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Himachal Pradesh is an Indian state situated in the northern region of the nation. Blessed with majestic Himalayan Mountains, antiquated religious sites, and an exuberant culture, Himachal Pradesh is home to popular travel locations like Kullu, Manali, Parvati valley, Tirthan river, Spiti valley, Chamba, and Shimla. Chasmic, plunging valleys, and looming mountain realms that are amazing and thrilling all the same, Himachal Pradesh is an enchanting location that none can overlook once visited. Himachal's tourism is expanding at a quicker pace because of its pristine ambiance and wonderful climate. In North India, the territory of Himachal Pradesh is a paradise for those searching for an exciting portion of the experience, a romantic occasion, and downright relaxation. It is known for beautiful scenes, culture, adventure sports, and an assortment of fairs, celebrations, and festivals consistently. It likewise has a lot of fortresses, castles, and monasteries that are of most extreme cultural and historical significance. Dangerous trekking routes and extraordinary rivers alongside calm monasteries and relaxing resorts, there is such a great amount to explore offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh that one can't get enough of. Here's a helpful guide for taking through the crazy ride that is Himachal Pradesh. 



Kangra is a region in Himachal Pradesh with Dharamshala as the authoritative central command. With might Beas River coursing through the Valley, Kangra is likewise known for the scenery of the Dhauladar range, antiquated temples, and never-ending tea plantations. Known as the land of Gods, this enchanting town is an ideal spot for travelers searching for harmony and isolation, away from crowded places. The town is wrapped with tea plantations, and the holy temples spread over the region. The wonderful apple orchards plantations are situated in Palampur and regions around which lies 36 km away from Kangra city. Jwala Devi temple, acclaimed for its eternal flame, which is flaming continuously for years without any known source of fuel. The temple has placed the hypotheses of science being referred to. Masroor cut stone temple which is a stone temple from the monolithic age and has been referenced in the sacred book of Mahabharat. 



Shojha is a small village located in the center of the wilderness and landscape. Situated in the midst of the Banjar Valley, The town is spotted with a few temples and deodar forests encompassed by magnificent snow-topped mountains. At a mere distance of 5 kms from Jalori pass, Shojha has a wonderful climate consistently. Its untouched excellence may be only what one needs to unwind and loosen up. With verdant deodar forest covering the region with the snow-topped Himalayas floating on one side, this town is filled with tourist attractions like forts, lakes, and waterfalls. If looking for some harmony and isolation on the trip, one can make an escape in this curious town that has untouched magnificence and no touristy crowd.



Sangla valley is the most captivating valley in the Kinnaur region. It is an ideal escape from the hustle-bustle of the crowds. It is named after a charming town by a similar name. surrounded by lusty mountain slants, rambling evergreen forests, and snow-covered peaks, the valley is separate from others by its red apple plantations and appetizing cherry trees. Baspa River additionally clears its path through the spot, wandering and sputtering, celebrated for trout fishing. From forts to temples the spot is specked with many attractions making it a wonderful travel destination. 



Keylong opens one up to a number of the foremost beautiful vistas of the Himalayas. Located within the Lahaul and Spiti district, Keylong is one of the foremost interesting destinations in himachal pradesh. Keylong is a crucial stop and a tremendous detour from the Leh-Manali Highway This tourist destination is popular due to the magnificent Kardang Monastery, which is that the largest also as quite an important monastery in Lahaul. A green meadow-like town smack within the middle of snowcapped peaks, Keylong is predominantly a Buddhist region. Since Keylong lies on the gateway to Ladakh, there are great chances that while you ride on the highway, you would possibly find a variety of prayer flags waving within the air. From the breathtaking great thing about Suraj Tal to the majesty of the mighty Bara-Lacha Pass, and from the peace of the Kardang Monastery, to the captivating allure of the Lahaul Valley, Keylong is within the proximity of a variety of spots that will assist you to find that inner peace that you simply so desire within the hills.



Resting at an altitude of 4000 meters, Losar is a small hamlet which is situated at the extreme end of Spiti. Situated by the confluence of the Losar and Peeno streams of the Indo Chinese border, this place is a heaven for the trekkers and the hikers. It's one of the unexplored yet one of the famous places to go to in Himachal Pradesh. There are winding paths to urge lost into and there are breathtaking views to enjoy till the end. Standing here one can actually enjoy the soulful experience of peaceful villages and also the view of the surreal rivers and sumptuous mountains.

Lahaul Valley


The Lahaul Valley happens to be one among the foremost surreal tourist places in Himachal Pradesh. an ideal escape for the adventure junkies, this place is like the ideal travel destination. Lahaul's deep-cut valleys are lushed with vegetable terraces and towered over by snow-topped razor peaks. Surrounded by the null vegetation, clear blue skies, and also the pollution-free air, Lahaul valley is a picturesque location to seek out that lost solace. For the people that are up for some photography and wish to capture the best beauty of nature, Lahaul is the place to be. 



A town that appears to have paused its reels in the 60s, Rumsu is an ode to the simpler times with its archaic vibe. A little village established at an altitude of 2,064 meters, Rumsu is considered to be one among the simplest places to go to in Himachal Pradesh. People here still live in delicate wooden houses that appear to be almost made by hand for a fairy tale set. The food here is additionally just as simple, but manifold hearty and delicious. Rumsu has natural & extremely charming views of the green Himalayas of the Kullu Valley. The place is loved for its scenic beauty similar to adventure activities.



Sarchu lies in the edge of Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh. It is viewed as an outstanding stoppage where one can discover different convenience choices as tents. Lying on the highway among Leh and Manali, the region of Sarchu in Himachal Pradesh has been built up at a height of 4,290 meters. Sarchu is additionally called as Sir Bhum Chun. Voyagers and travelers camp in Sarchu to relax. The campground on the Himalayan mountain range is situated in the Leh-Manali highway and offers a dual perspective on nature. Living in one of the tented facilities in the midst of the excellent Himalayas is definitely an extraordinary travel experience.

Since there is a lot to explore in this heaven land, we have created this Himachal travel guide for ensuring you get the chance to encounter the best of the less explored destinations.

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