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6 Thrilling Rides You Must Try in Dubai


Dubai is one of the best places to visit in the world. It has a lot of tourist attractions and activities to do. Dubai has so many things to offer that sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose what you want to do in your short stay in this city. So, today we will be discussing 5 thrilling rides you must try while visiting Dubai:

Skydive in Dubai

Skydiving is one of the most thrilling experiences out there, and it's a great way to spend a weekend away from Dubai. Skydive in Dubai offers a number of different packages, so you can choose how you want your experience to go. A tandem jump will let you enjoy the ride with an experienced instructor who guides you through every step of the way and makes sure that everything goes smoothly. If you're looking for something more exciting, try their Wingsuits or Base Jumping courses!

Jet skiing Ride

A jet ski is a type of personal watercraft (PWC), which are small, light, and highly maneuverable vessels used to travel on water. Jet skis have been around since the 1960s and have become increasingly popular with people of all ages due to their thrilling nature. Jet skiing in Dubai is counted among the top adventurous ride.

Jet skiing has its origins in Florida and was invented by a marine engineer named John L. Jones who first tested his prototype jet ski in 1965 at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center in Florida. While the idea seemed to catch on right away with thrill seekers everywhere, it wasn't until ten years later that this invention became commercially available as part of other water sports offered at amusement parks along US coastlines by 1970s where they were marketed as "Sea Doo" brand personal watercrafts for sale throughout North America and Europe during this period

Helicopter Ride

A helicopter ride is one of the most thrilling ways to see Dubai from above. You'll feel like you're flying as your pilot takes you on a bird's eye view tour of some of the city's most famous landmarks and attractions, including The Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab and Dubai Marina.

When booking a helicopter ride, it's important that you choose a reputable operator based in Dubai who has experience in this field. They will provide you with all the necessary safety equipment and ensure that your flight is smooth and safe throughout.

It’s advisable to dress comfortably before getting on board; jeans or shorts are acceptable attire for this activity but remember not to wear loose clothing that could be caught by rotors if they accidentally start spinning while airborne!

Red Dune Safari

•    What is Red Dune Safari?

Red Dune Safari is a dune buggy ride that takes you off the city streets and down sand dunes along the outskirts of Dubai.

•    How Long does it Take?

The trip lasts about two hours, but if you're traveling with children or want to stop at some points of interest along the way, it will take longer. You can also decide which parts of the desert you would like to visit by choosing one of four different packages: The Dubai Tour, Burj Khalifa Desert Safari, Arabian Wildlife and Desert Nights. All come with more than enough time for everyone in your group to get out and explore when they want—and even time for everyone in your group who loves being driven around (like me) to hop out every once in awhile just so they can snap some photos!

•    Where Can You Go?

There are four routes available with Red Dune Safaris—the Dubai Tour route takes visitors through Jumeirah Beach Park; The Burj Khalifa Desert Safari offers views from above Dubai's iconic skyscrapers; The Arabian Wildlife tour will bring guests closer than ever before with real Arabian wildlife including camels and falcons; finally there is Desert Nights which allows guests an opportunity to see how amazing nightlife looks while driving through Deira Town Center after dark


Wakeboarding is the sport of being towed behind a motorboat and riding its wake. It's fun for all ages, and it's also a great way to exercise. You can wakeboarding in Dubai on almost any body of water, but there are some places where you'll find better waves than others. Check with your instructor before taking your first lesson, as they'll be able to advise you based on the location you choose.

Camel Ride

The Camel Ride is one of the most unique experiences you can have when visiting the UAE. This is a must-do when you are in Dubai and all about experiencing something new. You will be taken to a desert location where you can ride a camel with your friends or family members. There are many different types of camels available for riders, each with their own personality traits; so you can see which one suits you best!

This tour is perfect for any age group. Children can also enjoy this tour by sitting on their lap or on top of them during the ride. The camel ride is run by trained professionals who have been doing this for years. They know how to handle the camels so that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time during their visit.

A camel ride in Dubai is definitely not something that you want to miss out on, especially if you love animals or nature. You will get to experience what it feels like to be on a camel as they walk along through the desert sand dunes and valleys. The experience is unforgettable and will definitely give you some great memories of your time there!

These breathtaking rides are worth trying out when you are in Dubai.

  • Skydiving: This is one of the most thrilling experiences you will ever have. You can do it with a tandem instructor or go solo. It is more than just jumping out of an airplane, though. The instructor will give you a briefing and make sure that you are comfortable with what's going to happen before they take off into the air.
  •  Jet skiing: Jet skiing is a fun way to enjoy time at sea while feeling the wind on your face. You don't need to be an expert rider either as these machines are very easy to operate and safe for anyone who wants to try them out regardless of skill level or experience riding similar watercrafts such as jet skies or speedboats before hand
  • Helicopter rides over Dubai: A helicopter ride gives you an amazing view of Dubai, including its beautiful skyline and skyscrapers that reach up into the clouds! From above, it looks like something straight from science fiction movies! If there's one thing I'd recommend doing here then this would be it because there really isn't anything else quite like seeing our world from above like this - especially when combined with other experiences such as watching sunset/sunrise over The Palm Jumeirah


Dubai is one of the most exciting destinations on earth. If you are looking for sensational rides that will blow your mind, then this place is the right place to visit. You can choose from a number of thrilling rides, which are listed above in this post. So go ahead and book tickets now!