate about homestays, ranch visits, cuisine and crafting together, storytelling, town excursions and further that exhibits understanding in their everyday lives.

These kinds of recreations develop the foundation for enhanced insight and understanding of different culture, their notions and social standards. This is what we require if we wish to develop a prospering travel industry where we nurture regional culture and nature for future generations!

The benefits of community-based tourism

Community-based tourism adds tremendous value to the travel industry by presenting travellers with unusual experiences, it can generate massive positive impact and change for regional communities if done right. Tourism is in the ideal situation of generating job chances and allowing regional communities to share their wonderful tales.

Value society over profit and help strengthen regional communities! Communities that are comprised in community-based tourism are strong, resilient and incredibly inclined to exhibit travellers their culture. They can oversee both the effects and advantages of travelling, enhancing their self-governance, financial possibilities and traditional manners of life in the system.


Benefit of CBT

This way of tourism delivers employment openings, income generation, regional procurement of goods and services and restricts the funds that flee the community. It furthermore enables diversify the financial activities beyond agriculture, which decreases the risk in years when climate change generates low or no yield.

Shared value

Within a Community Based Tourism, there is a dispersion of advantages to all households. For instance, though not all households will host homestays some may operate as guides or provide meals. Even those not directly engaged benefit from the decided use of the community reserve.


Benefit of CBT

Community-Based Tourism contributes to people with skills training, chances for community infrastructure advancement and health advantages. It furthermore facilitates a more equitable community structure and the association with foreign travellers supports raise confidence and gratification among the community.


Preservation of the environment, awareness and wildlife conservation are all tremendous advantages of Community Based Tourism.

Female empowerment

Benefit of CBT

One of the incredible outcomes is the empowerment of women in the community, as they are always primarily responsible for the administration and generation of the experience and accordingly revenue.

Preservation of culture

Frequently Community Based Tourism avoids young people in communities evacuating for bigger cities, by giving employment alternatives for them locally.  

Tips to develop community-based tourism

Develop CBT

When nurturing community-based tourism there are some key factors to remember and to pay close attention to. This way of tourism is a delicate manner of tourism. Above all, it's significant that both the local community as well as the traveller relishes the experience.

Connect with the local community

Develop CBT

The regional community is the fundamental component of your experience. Engage with them, create trust, and speculate about tourism together. Make certain to work together and to provide them responsibility and a voice in the whole experience.

Train locals in tourism

Interacting with travellers from diverse cultures can be a challenge for regional communities. It's significant to understand communities how communicate with travellers. How and which communication to share and to make them sense acknowledge. Constantly employ manuals from the community itself as they will understand all the ins and outs of the community. It will furthermore assure the revenues remain in the community.

Create independency

Develop CBT

Community-based tourism is not formulated for the sake of trip operators. Regional communities expect to enhance their livelihood and create their future. Establish unified ownership. The accomplishment rate of the travel experience leans on the communities' understanding of ownership. Allow them to take care of their tourism development and relish the benefits.

Include interactive elements

In the experience economy movement, travellers wish experiences to be fascinating, educational, creative and glamorous. They are looking for experiences where they can partake instead of merely gazing and touring. Immerse them in the regional culture, have them work, try and taste stuff and bestow them a completely unusual experience.

Think about the language

Develop CBT

Travellers are looking for adventures with interaction. Consequently, language is a significant element for community-based tourism. The reasonable solution will be to amass an English-speaking guide who is apt to communicate with both the host as well as travellers in a devoted attitude.

Decide on the duration

Largely travellers will walk out of their comfort zone when committing a community-based tourism experience. Accordingly, it's significant that your experiences are not extremely lengthy and uneasy for the traveller. When you commence with Community Based Tourism, emphasis on a day experiences primary. This way, travellers can relieve into it and they are furthermore manageable to develop.

Ensure safety

Develop CBT

As travellers are reaching an unfamiliar region, they will trust the guide to hold them safe. It's significant that the guide is trained in emergency circumstances and understands how to explain protection matters to the travellers. Thereby, hygiene and sanitation of the regional community are moreover extremely significant.

Community-based tourism (CBT) is the responsible way of tourism that is operated and regulated by the community that is being explored by travellers. Because regional communities are the decision-makers for the traveller destinations, revenues go directly to the community. This is employed as equipment by rural regions to develop sustainably and Community Based Tourism is considered as a suitable technique in multiple developing countries' development programs to relieve poverty while creating capacity at the regional status. The notion of Community Based Tourism is accordingly to foster sustainable advancement with regional empowerment, assessing the three dimensions of sustainability that are social, environmental and economic.

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