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Uttarakhand is the place where there is divine magnificence of nature and spirituality. This is perfect for all explorers. This is a standout amongst the most consecrated spots of India as it serves the general population all things considered, be that as it may, with harmony and fellowship with simplicity. The atmosphere stays positive for the sightseers nearly consistently, along these lines, individuals willing to have a fabulous time, unwinding, some exploration work or adventure. Uttarakhand is a one in all bundles, an ideal goal for all kind of travelers. Adventure sweethearts can experience sports like Bungee Jumping, River Rafting, Giant Swing, Flying Fox and a lot more stunning courageous games. Individuals related with religious convictions desire holiness and peacefulness people, come to have a sacred bathe in the Ganga and to petition God for the wellbeing of themselves and their dear one's from Lord Shiva, Ganga and Mansa Devi. Uttarakhand is arranged in the lap of the incomparable Himalayas, this has a portion of the must visit slope stations for end of the week trips just as for unwinding and experience.


Naukuchiatal in the Indian territory of Uttarakhand, a pretty cover, packed with the melodic serenade of the tweeting herd. It is likewise called the fortune of natural beauty. Naukuchiatal actually implies nine lakes. Grasped by great mountains and verdant greenery in the midst of the winding mountain streets, this pretty slope station offers picture book landscapes. Naukuchiatal is arranged at an elevation of 1,220 meter. It is a well known and one of a kind destination. Appealing sights of enclosures and terraced fields make this spot an ideal and satisfying goal. Naukuchiatal is only 22 km from Nainital. This town likewise offers adventurous exercises like boating, kayaking, fishing, rowing, paddling, paragliding and so on. Limited by profound, woody woodlands and radiant greenery Naukuchiatal is a pretty area, which would captivate each guest with its overwhelming CHARM. Aside from the green mountain ranges and brilliant somewhat blue waters, this uneven retreat offers a plenty of captivating choices to the tourist.

Robber's cave (dehradun)

robbers cave- tricky travellers

A standout amongst the best places to go for touring in Dehradun, Robber's Cave (also known as Guchhupani) is a characteristic cavern waterway development. It is known for strange water stream which goes underground at a portion of the spots inside the caverns. A water stream partitioning cave with little waterfalls .Here one can see water streams making way through the cave. A fortress like structure and a waterfall partition the Robber's Cave in two sections. Additionally, Robber's Cave is acclaimed for an odd natural phenomenon. It is Calm, quiet and a perfect spot for picnics. This is a very celebrated spot however worth referencing.


khirsu- tricky travellers

For those who're searching for true serenity, Khirsu is the best spot to be. Khirsu is situated in the Pauri Garhwal area of Uttarakhand. Situated around 20 kms from the Pauri town. Encompassed by lavish green Oak and Deodar timberlands and apple plantations, this pleasant villa is one among the best strange spots to visit in Uttarakhand, in the lap of Garhwal Himalayas. Route from the hustle-clamor of the acclaimed traveler places, Khirsu is an ideal spot to be at on the off chance that you are hoping to invest some tranquil energy in the midst of the excellent nature. It has an amazing view of the snowcapped Himalayas with perfect magnificence. It is a paradise for trekkers, hikers and solo explorers. Here, one can appreciate dazzling perspectives; sanctuary visits and enjoys nature strolls. On the off chance that you are an aficionado of investigating places that aren't packed with tourists and need to see how local people live and what life truly resembles in these curious spots is then This spot, Khirsu, gives you a look into the life-that-could-have-been had you been a local!

Patna waterfall (rishikesh)

patna waterfall rishikesh-tricky travellers

Patna waterfall is named after a little town where this cascade is found. It is a wonderful 1.5 km trek one path from the street through Rajaji Forest. This trek to the waterfall is steep and minimal hard. The waterfall would be practically dry in summer season and not encouraged to visit in summer. This waterfall is likewise well known for the limestone caverns situated alongside the waterfall. The best approach to waterfall is on Neelkanth Mandir Road. When you reach the waterfall, the normal excellence, sound of the streaming water and the cool wind is certain to hypnotize and leave you enchanted. This spot is yet unexplored and therefore doesn't have numerous explorers and individuals can make the most of their time in harmony.

Peora (nainital)

peora-tricky travellers

Peora, is a little town close to Mukteshwar. It is situated in the area of Nainital and is near the city of Mukteshwar (10 km) and Almora (23 km). it is one of the best goals for eco travelers, situated in the support of the amazing Himalayas in India as it is immaculate by hands of modernity. There is a rustic appeal in the mystical towns. Peora with its beautiful scenery is supported in the external Himalayan Shivalic scopes of Kumaon. It tends to be best depicted as a little town arranged at a stature 6600ft/1997mt. with its odd trademark, hung with the thick cover of regular vegetation of primarily pine and oak, with customary tiled-rooftop town cabins inadequately dispersed on the slants of its shaped valleys, encompassed by thick pine timberlands. This spot offers guests the continuous perspective on more than 350 km length of high snow topped Himalayan landscape a one of a kind encounter for natural beauty hungry eyes. Peora is wonderful for a visit all round the year. In the summers, the days are warm and mornings and nights wonderful, making it a perfect spot to get away from the city heat and the hordes of prevalent slope stations. Winters are normally cold and September to March is the best time to absorb the perspectives on the snow-topped Himalayan pinnacles. It snows yet not in each winter.

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