Goa recently got a museum completely dedicated to the locally brewed liquor- Feni

Published 1 year ago

Goa recently got a museum that's completely committed to the regionally brewed liquor, Feni, which is Goa’s one among the primary loved elements among the travellers, aside from beer.

As per the reports, the museum All About Alcohol is found within the tiny beach village of Candolim, which has been started by local businessman Nandan Kudchadkar, who is understood for collecting antiques. The museum is presently home to many artifacts regarded to Feni, a beverage created from cashews, and furthermore houses traditional glass vats in which the liquor had been stored centuries ago.

Statements have it that Kudchadkar opened the museum to recount to individuals the tale of Feni, and save Goa's rich legacy. He expressed that this museum will make individuals mindful of the authentic path of this much-adored alcohol from Brazil to Goa. Alluding to this, Goa MP Vinay Tendulkar took to Twitter to share this news and added that this historical center will likewise assist with advancing neighborhood makers, and engage their business.

Feni, a beverage that is ordinarily and socially consumed by local people of Goa, was advised as the state legacy drink by the Goa government in 2016 in a bid to permit its makers to advertise the beverage universally.

According to the records, the cashew nut plant is accepted to be first brought into Goa by its provincial rulers, the Portuguese, from Brazil during the 1700s. Furthermore, in the event that we pass by the records, both Brazil and Goa share a typical Lusophonian pilgrim impact, and after the cashew nut plant was brought to the shores of Goa, cashew discovered its underlying foundations in Goa thus has the Feni.