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Sustainable travel should be the one and only way to travel. The world is a place loaded with secrets and experiences that individuals have been exploring since the start however it only has a limited number of resources. Sustainable travel, which is frequently integrated with responsible travel, green travel, and eco-travel, upholds the idea of conscious travel and being aware of how our activities abroad affect others. It incorporates limiting the adverse consequence that travelling can have on the environment by changing it into something positive for the local communities and economies. Charlie and Luke are among the various travellers who have adopted this way of travel

Charlie on Travel

Charlie on Travel is an eco-friendly UK travel blog by Charlie Marchant and partner Luke Nicholson. Together they travel all over the world writing about their eco-friendly travel adventures. In their blog, they boost awareness about responsible wildlife tourism and are enthusiastic about looking after the environment and helping the local community of the nations they explore. As slow travellers, they get to relish their journeys to the fullest! Multiple of us jam-pack our vacation calendar into a fixed digit of days or weeks and stick to a rigid itinerary of prominent traveller attractions. However, not Charlie and Luke! Instead, they take the moment to understand each territory they explore and completely incorporate their surroundings. This is indicated in each of their blog posts. They are green travellers who help local people, culture, wildlife, and the environment through community-based travel movements. Charlie on Travel, an eco-friendly, UK travel blog written by Charlie and Luke. They're UK travel bloggers, slow travellers, nature lovers, vegetarians, green advocates, sustainability devotees and house sitters. For them, travel more than just a vacation, it’s a lifestyle preference. They travel slowly and house sit when they can so that they can experience local life in distinct nations, get an off-the-beaten journey, explore lesser recognized cities and neighbourhoods, eat where the locals eat and travel in a way that is as eco-friendly as apparent.

Charlie Marchant

Charlie is a UK travel blogger, freelance writer and public orator. She graduated with a BA in English from the University of Exeter in 2012 and commenced her initial travel blog to document her experience living as an expat in Taiwan, and later commenced Charlie on Travel in 2013. She has travelled to more than 32 nations and writes travel guides, sustainable travel advice and advocates further responsible travel. She furthermore has a career as a General Manager at a remote working digital marketing agency and goes on with her project as a sustainable travel blogger and writer.

Luke Nicholson

Luke is a partner to Charlie on Travel, writer and content marketing professional. Luke graduated with a BA in English from the University of Exeter in 2012 and is a CELTA entitled English teacher. He works as a Content Marketing Manager at a remote working digital marketing agency and writes for the blog in his free time. He inscribes on wildlife and nature conservation subjects. He has travelled to more than 45 nations since he first commenced travelling 15 years ago.

Sustainable Travelling

Travelling sustainably and responsibly is crucial to them. For them, sustainable travel means living aware of the consequence your travel has on the environment, local communities and wildlife. The purpose of their travel blogging is to support people travel more sustainably. This means mitigating adverse consequences on the environment, committing exclusively to ethical wildlife tourism, supporting local people and communities, and conserving local culture and history.

Starting the Journey

They love experiencing local life in Taiwan however they furthermore wished to discover new territories. They realized that an alternative travel lifestyle fitted them well. They required working whilst travelling to finance their travels. They also possessed a tiny amount of savings from their year teaching in Taiwan, regardless, it would not last long. They started researching slow travel alternatives like house sitting, short-term apartment rentals on Airbnb, and looking for lesser recognized destinations with lower living expenses.

Fund their Travel

They formerly worked as an English teacher in Taiwan, which drastically improved their lifestyle and encouraged them to actually begin travelling. Soon they realised teaching wasn’t the career for them. They've forever wished to be a freelance writer, and marketing expert so that’s what they set about doing. They have been freelancing to support their travelling. This goes best with their lifestyle as they can work while travelling without worrying about funds.

Sustainable travel should be the exclusive way to travel. Our world has limited resources however mass tourism endangers much of the world’s natural ecosystem. Excessive air travel discharges toxic CO2 emissions and packages vacation resorts destroy territories of local wildlife. Responsible travel protects our environment and wildlife, community and culture, and establishments and history. As responsible travellers, they've been able to do so many remarkable things and feel nice for being able to spend their money helping local people, livelihoods, and programs. They've been to workshops run by locals, and so many other incredible responsible travel experiences. All these experiences help them in understanding the local culture and becoming a part of every destination they've been to. Everyone should consider their impact on the environment and learn from such people.

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