Published 1 year ago

Childhood is considered to be the happiest time because first children at that age do not have any special responsibility, and second they are children and their mind and the way they think is completely different from teenagers and adults. In other words, their minds are free.

As a child you do not have to take any noticeable responsibility. You just play and enjoy your daily life. A child does not get into the troubles of for example studying, going to work or even having family duties like a father or mother.

Yes, adulthood brings with it more responsibilities and less of that “childhood wonder” that colors the world when you’re young. But it also gives you Self-awareness and emotional maturity. You’re so filled with emotions at a young age and not equipped to deal with it all. Now that I’m older, I understand my feelings much better. I used to be plagued by anxiety for example, but now I can manage it.