Sikkim: Travel constraints imposed on travellers from these 5 states

Published 1 year ago

Sikkim has now joined other states and published travel restrictions owing to the surge in COVID-19 cases in the country. Reportedly, those arriving from Kerala, Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu will be obliged to provide a negative RT-PCR test report, which they have to undertake before 72 hours or reaching Sikkim.

The announced curb will prevail in force for residents and travellers alike. Referring to this, Principal Secretary, Health, Sikkim K Sreenivasulu declared that the mutant strains are an issue of worry now, and its containment is extremely troublesome. To guarantee that this rule is rigidly followed, a mechanism will be in place at Bagdogra, Siliguri, and Pakyong Airport. News has it that every year, over 40000 foreign travellers and 8 lakh domestic travellers travel this territory.

Media reports further declare that the Health Department will dispatch administrators to Siliguri to maintain an inspection on people arriving from these states. Also, when visitors arrive at Siliguri, it continues untapped as to where they are arriving from. Therefore, authorities will be organizing a mechanism for inspection of such visitors arriving in Sikkim.

The news further adds that similar constraints will be in place at Sikkim’s Pakyong Airport. The Principal Secretary intensified that they already have a medical squad deployed at Pakyong, but, more importantly, SpiceJet Airlines has been taken into assurance to constrain restrictions on people visiting Sikkim without the RT-PCR negative certificate. Those without the negative certificate will not be permitted to board the plane, he emphasised.