Yoga Festival Started in Rishikesh

Published 1 year ago

Rishikesh is facilitating the International Yoga Festival, which saw almost 400 members taking part in the occasion over the main day. The morning meeting saw yoga master Kapil Sanghvi leading an all-around joined-in, illuminating meeting on pranayama (breath control works out), while Usha Mata held a meeting on Iyengar Yoga. 

The seven-day International Yoga Festival will close on March 7. The celebration was initiated by Agriculture Minister Subodh Uniyal, head of Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad (ABAP) Narendra Giri, and Chairman of Patanjali Yogpeeth Balkrishna in Rishikesh on Monday. The celebration is as a rule together coordinated by Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) and Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB). 


While tending to the get-together during the fest, Uniyal expressed that they have assembled here at Rishikesh, otherwise called Yognagari, to praise the well-established act of Yoga. He added that the point of Yoga isn't just to keep individuals fit, yet in addition to end the antagonism inside the people. He further added that Rishikesh is the country of Yoga, and one can discover Yogis and Yoginis across the world who have either been prepared here or are either locals of Rishikesh. 

"Yoga is the personality of Rishikesh and is a scaffold traversing worldwide limits and uniting individuals, associating them to our way of life and roots alongside their internal identity," Uniyal accentuated.