Aakash Ranison- The Climate Guy of India

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Aakash Mishra, also known as Aakash Ranison, is an Indore based eco-travel blogger, climate activist and a social media influencer, who has put in awareness about the concept of sustainability with wanderlust. The young minimalist has embraced a vegan lifestyle, being a part of the change, he promotes sustainability.

Aakash, a young climate warrior, travels around the world, and educate people on how to protect the environment, for a promising future. He has cycled over 18,000 km and hitchhiked 48,000 km, journeying over 80 cities between India and Bhutan, since he initially started his voyage in 2013. He is a renowned climate change activist as well as a sustainability influencer, he strongly believes in spreading attention about the climate through his content and travelling adventures. He says that only two things keep him going. His wanderlust to explore the world and his desire to work for climate change. His work and life revolve around these two things and he does whatever he can to keep it that way.

Beginning of the Journey

At the age of 15, he started his mission of spreading awareness by initiating an NGO, which was concentrated on significant issues such as education and the environment. Nowadays, he is one of the most impactful activists and influencers. He is an enthusiastic traveller as well, during his travel voyages he discovered the destructions affecting climate change and the significance of travelling responsibly. That's the reason why Ranison keeps his carbon footprint low by preferring ways to create less pollution.

He goes for public transport whenever possible and also denies using single-use plastic commodities. The environment comprises animals and different living creatures as well and to ensure their interest he became vegan. He is certainly an inspiration to many out there. As the consequences of climate change raise with each passing year, more and more young people like Aakash are joining the movement for positive change. Our World need more people that lead the discussion around climate change, also spread awareness and motivate others to take action.

His contribution to climate change

As a climate activist, he has commenced and worked on multiple sustainability programs in several parts of the nation. The issues encompassed under such projects are concerned about pollution control, climate change, species extinctions, and much more. He launched his own passion project named #sustainability, which concentrated on making people aware of the global raising temperature and living in peace with nature. He has furthermore contributed to the environment by enforcing his three art establishments.

He created the initial installation in the year 2017 in Spiti Valley, the second in the year 2019 and it was the world's initial Marine Cemetery. His recent art installation is named SUP (single-use plastic) DeathBed. The promising part is that as recently as two weeks back on Earth Day, he launched his own E-book named Climate Change Explained for one and all, which educates people towards sustainable living in the 21st century.

Integrating Veganism and Minimalism into Lifestyle while Travelling

Embracing a vegan lifestyle might look harsh on the outside, but once you take the initial step, stuff magically begins to fall in place. He says that being on a vegan diet has not just provided him sufficient nutrition, but has furthermore benefited his health enough to allow him to continue cycling, walking, trekking, without ever encountering a failing of health. As far as minimalism is concerned, he concludes it clearly is a gift. When you don't possess a lot of stuff, you travel light and fast. You don't require a lot of wealth to sustain this lifestyle, and accordingly, your carbon footprints are soft as well. So, while he saves a fortune by not purchasing unnecessary stuff, he ends up conserving the planet as well. Plus, he gets to travel more with the money he saves.

Advice aspiring Responsible Travellers

Begin with easy things initially like by separating waste at home, attempting not to purchase and plastic, shifting to a bamboo toothbrush, reusing and recycling whatever plastic you are already utilizing, and composting food waste.

  • Go for public transport like trains and buses, and say no to aviation whenever feasible. You'll not just end up saving money, you'll furthermore keep your carbon footprint in check.
  • Say no to single-use plastic. Bring your own reusable water bottle.
  • Do not litter. Memorize to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Go vegan. By doing this, you will practise kindness towards animals and the planet, both. Going vegan brings down your methane footprint significantly.
  • Always volunteer with an NGO that functions for the improvement of the environment and the planet.

He has understood how crucial it is to conserve our environment because it's the only home we have. humans can live simply because of the environment around us. So, let's not take that for granted and do our part in saving it. Follow such inspiring people for your daily dose of motivation.

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