100 crore marine animals may have been died in Canada heatwave

Published 1 year ago

Marine life researcher Christopher Harley at the University of British Columbia has said that in excess of 100 crore marine creatures may have been killed by the heatwave in Canada's British Columbia.

Christopher Harley said that mussels were "cooked" to death by the heatwave. A town named Lytton in British Columbia recorded Canada's most noteworthy ever temperature at 49.6°C.

Environment specialists have become used to heatwaves breaking records everywhere on the world lately. Notwithstanding, beating the past public high temperature mark by more than 4C in one go, as occurred in Canada last week, is for all intents and purposes extraordinary. 

Canada's past public record for high temperature was 45C - however the new warmth in the town of Lytton in British Columbia saw a figure of 49.6C recorded at the stature of the occasion. 

Since the beginning of the heatwave, individuals have connected the strange and outrageous nature of the occasion to environmental change. 

Presently, specialists say that the odds of it happening without human-incited warming were practically incomprehensible.