T.T Tribal Stay

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Neem ki Dhani, Khuri, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan


Guided walks
Kitchen access
Common Sitting Area
Hot Water
Home cooked meals

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Rajasthan is one of the most radiant and dynamic states of India, with a dazzling mix of culture, history, music, and food. Rajasthan has historic cities and forts scattered all over the enormous Thar desert. But what after visiting those historical monuments right from smaller palaces to huge magnificent palaces filled with the public?What if you still your hippie soul wishes to unwind for a while after exploring all those outstanding destinations? Then, ‘Neem ki Dhani’ is one such place you are searching for. ‘Neem ki Dhani’ is a village(Dhani) located 60 km from Jaisalmer which is amid an absolute desert where there is no trace of the population around 7 km. 

The nearest village is 'Khuri' i.e. 7 km from here. You can stay with locals or sleep under the sky, looking at the stars throughout the night or sleep in your camp in the sand and feel like a home away from home. Living here close to nature in hassle-free surroundings, devoid of technology, and using only natural resources for survival without any luxury can give a glimpse of living like our ancestors and being close to the real Rajasthani traditions and culture. You can enjoy camel rides and experience the local tribal culture here. 

The food is prepared in a fire on a chullah (oven). You can cook your meals and if you want to eat more traditionally prepared local Rajasthani dishes, you can visit the local village to have meals with the local villagers. But if you are expecting extravagance, fine dine treatment at this site, then this place is surely not your taste. Living in natural resources is all they have to offer. This little place makes us feel so close to nature and makes us realize our rich conventional culture which is still alive in these village stays of India.