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Busy lives, tight schedules, rushing routines among allthis stuck you. Need a break, right? What will sound better than traveling? Asustainable tour with your friends and family that perfectly fits in your busyschedule, soothing your soul and fills you with spiritual and mental peace.Possible altogether at none other than "AGRO TOURISTS SITES IN INDIA"

India, the land of agriculture not only contributes largelyto the Indian Economy but also feeds the people throughout the globe. Not onlythis, but it also has a hidden side to it and offers an amazing array fortravel and tourism. Visit Agro parts of India is a must-watch site, comfortsyour soul, and automatically brings a smile to your face.

"What nature canoffer, nothing else can" A scenic beauty to watch, calm environment to live inthe moments, refreshing air and cold breezes to rejuvenate you and fills yoursoul with happiness and your body with energy making it a perfect plan for abreak from your monotony.

All this possible is none other than but Maharashtra (asecond-most populous state with second-most metropolitan cities) residing someof the most amazing Agro sites of India like Tapola, Chicholi, Baramati,Junnar, Wai, and many more to visit. Some Agro parts of Kerela like Olavanna andKatrathal of Rajasthan offers a similar experience.


A famous hill station of Maharashtra, 25 km ahead ofMahabaleshwar in Satara District also very famous as "the mini Kashmir" makesthe perfect Agro site to experience perfect northern hills like weather withinMaharashtra itself.

It offers a soothing view from Sahyadri Hills,picture-perfect scenic sites for capturing and making an amazing place fortrekking. Being situated at the convergence of the two rivers Koyana and Solshiit also offers river camping, boating, water riding, and a lot more making it amust-visit to live nearest to nature and unveiling its bewilderingofferings.


Another town of Maharashtra precisely located at the outerskirts of Madhya Pradesh. A town famous for its farming offers another bestAgro site to visit. The town surrounded by three lakes and two rivers makes ita must-visit place for hydrophilic. It offers trekking and campingopportunities making it an incredible picnic spot with many famous wildlifesanctuary spots, Etti Potta Falls, and Nagaral Dam to explore.

The famous HinduTemple Chandi Mata here offers a perfect blend of nature and spiritualblessings soaking your soul with devotion and contentment. Famous Bhoot Mela atMalajur(7kms away from Chichloli) adds cherry to the cake in your natureexploring experience.


A town in Kozhikode district of Kerela adds another name tothe list of amazing Agro sites to visit in India. Olavanna makes a very largeAgricultural area, a place perfect to find yourself in the arms of nature andto learn the fine art of obtaining benefits from nature in the form of food,shelter, and enhancing your organic farming skills with the warmth of soothingnature. Olavanna has a very famous Mkd River View, Calicut Beach, KozhikodeBeach, Vayalada Viewpoint making it a unique place to picnic and to spendquality time with your loved ones in the arms of nature. Kadalundi BirdSanctuary marking a must-visit spot to explore nature to its fullest.



Rajasthan, a place is known for tourism worldwide offersKatrathal, a village in Sikar District adding more to it not only offeringfamous places to visit but also taking you close to nature through its AgroKatrathral site believed to be founded 5000 years ago flooding with astonishingtemple sites offering nature in its raw and pure form for you to explore.

Mustvisit places marked Khatu Shyamji Temple, Harshnath Temple, Jeen Mata Mandirand many more such bewildering old constructions to left you in awe. ShyamKund, Madho Kothi, Seth Ramgopal Poddar Chhatri are some of the places to makeyou face to face with culture, natural adaptations, and traditions of the placeproviding you with the ecstasy of being in nature than anywhere else.

Similar other Agro places to explore in India includePalshi, Yavat, Khandala, Prindana, Antri Malkapur, Chambli, Goregaon, Beldare,Tohagaon, Vadhu, Budruk of Maharashtra and outer skirts of Madhya Pradeshwaiting for you to explore nature in its most amazing form and fills your lifewith its blessings. 

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