Winter Tourist activities get Cancelled in Ladakh due to rapidly rising Omicron threat

Published 8 months ago

In a new Omicron update, the ministry of Ladakh has cancelled all the popular winter traveler recreations including the extremely well-known Chadar Trek over the worry of rising Omicron cases in the country. The new COVID-19 variation, however less life-threatening, is profoundly infectious. Accordingly, the public authority of Ladakh would rather not face any risk.

The administration of Ladakh, today ordered the suspension of Chadar Trek due to the flooding Covid danger. Chadar journey is a well-known trek including a 15-day journey covering 105 kilometers, for the most part over the frozen Zanskar waterway. The Ladakh government declared the cancellation of the entire winter traveler recreations because of various expansions in Omicron cases all around the country. The new variation of COVID-19 is exceptionally fast-spreading, yet less life-threatening according to current reports. Subsequently, the Ladakh organization would rather not take any risks to get sightseers affected by it.

Chadar Trekking is a most loved trek among sightseers. The laborious 105-kilometer trip prompts the freezing Zanskar River. The snow leopard touring visit is another fascination that was deferred for this present year. Numerous explorers sit tight for the January - February months to partake in the colder time of year visit and Leh-Ladakh tour. Numerous resorts, trip organizers, organizations need to discount or reschedule the excursions previously reserved ahead of time. The representative administrator Leh Shrikant Suse took to Twitter and reported the suspension of ChadarTrek 2022, snow panther touring action, and other winter travel exercises.

The Omicron infection has furthermore cancelled the well-known apricot bloom celebration that is coordinated in the Kargil locale in the January-February months. The 2020 lockdown and the boundary spat with China gave a significant hit to the travel industry in local people who are for the most part reliant upon the late spring traveler season for money.


It has deteriorated the states of local people of Ladakh, who are significantly subject to the summer season of the travel industry. With this news, generally, yearly pay in Leh-Ladakh district gets impacted and significant highlight consider.