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February andMarch are awesome months to start your travel. These months lie on theprecarious edge of summer and spring. Feb and March are those occasions in ayear when a vacation is basically overpowering to score. It is when coldbloodedwinter respects the reviving and enthusiastic spring season. Numerous culturalevents and celebrations are praised crosswise over India, during February andMarch. With Valentine's Day in it, it makes an ideal month for couples totravel and hobnob.

Here's a rundown of spots to visit in February and March inIndia with family and companions and for solo explorers as well.

The Andaman and Nicobar islands


An island ofIndia, the Andaman and Nicobar islands are tropical heavens that are a perfectgoal for a departure to the unblemished beaches. One of the most lovely andquiet islands in the Andaman island, Havelock is a heaven for those searchingfor a peaceful break. A mainstream honeymooners goal too, one of the mostdiscussed pieces of Havelock, is seashore number 7, otherwise called the RadhaNagar Beach. Granted in 2004 as the 'Best Beach in Asia', by Time, the swimmingelephants are the most famous fascination here. With temperature not floatingmore than 20 degrees and cool sea breezes streaming all through the day, thetidal ponds will be refreshingly warm; the submerged ocean deceivability willbe high because of the entering sun, the flawlessly made manors and pleasanthouses make Havelock perhaps the best spot to visit in February and March inIndia. Plan a get-away to this heaven with your friends and family and get intothe tropical perspective.



This mysticalspot never neglects to stun you. November to January is the pinnacle of a verylong time for business in Goa; however, February is the point at which thegroup leaves. Yet, Goa is as enchanting as the month of the year during thistime. Goa Carnival happens in February, making the whole state resembles abeautiful stage. February is presumably the best time to visit Goa in the lightof the fact that the climate is incredible yet in addition since it doesn'thave the angering horde of December making the coasts increasingly moderate andplaces all the more perfect. Goa in February sees a great deal of successoutside India and which is all well and good. Go here before the temperaturebegins rising again in March.

Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir


Encompassed by snow-secured mountains, richgreen knolls, profound gorges, evergreen forested slopes, and valleys, Gulmargis one of the most renowned special honeymoon goals in India. It transformsinto a winter wonderland during winters. Adrenaline junkies can be discoveredskiing here in winters while snow sweethearts can get their hearts to fill aboutround the year. Unlike its counterparts, Manali and Shimla, this spot is yetimmaculate by huge groups and is perfect for individuals hoping to appreciate atranquil get-away in the midst of nature. Khilanmarg and Tangmarg are close bythe goals that one must make sure to visit during their stay here. One of themost well known and prime skiing goals in the whole world, Gulmarg is aparadise for the individuals who need to go skiing in February.



One of theideal spots to escape the hustle of the metropolitan city is Sikkim, thesmallest state of India, has got a great deal to offer from the grand mountainsto the shocking beaches, it is the place that is known for an enormousassortment of plants, creatures, waterways, mountains, lakes, and beaches. Themountain tops, sacred lakes, antiquated religious communities, orchidnurseries, and staggering trekking courses make Sikkim an ideal Holiday goalfor you. This state is totally beautiful. Losar Festival is one of the charmsthat make Sikkim an absolute necessity visit in February. It is the festival ofTibetan New Year that starts on the principal day of the main month of eachlunar year typically celebrated in February. Tibetan traditions and customs forcelebrating the New Year are profoundly established in Buddhist thoughts andconvictions.

Kutch, Gujarat


Kutch ispresumably one of the most excellent, yet strange places in India. With theimmense breadths of the white salt desert in the Rann of Kutch zone, this is anastounding encounter to observe. One would have the option to see juststretches of unadulterated white land to the extent that the vision goes. Thisplace springs up during the winters when the Rann Festival is held duringDecember-February wherever in which there are colossal camp settlements withsocial projects, capacities, and experience exercises like sight-seeingballooning. Kutch is one of the greatest salt desserts on the planet and thefantastic RannUtsav is an occasion that is very well known all around theglobe.

Coorg, Karnataka


Coorg is oneof few places in Karnataka that are at prime excellence during the time One ofthe most well-known ends of the week goals from Bangalore, Coorg is situated inthe Kodagu area Karnataka. Evergreen as ever, this spot is genuinely amagnificent one, inferable from its rich green scene and charming climateconsistently. Additionally, there are various coffee and cardamom plantations,which add-on to the greenery of this charming slope station. In the event thatyou need to appreciate tea ranches and flavors plantation at bloom, you shouldvisit in March. The temperature in February typically falls between 11 and 20degrees, making it cool and cold, It is the opportune time for trekking as theground would have sufficiently solidified to forestall slipping and thetemperature will at present be wonderful to maintain a strategic distance fromsweat-soaked strolls. It is additionally the best time for hitting the golfing,touring, and other adventure exercises.

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan


With the latespring yet to go to, Situated in the Thar Desert Jaisalmer is one of the spotsto visit in India in February and March. Jaisalmer is a significant place ofinterest well known among couples, adventure searchers, and desert safari fans.This city, found near Pakistan outskirt is well known for Rajputana Havelis andJaisalmer fort otherwise called Sonal Quila. Sandstone design gives the cityits brilliant tint and in this way, the name, Golden City. What's more, that isnot by any means it this February, Jaisalmer will have the Jaisalmer DesertFestival from 17th-19th February, commending each conceivable tint of thesocial merriment that encompasses Rajasthan.

Munnar, Kerala


Munnar God'sOwn Country', Kerala has immortal excellence and the famous fascination of thisstate is Munnar. At a stature of 6000 feet (1.83 km), you can be guaranteedpeacefulness and a protected good way from the doldrums of city life in Munnarin Kerala. It is a little, and well-known slope station of Kerala withintriguing and extraordinary exercises consistently. In the event that you arevisiting in March, you should appreciate an outside excursion. Wildlifesanctuary will sprout with life during this season. The spice and tea rancheswill be at the sprout. A few ranches enable visitors to cull the foods grownfrom the ground. In particular, you can discover the best spots for cookout andtrekking throughout the late spring season which begins in March and finishesin June. Every fascinating action like elephant ride, spotting mountain goat,boating, and others will be at prime magnificence during this season. Anexcursion to Nallathanni and Madharpupuzha River is suggested as the weatherwould be amazing.


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