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There are some amazing honeymoon locations in India. Weddings and honeymoons are two, things that are consistently popular and occurring in a nation like India. Honeymoons are the ideal fuel to begin the ceaseless existence of Love. Who doesn't wishes a honeymoon where the sand is swept away from underneath you by the waves that kiss your feet, or one where you are encircled by nature's green shade while standing connected hand in hand with your soul mate. Indeed, this nation is loaded with wonders and wonderful locations giving couples a bunch of intriguing and sentimental special honeymoon spots in India. Honeymoon Places in India spell romance like no other places.

Here is a list of honeymoon destinations in India which can be appraised by the newlyweds!


Kashmir, the ‘heaven on earth’ is definitely one among the finest places for honeymoon in India. Srinagar, without doubt, has got to be one among the most romantic and exquisite honeymoon destinations in India. The lush valleys, sparkling lakes, high mountains and picturesque scenery make it one among the ideal honeymoon destinations in India that you simply will remember all your life. The charm of Srinagar is completely timeless. Lying back on a Shikara together with your partner on the Dal Lake sounds like a scene right out of a 70’s classic movie. Even the Bollywood isn't untouched with its beauty and variety of movies has been shot within the deep, green valleys of Srinagar. The honeymooners can choose to stay within the shikharas to add a pinch of additional romance on their trip.


Andaman is amongst the most renowned honeymoon places in India for newlywed couples. Sun-kissed beaches, a touch of history and world-class water sports make Andaman is the ideal place for honeymooners. This is a destination that reeks of serenity and tranquility from every corner. This is so stunning place to see and exciting experiences to embrace. Andaman offers the proper stay for couples to create unlimited memories. Andaman is certainly one among its kinds with numerous wonderful activities to keep one busy, secluded islands, and a few of the best beaches in India for the honeymoon, you’ll wish your holiday to never end.



Sikkim has an unique charisma that's an eclectic mixture of beautiful sights, stunning weather, and serene Buddhist monasteries. In Sikkim, the charm is eye-catching, people are warm-hearted and life feels hassle-free. It’s one among the most romantic getaways in India for honeymoon from the states of Northeast. Experiencing the breathtaking sunrise over the horizon of Khangchendzonga while snuggling together with your better half will be the most memorable moment. From the cheerful cafes of Gangtok to ribboning roads of Zuluk valley, Sikkim will enchant and charm you, and you'll be left asking for more The peace and calm that encircles the atmosphere of this destination are exactly what makes it one among the unique honeymoon destinations in India.

Kerala is known as God's Own Country and is a heaven for honeymooners. Hills and lakes, coffee plantations and houseboats, spa and spice, Kerala have everything. Walk together by the lush tea plantations, absorb the salubrious air or simply sit on the yard in one of its rooms. The backwaters are a rare network of lakes, canals and rivers. Kerala's beauty will keep you coming back for more since you can never get enough of the backwaters and the flourishing charms of Kerala. Also, Munnar, the pleasant hill station in Kerala, is one of the most fascinating honeymoon places in India. Munnar is covered in flourishing tea plantations, contoured, secure and sculpted like decorative fences. Hire a houseboat and make the most of your honeymoon in customary Kerala style.

Situated in the Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep Islands is a pristine, undisturbed archipelago that is famous among explorers searching for something exceptional and unique. Lakshadweep is the smallest union territory of India and has the most outlandish and uninhabited beaches. The seashores here have a pale blue-green shade and white sands. Embraced by palm-covered, white-sand-evaded coral islands, these islands are as astonishing as they are detached. The 4200 sq km of untouched archipelago lagoons, pristine coral reefs, and warm waters are a magnet for scuba divers and snorkelers and in this manner ideal for those honeymooners who wish to join the adventure with affection.  Lakshadweep is all about affection and romance.

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